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FC 24 87 Beats Erling Haaland Player Review - Cop or Flop

Another Haaland item has entered the game, it was just a few days again we got a 94-rated version, but now most of us have been gifted this ‘free’ 87 rated version, which has been named as ‘Beats Haaland’.

Now I’ve already seen people say they have put this card into an SBC but DON’T… not without checking objectives first as you can use this item to get a bunch of packs, I can already foresee comments from people who just put the item straight into an SBC…

If you’re wondering how most of the community got this item, it’s due to them playing FC 24 prior to November 1st.

Anyway, you can check out the card here!

Haaland became the focal point of the team below…before entering any games I applied the ‘Finisher’ chem style which gave notable boosts to both his shooting & dribbling.

How did he perform in-game?

+ Pace was good…once he got going, that 99 Sprint Speed is nice in theory, but due to his pace split it did feel like it took him a while to get to that max speed
+ Shooting…off the left foot only, It feels like each positive listed comes with a caveat but ultimately his left foot shooting was good, and his shots off his right were disappointing, but it’s as you’d expect from someone with a 3* weak foot. 
+ Heading, standing at 6’5 you’d expect him to be good in the air and he was, both when defending from corners and when attacking from crosses.
- This is not a player you want to be using regularly for link-up play as his passing is just incredibly inconsistent, occasionally he does knock through a nice through ball but for the most part his passing let him down.

Erling Haaland -  ̶C̶o̶p̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶F̶l̶o̶p̶ Keep or put into an SBC?

You’ve got to keep him around long enough to complete those objectives surely? I’d advise you either do them vs a friend or in squad battles, but after that is complete…unless you’re new to the game you’ll likely already have a better striker option in your club.


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