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Thunderstruck is Coming to FC 24!

Black Friday is almost here and with it comes yet another brand new promo for FC24. This time we’re seeing the introduction of the Thunderstruck promo, and if the card designs are anything to go by we’re in for a real treat. Black Friday not only brings this exciting promo with tons of exciting cards, but plenty of Flash SBCs. Be sure to have notifications on both the FUTBIN App and across our Socials so you don’t miss out!


What Is The Thunderstruck Promo?

We usually don’t find out too much about a new Promo until the Friday of its release, but EA Sports accidentally leaked their own information on Wednesday night. We now know that Thunderstruck cards will be live items and will be able to be upgraded based on their team's performance in real life. Thunderstruck Icons are also coming and will be upgrade via a linked team (e.g. Henry would be linked with Arsenal).


How are Thunderstruck Cards Upgrades?

This is the information that was leaked via FC 24 in the week and was displayed on Thierry Henry’s Icon Profile. We can only assume this is correct information, why else would it be added into the game? Here is how Icons are upgraded and we presume the same for the regular Thunderstruck Items.

- All Thunderstruck Players will be eligible for upgrades from November 24th.

- Win 1 game in their next 4 League Matches (+1 Regular PlayStyle)

- Win 3 games in their next 4 League Matches (+ 1 IF Upgrade)


Card Design and Loading Screen

As previously mentioned, the card design team have killed it once again with both the Base and Icon version! The card looks insane, just a shame we’re not going to pack one. 



It’s Black Friday and there’s going to be plenty of big store packs so we’re expecting the biggest Promo Team so far. We’ve included Ronaldinho, Neymar and the best striker in the game, Alex Morgan in ours, who do you think will feature?

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