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FC 24 Pundit Picks Micky van de Ven Player Review - Cop or Flop

Never did I think I might actually see a great looking pundit pick player in the game but here we are. When the concept was initially released it was I thought this could be really interesting and give a chance for some underdog-esk cards to show up. Finally that may be the case as Micky Van De Ven has been chosen.

It’s simple, I see a 6’ 4” CB from the Netherlands and i’m in. Throw in some pace and an aerial playstyle? Forget about it, you had me at Dutch Centerback. So is this guy the potential gold Van Dijk killer we have been waiting for? Let’s find out.

You can check out the card here!

So this card has so much in upgrades where do we start? Well of course Playstyle+’s. He has been given the much needed Two Gold Playstyles in Aerial and Powershot. Now for a CB the Powershot feels like a bit of a waste but I can get behind the Aerial+ especially when this card has also been boosted to 99 jumping. 

Outside of Playstyle+’s he has also been given an additional two playstyles in Incisive Pass and Bruiser. Both of which are great additions but I can’t help but crave that Anticipate Playstyle. But we move. Big stat upgrades too with everything bar pace getting at least a +10 with the shooting getting a massive +31. It’s almost like between that and the Powershot, they are trying to incourage going for goals with this item. 

A defenders job is tricky in this game because if you can’t live up to the standards that the real meta centerbacks set then you just don’t stand a chance. So VDV jumps in to replace VVD to see if he can fill the boots of Virgil and protect his goal at all costs.

For Playstyle here I think it just has to be Shadow. No other playstyle will do what this card needs and that is some way to fix up that pace split. It may not close the gap but at least it brings the acceleration up.

Here are the following segments to unlock the Pundit Pick Van De Ven SBC

#1 - Micky van de Ven
# of players from the Premier League: Min 1

Inform Players: Min 1
Squad Rating: 89

It’s certainly been a while since i’ve dealt with a one segment SBC so this of course was a warm welcome for the old coin balance. If you plan to complete this one with coins it’s going to cost you around 70k to complete. The biggest question on my mind as I said from the start is will he be the Gold Van Dijk Killer? With this item being 50k more it’s going to need to blow me away to think so.

How did he perform in-game?

+ Strength on this card is unreal, he forces players off the ball with no effort whatsoever and is the absolute brick wall of the back line.

+ Long passes/ clearances were actually quite impressive on this card. He doesn’t have amazing stats or a playstyle that explains it but the way he can ping a pass upfield felt like he has long ball playstyle.

+ Jumping and heading of course was decent. As if having 99 jumping wasn’t enough he also has Aerial+ which feels illegal because no one was beating this guy in the air.

- Pace was quite misleading on this card because although you see the 87 pace, the pace split of Acceleration and Sprint Speed absolutely hurts this guy. In game he did not feel quick at all and was often beat by anyone with pace.

Van de Ven - Cop or Flop?

The pace split on this card for me was an absolute killer. I’m not sure why I noticed this a lot more than I do on VVD (Who has a bigger pace split) but I seemed to find myself in a position with this card trying to chase down an attacker and just not having the facilities to do so. Perhaps it’s the fact he has a High/Medium work rate that has meant he’ll push up the field more and be more vulnerable to a counter, but this guy really struggled to catch up to pacey players.

It’s a fun item for sure and if you are one of the few Spurs fans out there then this card is probably worth avoiding with Team of the Season right around the corner.

Verdict = FLOP

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