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Triple Threat is Coming!

As one promo comes to an end we seemingly head into another without a break. Centurions was fun and filled with plenty of content for everyone, so let’s hope this new promo can be just as exciting. This week's promo will be Triple Threat, we’re unsure whether it’ll last for 1 or 2 weeks but given the name, maybe it should be 3!

What is the Triple Threat Promo?

Triple Threat is a brand new promo for FC 24 and although we haven’t had any confirmed news, with the Triangles and Dynamic Duos theme of this season, we can imagine where it’s heading. We think this promo will celebrate sets of 3 players from the same club/nation etc. Triple Threat Heroes will also be involved throughout and this is where we’ll see the Hero Profile used - to link them with 2 other players from one of their clubs (e.g. Ginola, Mbappe and Karchaoui for PSG)

When is the Triple Threat Promo Coming?

As we’ve seen via the new loading screen, Triple Threat will be coming this Friday at 6pm as Centurions exits packs. The loading screen also gave us a sneak peek at both the Triple Threat and Triple Threat Hero card design and as usual they’ve smashed it out of the park with the design. We’re getting a stunning purple design for the standard card with a brown/gold design for the Hero.


Our Triple Threat Prediction is a little different than usual as there are three cards we’d love to see arrive during this promo. We saw Francescoli added into packs last Friday, so why can’t we hope for some of our favourites to return in the form of Triple Threat Heroes! The Roma front three of FIFA 15 define the words Triple Threat and we’re sure if this promo ran back in FIFA 15, they’d be first on the list! We would be more than welcome to the return of Gervinho, Doumbia and Ibarbo

Who do you want to see featured in Triple Threat?

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