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FC 24 End of an Era Thiago Silva Player Review - Cop or Flop?

By Dean
31-May-24 21:13

Team of the Season is coming to an end and speaking of ends, EA dropped two End of an Era items today in the form of Thiago Silva and Felipe Anderson (Review Coming Soon!), both items look great and seem like they are priced well! 

At the start of FC 24 we got FUT Centurions Silva and he was great early game, so I had high expectations for this new item...

Thiago went straight into the backline and would partner my favourite centre back in the game TOTS Bisseck, today's squad also features the new Felipe Anderson in attack.

You can check out the new card by clicking here!

At first, I opted for the anchor chemstyle, but later changed to catalyst and discussed why later on...

This version of Thiago has been given both Jockey+ and Power Header+ two great additions, the normal intercept playstyle was also added. 

Here are the following segments to unlock the End of an Era Thiago Silva SBC:

Top Form

TOTS or TOTW: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 85

Pack Return: Mixed Players Pack


# of players from Chelsea: Min 1

TOTS or TOTW: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 86

Pack Return: Premium Electrum Players Pack


# of players from Brazil: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 87

Pack Return: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Premier League

# of players from Premier League: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 88

Pack Return: Prime Electrum Players Pack

89 Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 89

Pack Return: Premium Gold Players Pack

90-Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 90

Pack Return: Rare Electrum Players Pack

The SBC is coming in around 460,000 coins which considering the cost of some TOTS Centre Backs seems good value! 

How did he perform in game?

- Pace (Split), I'm going to start with the negatives for this as, to be honest, it's the only issue with this item, the pace, in general is good BUT the difference between acceleration and sprint speed is huge it's a 18-point gap without a chem style, and even with anchor applied its a 15-point gap and this was incredibly noticeable in-game, after 2 games I switched to Catalyst and while it did seem to help a little the 11-point gap was still there, once he gets going he is very quick, but he can get beat initially by attackers who can burst into their max speed.

Everything else about the card though was brilliant.

+ Tackling, top class! Both when stand and slide tackling this guy was reliable.

+ Interceptions, again like above he was great in this area.

+ Positioning, despite the H/H work rates he was never out of position for me.

+ Passing, another area where this card impressed, he doesn't have any passing playstyles but distributed very well for a defender.

+ Heading, he's not huge but does well to win aerial battles and was a threat from corners.

+ Playstyles, Aerial and Powerheader+ are a great combination and I also love anticipate on a centre back.

End of an Era Silva - Cop or Flop?

Obviously a cop, the pace split is annoying but it does not make him unusable, he's still quicker than most defenders, and everything else is fantastic, he isn't the best centre-back in the game cards like TOTS VVD (obviously) and TOTS Bisseck are ahead of him, but he's still in that elite category.

Verdict = Cop.

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