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FC 24 End of an Era Felipe Anderson Player Review - Cop or Flop?

By Dean
01-Jun-24 12:36

Following on from last night's End of an Era Thiago Silva review, we have fellow Brazilian Felipe Anderson who upon release had a really good FUT Birthday item, It's kind of a shame they didn't give this item 5* / 5* given the previous card(s) but it is what it is...

Due to how I'm currently using my team I did start Felipe in the ST role and switched him to the wing at halftime so he got tested in both roles!

You can check out his new card here!

It's another review where we trialed different chemistry styles both Basic and Hawk were used in the games I played and if I'm being honest there wasn't a huge difference but I would suggest hawk to anyone looking to use the item as a ST, and basic for anyone keeping him on the wing.

Here are the following segments to unlock the End of an Era Felipe Anderson SBC:

Serie A

# of players from Serie A TIM: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 86

Pack Return: Mixed Players Pack


# of players from Brazil: Min 1

TOTS or TOTW: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 88

Pack Return: Prime Electrum Players Pack

His overall cost is around 120,000 coins which has led to him been given a fairly decent % in the community vote.

How did he perform in game?

+ Shooting, he kind of surprised me in this area, to be honest even given the stats, but he was very reliable in front of goal for me and has a vicious power shot too which I made the most of at any opportunity I had.

+ Balance, not one that I normally bring up but the balance of this item was notable he as he was shoved off the ball a decent amount but seemed to have an ability to just stay on his feet which allowed him an attempt to win the ball back.

+ Dribbling, this wont come as a surprise to anyone but he is incredibly agile and just one of them players who is great to have on the ball due to his great control and then ability to sprint into space.

/ Crossing, now maybe he's a victim here of his release time, because while his crossing is 'good' ... it's notably nowhere near that of other wingers/attackers released during team of the season.

End of Era Felipe Anderson - Cop or Flop?

I feel like we're at a stage now where unless an SBC is wildly overpriced it's likely always going to be a cop, what I will say though is while the price of this SBC is fair...this isn't a must-complete SBC, especially given the fact we're going to be getting even more high rated items like this for the next few weeks. It's a good card but not a must-have, and given we've just had over a month of Team of the Season I would imagine most people have better attackers in their club already, So in terms of his price it's a good SBC, but I struggle to see this item being a starter for anyone who isn't a casual player. 

Verdict = Cop.

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