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FC 24 88 Radioactive Pierre Emerick Aubameyang Player Review - Cop or Flop

It’s Friday and you know what that means, it’s time for a new Promo! The brand new Radioactive promo is now live and whilst i’m not the biggest fan of the design of this item, the concept is pretty good! If you didn’t know already, these Radioactive items get better chemistry than normal in that one player/ manager with the same league to said item will give the Radioactive player full chemistry. A cool concept for sure but I can’t help but feel like this is the middle ground for when we start getting premium items again and almost have to stop worrying about chemistry.

A load of content in store today with a Radioactive team and of course, my favorite part, the SBC player. Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here? Yes, he does! A Radioactive Aubameyang card is available today as an SBC and I have been waiting for Auba to get a special card since the start of the game because despite his decrease in Pace over the years, his base card felt amazing at the start so I have been looking forward to him coming into the mix.

You can check out the card here!

This Aubameyang item see’s him gain a +3 upgrade compared to his most recent Team of the Week item and brings him back to having over 90 pace. But will he feel as quick as he once did? Well with him getting the Rapid Playstyle Plus I have a strong feeling he might just be!

For this, I ran Aubameyang alongside the recent Ligue 1 Player of the Month, Mbappe. The two of course were an absolute arsenal upfront and caused absolute mayhem for the opposition. 

Now this might seem a little overkill but for the chemstyle of choice here I went with the Hunter. I wanted to go all in on giving a great boost to his Pace and Shooting just to finish off this card and it certainly did not disappoint. Alternatively you could maybe go with the engine chemstyle but for me personally, I wanted to feel a little bit of that pace abuse nostalgia. 

Here are the following segments to unlock the Radioactive Aubameyang SBC:

#1 - Top Form
Inform Players (TOTW): Min 1
Squad Rating - 82

Pack Return - Small Prime Electrum Players Pack

#2 - Ligue 1
# of players from Ligue 1: Min 1
Squad Rating - 85
Pack Return - Prime Mixed Players Pack

In general, I think this is actually a really fairly priced SBC. Coming in at roughly 100k you just can’t argue with the value of this. Without the chemistry boost that this promo item has, this card would be a lot more difficult to link outside of running a bunch of Ligue 1 players, this is like giving Auba one of those top nations to ease the links and allow you a bit more flexibility within your squad. Of course as well, it’s Aubameyang. You would kind of expect this card to come with a hefty price tag.


How did he perform in-game?

+ Pace. Enough said really, but he felt so quick on the ball and made bursting through players look easy.

+ Shooting was fantastic on this card, he was so clinical on goal and rarely missed the mark.

+ Positioning was also really good as he was always in the perfect space to receive the ball. Whether it be to receive a header or just to take the ball and send it upfield.

+ Dribbling was something I wasn’t expecting to amaze me but he still did a really good job at holding onto the ball and being able to do that whilst having the ability to absolute dash away with the ball was a deadly mix.

/ Passing on this card was okay but nothing really to shout about, I would say he is better played as a target man.

- Stamina was the main thing for me that lets this card down, come the 60th minute I could really see him start to crumble and become a shell of himself from the start of the game. He would be a perfect card to have the Relentless playstyle plus. 

Aubameyang - Cop or Flop?

I want to try be as unbiased as I can here because I walked into this already looking forward to using this card and have been waiting for Auba to get some sort of promo card that brings him into the power curve. For me I think this card reminds me of how he played at the start of the game, I was a big fan then and am still a fan now. And having that addition of getting better chemistry is a welcomed added bonus. 

I think for those people that have skipped on the POTM Mbappe and are looking for a brand new Ligue 1 attacker, this card is perfect. Is he the best attacker in the game? Absolutely not, but he is very fun to play with and I think he is fairly priced. So if you can get him into your team I would recommend it. For me, this has to be a cop.

Verdict = COP

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