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EA FC 24 Web App Starter Guide: How To Start EA FC Ultimate Team

The EA FC 24 Web App release is just days away and will be your first chance to start your EA FC journey!

On the Web App players will be able to (Based on the FIFA 23 Web App):

  • Select Starter Nations and Team
  • Open Welcome Back/Founder Packs
  • Build Your Squad 
  • Complete Squad Building Challenges
  • Trade and Make Coins via the Transfer Market

In this guide we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the Web App and provide tips along the way in order to kick EA FC off with a bang!

EA FC 24 Web App and Companion App 

  • The EA FC 24 Web App will be released this coming Wednesday (20th September).
  • The EA FC 24 Companion app will follow a day later and be released on Thursday (21st September).

The First Hurdle - Choosing Your Starter Nation

It’s finally here. The weeks of prepping starter squads here on FUTBIN, deciding on your new club name and playing your last games of FIFA 23 have all led up to this. 

The first choice you’ll be greeted with is your starter nation. 

In the long term this won’t matter too much but in order to use your time on the Web App wisely, this makes all the difference. 

As tempting as it may be, don’t just choose a nation based on the type of starter team you want to build. The likelihood is that the players won’t actually be good enough for your team and won’t be useful anywhere else.

The key here is to select a nation that will be beneficial when completing the early SBCs. Those nations that will provide you with a wide range of leagues. This will provide you with the best opportunity to generate some big packs in the first few days.

So, with that in mind, here are some of our suggestions!

Loyalty Packs - Keep or Sell?

If you’re a returning Ultimate Team user you should expect to receive a number of Loyalty Packs as a reward for playing FIFA 23. These will help boost your coin balance in the first few hours.

Last year FUT Players received.

  • 4x  Gold Players Ft 80+ Rare Pack
  • FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick
  • Stadium Starter Pack
  • 1 x 15 Game Coin Boost
  • 2x Gold Packs

If the rewards are the same, you’ll receive over 50 gold players. Some will be worth pennies but others could set you up for the entire game!

Here’s a quick overview of what you should be doing with each of the cards to maximise your Web App coins.

What’s My Next Move? Trading or SBCs?

After opening your Loyalty Packs you should have a few thousand coins to start with but what should you do with them?

The choice is yours, by completing SBCs, you’ll be able to increase your club value and give yourself a great chance at packing a huge card.

Or, you can start trading and build your coins up to prepare for full release. 

Increasing Your Club Value via SBCs

Unfortunately for us, early SBCs were made untradable as of FIFA 23 but don’t let that scare you away. The pack value has been slightly increased, so you may not be able to sell these cards but there is a higher chance at packing a Meta card for your team.

Before gaining access to the Advanced SBCs you will need to complete a set of Foundation SBCs, these mainly feature bronze cards and the cards from your starter pack should cover these. 

Let’s dive into Advanced SBCs and what to do when completing to really benefit from the Web App access. 

Web App Trading - Which Methods To Use

Trading is a great way to earn coins and make profit without playing any physical matches, perfect for the Web App. Here are a few methods we’ll be using and would recommend you do too in order to increase your coin balance. 

Mass Bidding 

Mass bidding is one of my personal favourite trading methods as it doesn’t actually require much market insight. It’s very self explanatory, you bid on a large number of the same player in hopes of winning multiple trades. 

Let’s say you win 20% of cards and bid on 50, BOOM, there’s 10 cards you’ve made profit on. Do the same thing 10 times an hour and you’ve won 100 cards. 

If you’re making 100 coins profit per card then there’s a potential of 10,000 per hour, which in the first few days of Ultimate Team, is very good.

There are a couple of approaches to take with Mass Bidding; Players or Filters.

  • Mass Bidding specifically on a rotation of players. If you identify 10-15 players that have good supply and demand (for either SBCs or teams), you can cycle between them. Mass bid on one, if you don’t win many bids, move on until you find a player that you can consistently make profits on
  • Mass Bidding using filters. Say you find strong demand for English Midfielders, setting up a filter and mass bidding can allow you to target a far greater selection than just individual players, potentially meaning more successful trades & coins generated.


Sniping is similar to mass bidding aside from the way you purchase the cards. You create a list of players or filters to target under their selling price. 

  1. Start off by selecting either a selection of 10-15 players or a filter that targets a selection of players in one go (similar to Mass Bidding)
  2. Identify the cheapest price that your selected player/filter typically sells for.
  3. Now take at least 10% off and set as the Max Buy Now price. This way you’re guaranteeing at least 5% profit after tax.
  4. In order to see the latest search results you need to be changing the filter each time. Increasing and decreasing the minimum bid or buy it now each time is a necessity.

Final Advice For The Web App

Before you start grinding the Web App there is still one very important thing you need to remember. 

Have fun! Who cares if you struggle to make coins or didn’t pack anyone great. There will still be 350+ days of EA FC left to play, it really doesn’t matter. It’s cool if you do and you’ll get off to a fantastic start but it’s really not the end of the world if you don’t!

Enjoy Web App week and be sure to follow @FUTBIN to keep up to date with all things EA FC!

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