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By Dean
27-Apr-24 21:20

Is there such a thing as too many Arsenal TOTS'? No. No there is not, Say hello to the 7th Arsenal blue in the form of Martin Odegaard. The midfielder has been outstanding for his side this season and is very much deserving of this card, am I biassed? Maybe.

Odegaard came today alongside some nice upgrade packs..of which I did and packed absolutely nothing, and a new evo!

You can check out the card here!

Very early in the game we got an SBC Odegaard with his 90-rated Centurions item and at the time it was a pretty good card but it certainly had its limitations. So I was hoping this TOTS item would 1. be a big improvement on that card and 2. fix those obvious issues...

Odegaard went into the CAM role in the 4231 alongside a bunch of his own teammates and plenty of other Team of the Season items, I opted for the Hunter chem style given his dribbling and passing already looked really good.

Here are the SBC's you must complete to unlock 94 TOTS Odegaard:

Top Form

# of TOTS or TOTW Players: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 86


# of players from Arsenal: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 87

Premier League

# of players from Premier League: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 88

89 Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 89

90-Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 90

The total cost is around 460,000, which is not bad considering just a few days ago we got the Havertz SBC that was well over a million.

How did he perform in-game?

+ Shooting, wow. He's one of those players where his shooting seems broken, you hit shoot and the ball somehow ends up in the back of the net even if the goalkeeper gets a touch to it, he is without doubt a goalscoring midfielder. The Finesse+ playstyle helps but even his normal shot types are incredibly effective.

+ Distribution, again wow. He threads through incredible through balls that seem to have the right amount of pace behind them even on his weaker foot. On top of this I found his crossing, especially from corners, to be excellent.

+ On the ball this card is just great, his dribbles well and is so easy to control when in possession.

+ Pace, look he isn't as rapid as Havertz - I swear that card is broken in the pace department. But still Odegaard for a midfielder is pretty quick both when going forward with the ball and when tracking back to defend.

/ Physicals, despite not having the best physical stats I found him to occasionally put up a great fight for the ball when in duals, he will obviously struggle against your high end van Dijk types but he can hold his own against some defenders.

Overall I have to say it felt like a really top tier card. He's a great CAM option, but I also have to mention his defensive capabilities, while not elite enough for him to play the CM role. The weak foot upgrade needs to be mentioned too because that is something that really hurts other Odegaard items in the game.

TOTS Odegaard - Cop or Flop?

Just under 500,000 coins for an elite midfielder... it's an easy cop for me, an effective attacking mid option who is fun to use, and for those of you who enjoy using all 5 stars of skills you'll enjoy how easy this guy is to control in game.

If you can fit this guy into your squads I think you'll really enjoy using him.

Verdict = COP!

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