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The Best Evolution Combinations

Evolutions are the newest addition to Ultimate Team and although we have a lot of players picking Meta cards or players from their own club, we’ve been digging a little deeper and having even more fun with Evo combinations. Welcome to Evolutions into Golden Glow Up II proved to be quite popular at the beginning of the year to boost those Meta golds, but there are far more combinations, and ones that produce some unbelievable cards! 


Hwang Ui Jo - 74>85

Welcome to Evolutions - Relentless Winger - Pacey Winger

As you’ll see with many of these Evo combinations, the base cards won’t actually look that good but after a few Evolutions they’re ready to start for your team. Hwang starts out at a bog standard 74 rated silver, but after being put through both Premium Winger Evolutions, he turns into an 85 rated striker with insane Shooting, Dribbling and Pace. His skill moves are still lacking but let’s hope he fits into another Evolution later down the line which increases skill moves!


Ryan Gravenberch - 79>84

Welcome to Evolutions - Golden Glow Up II

As we’ve already mentioned, Golden Glow Up was meant to be a way for players to bring up their bronze cards to gold, but the hardcore players quickly found a way around this and took advantage. Evolutions 2 is the card type required which meant gold players were being evolved through Welcome to Evolutions then subsequently put through Golden Glow Up II. This may not have been the intention of the Evolution but it certainly produced some fun cards, Ryan Gravenberch being the most popular. 


Bobby Clark - 57>84

Welcome to Evolutions - Relentless Winger - Golden Glow Up II - Pacey Winger

Not only does Bobby Clark have 17 different Evolution options, you can also increase his card from a 57 to an 84, a whopping 27 rating increase! Granted it does take multiple evolutions and you really have to have committed to the part early on, but he does come out with a very nice attacking midfield card. 


Chen Keqiang - 54>85

Welcome to Evolutions - Relentless Winger - Golden Glow Up I - Golden Glow Up II - Pacey Winger

Chen Keqiang might possibly be my favourite card in the game, purely for his ridiculous Evo set up. The man can be Evolved 20 different ways and still doesn’t come out with a good card. 5 Evo combinations and 50,000 coins and the card still only has one card stat above 82. Maybe not the best in terms of useability but is certainly a fun card when combining Evolutions. 


Valeri Vako 75>85

Relentless Winger - Pacey Winger

Enough of the fun cards, let’s actually look at some who actually have decent stats. Most of these cards will start off low rated and are from some leagues not in the top 5, so will be hard to link, but at least Valeri Vako has some cool base stats. At least +10s in all attacking stats make it a very fun card even if he doesn’t link. 


Luis Rioja 75>85

Relentless Winger - Pacey Winger

Luis Roja is another player that has to be passed through both of the Premium Winger Evolutions, but is he worth it? No, absolutely not. To get Rioja to this stage you need to have invested 100,000 coins, if he’s from the club you support, then sure it’s worth it and a fun card, but if not I’d be looking elsewhere. Card stats are nice but not worth the 100k.


Sofian Kiyine 70>85

Welcome to Evolutions - Golden Glow Up II - Relentless Winger - Pacey Winger

+15 Passing and Dribbling, +14 Pace and +13 Dribbling is a really nice boost but again it will set you back 100,000 coins as he needs to be put through both Premium Evolutions. As with a lot of these combinations, we don’t expect anyone to have actually completed it but the upgrades are pretty cool. If only the Evo’s didn’t expire and we could complete an 85 Kiyine!


Tomas Chancalay 74>84

Relentless Winger - Pacey Winger

Thomas Chancalay has not only been included here as he gets a very nice upgrade, but also provides some very important chemistry links… League and Nation to the greatest footballer of all time. Strong Messi links are quite hard to come across but Chancalay gives another solid option, 93 Pace and 86 Dribbling could fit very nicely alongside Leo Messi in your team.


Vicky Lopez 72>83

Welcome to Evolutions - Relentless Winger - Pacey Winger

We know how overpowered the FC Barcelona Women's team are this year, with the likes of Bonmati, Hansen and Putellas but what if I were to add one more to that list, Vicky Lopez. She starts out as a 72 rated silver but can be evolved all the way up to an 83 with some great looking stats. Once again, it costs 100,000 coins to complete all the way but it’s cool to see the combinations. 


Masaya Okugawa 74>85

Welcome to Evolutions - Relentless Winger - Pacey Winger

Masaya Okugawa is another player who has to be evolved through both Premium Evolutions but his final form is very good. 92 Pace and 89 Dribbling on a Bundesliga winger, in fact there’s only 13 other cards in the game who score in these two stats so highly and just 2 gold cards (Mbappe and Vini). There is one massive downside to this card however, the shot power. He only has 57, my nan could shoot harder than him. 


Samuel Iling-Junior 71>82

Welcome to Evolutions - Relentless Winger - Pacey Winger

Samuel Iling-Junior is one of Juventus’ most bright upcoming stars and although he may not have the greatest base card, a few Evolutions make him very usable. A tidy Pace boost put him up to 92, with his Dribbling also hitting the high 80s. 

As we’ve mentioned with plenty of these cards, if you don’t support the team or have an affiliation with these players then spending 100,000 coins probably isn’t worth it and that’s if you’d had the insight to Evo them before expiring! Not many of us will have these cards but it’s quite fun to look back on and see what could have been with these Evolutions. 


If you want to delve deeper yourself be sure to check out our Evolutions Hub!


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