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Road to The Final Is Coming!

We were expecting Future Stars to follow TOTY as it has done in the past few years, but that won’t be the case for 24! Road to The Final looks to be kicking off this Friday as the European knockouts are fast approaching. 

Not only do we have the men’s competitions to look forward to, but also the addition of the UWCL for this year's promo!

We can expect to see live cards that are upgraded based on their teams progression in the competitions. 

Road to The Final Release Date

Road to The Final is set to come to Ultimate Team this Friday (2nd February). We’re unsure if it’ll last one or two weeks, we’d presume just the one as the UCL knockouts begin in 12 days time!

How Do Road to The Final Cards Upgrade?

We’re expecting a very similar upgrade path to previous years but this time, with an introduction of PlayStyles and PlayStyle+s! 

FIFA 23 Upgrade Path

+ 1 IF Upgrade - Win first knockout match after event launch

+ 1 IF Upgrade - Qualify for Quarter Finals

+ 1 IF Upgrade + New Traits - Qualify for Semi Finals

+ 5* Weak Foot Upgrade - Qualify for Final

+ 5* Skill Move Upgrade - Win the competition

We’ve seen PlayStyle upgrades with live cards throughout the FC Pro promo, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them introduced to RTTF!

Don’t worry, the player doesn’t actually need to feature in the games to be upgraded. You just need their team to win!

Road to The Final Card Design

If you were a fan of the FIFA 23 version then you’re in luck, it’s near enough the same card design from last year.

Confirmed Cards

We don’t usually get any cards confirmed before release, just a few teasers on the loading screen, but the Champions League Instagram account confirmed the following:

  • 87 Xavi Simons
  • 87 Mikel Merino
  • 86 Galeno

Interestingly, they all have a PlayStyle+ before any upgrades, do you think we’ll see a double PS+ on some of these cards by the end of the tournaments?

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