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Team of The Season Live Is Coming!! News, Card Design, Upgrades and More!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Team of The Season time. We’ve finally made it. Team of The Season is almost upon us and we can not wait. This year looks to be bigger than ever with new changes already confirmed…

Team of The Season Release Date

Team of The Season is set to come to Ultimate Team this Friday (19th April). Usually we start with Community TOTS but this year it’s different. We’re starting with a Live TOTS squad! TOTS Live cards will be in packs this Friday and we expect them to be in for a week before being replaced by the League specific teams!

Loading Screen and Card Design

Imagine my shock, the card design team have pulled it off once again. In fairness we have seen this card plastered all over Social Media across the last few weeks so it’s not exactly a surprise, but it’s nice to actually see in game. The loading screen does confirm the Live Upgrades but we’ll get onto that a little later on.

Champions TOTS Cards and Rewards

Red Picks are back for Team of The Season and FUT Champions is about to get a whole lot sweatier. From 0 to 8 wins you’ll be granted extra 90 Max OVR TOTS Packs in addition to your standard rewards, and from 9 wins onwards the 84+ and Campaign Picks will be replaced by TOTS Picks from the current team in packs. 

9 Wins - 1x 1 of 3 UT Champions Live TOTS

11 Wins - 2x 1 of 3 UT Champions Live TOTS

14 Wins - 2x 1 of 4 UT Champions Live TOTS

16 Wins - 2x 1 of 4 UT Champions Live TOTS

18 Wins - 2x 1 of 5 UT Champions Live TOTS

19 Wins - 2x 1 of 4 UT Champions Live TOTS

Live Team of The Season

Community Team of The Season is no longer and has been replaced with a new promo team in the way of Team of The Season Live. It’s pretty self explanatory and does just look to be another promo based on real life performance, but we’re excited nonetheless. 

This is how the TOTS Live cards can be upgrades:

  • Club wins 2 in next 4 League games (+1)
  • Club scores 8 goals in next 4 League games (+1)

We’re only going to see a max of +2 but they’re not player dependent, which has sometimes been the downfall of live cards in the past when they pick up injuries.


The Live Team of The Season squad has already been heavily rumoured across socials so it’d be a little too easy to choose our prediction for that team. We’re well into our Team of Season predictions for the main leagues and you can find all of them here!

The Bundesliga voting is now live but there’s only one team grabbing the headlines in the Bundesliga this year, here’s how the real TOTS should look…

Are you excited for Team of The Season?

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