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FC 24 Team of The Season Ona Batlle Player Review - Cop or Flop?

By Dean
20-May-24 21:21

Another day, another defender SBC... this time it's Ona Batlle and she has been given a 95-rated TOTS item which is interesting as she already has a 95-rated TOTY card, there are some slight differences in stats but the main thing separating the two items is playstyles.

This new version has Jockey+, Quick Step+ and Long Ball Pass+, while the Team of the Year version has Incisive Pass+ and Jockey+. The Team of the Season Batlle also has Tiki Taka as a normal playstyle.

I have used TOTY Batlle earlier in the year and the card impressed both as a LB and as a RB!

It's a new weekend so it's a new team and Ona joined mid weekend league and took Thunderstruck Cafu's place at right back.

The chem style choice seemed fairly obvious here given the attributes of the card, that 76 strength isn't a great look but the Anchor chem style boosts it all the way up to 84.

Here are the following segments to unlock the TOTS Ona Batlle SBC

FC Barcelona

# of players from FC Barcelona: Min 1

TOTS or TOTW: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 86

Pack Return: Mixed Players Pack


# of players from Spain: Min 1

TOTS or TOTW: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 88

Pack Return: Prime Electrum Players Pack

88-Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 88

Pack Return: Prime Electrum Players Pack

89 Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 89

Pack Return: Premium Gold Players Pack

89 Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 89

Pack Return: Premium Gold Players Pack

90-Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 90

Pack Return: Rare Electrum Players Pack

The SBC is costing around 575,000 which didn't seem a bad price at 6pm when the TOTY version was around 500k, but that item has since dropped to 300k.

Another thing I want to add in is... can we please start getting better SBC reward packs now? It's the end of the cycle pretty much a 50k Rare Players Pack for a 90-rated squad is more than fair!

How did she perform in-game?

+ Interceptions, wow. Batlle was really aggressive in this regard shooting out to get them but she made interceptions so regularly I didn't mind it at all! 

+ Tackling, again very impressive. Ona was reliable for both stand and slide tackles, especially the latter as you'll see in the clips.

+ Crossing, It's a key part of a fullbacks game in Ultimate Team this year and this item is certainly capable of whipping in an effective cross.

+ Pace, I wouldn't say this card was 'rapid' compared to other items in the game like Havertz who just seem to have broken pace, but still this item was quick enough to handle what was coming it's way.

- Aerial ability, this will come as a surprise to no one but in the air this item is nonexistent but it's worth mentioning because if you're up against a high-level player they'll know to aim for back post crosses.

Ona Batlle - Cop or Flop?

I'm a bit torn here, if the TOTY version hadn't dropped so much I'd say it's fantastic value but given the price difference, I don't think that is fair to say any more. Still this is a great RB option and will improve most teams. But let's be honest you're more interested in hearing about comparisons...

Batlle vs Vazquez, simply put...if you want a more attacking full back go Vazquez he's much better offensively, but if you want a more solid defensive full-back Batlle would be the choice.

In regards to the SBC being worth it, only if you know you're going to use it, given the amount of high-level full backs in the game now this isn't a card worth changing your whole team for, but if you can fit it's a great RB option! 

Verdict = Cop

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