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FC 24 End of an Era Marco Reus Player Review - Cop or Flop?

By Dean
01-Jun-24 21:28

Well, this has been a busy weekend already...more player SBC's! Following on from yesterdays end of an era release we have another today and it's fitting with the UCL final taking place today too, a 96-rated Reus has dropped into Ultimate Team and if you're just looking at stats it's not a that different to his 95-rated TOTS Moments, BUT...there are new playstyles and they are huge, If you didn't already know how important playstyles are this year items like this show it...

You can check out the new Reus here!

Marco Reus has had some sensational items over the years and as one of the older players in the community I still remember using him in his FIFA 13 days and he was incredible back then, this item reminded me of that FUT13 card given how easily it was putting the ball in the back of the net with finesses.

Bit of a team changeup following yesterday's release, we've gone 4231 to slot Reus into that CAM spot, he can play LM and ST too but I wanted him central to truly test both his passing and shooting.

Here are the following segments to unlock the End of an Era Marco Reus SBC:


# of players from Bundesliga: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 87

Pack Return: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack


# of players from Germany: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 88

Pack Return: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Top Form

TOTS or TOTW: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 88

Pack Return: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

89 Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 89

# of players in the Squad: 11

Pack Return: Prime Electrum Players Pack

90-Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 90

Pack Return: Premium Gold Players Pack

90-Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 90

Pack Return: Premium Gold Players Pack

91-Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 91

Pack Return: Rare Electrum Players Pack

The total cost is around 880,000 coins so no...this isn't a cheap item. That has not stopped the item being incredibly popular though! 

How did he perform in game?


+ Shooting, wow. Sensational, elite, all the superlatives! Those playstyles make a huge difference. He is a threat from everywhere, left side...finesse, right side...trivela, inside the box, outside the does not matter. On top of that he also has the chip shot playstyle allowing him to dink the ball over goalkeepers with ease. 10/10 for shooting.

+ The praise continues for the dribbling and once again playstyles 'play' their part Technical+ means he feels so quick on the ball and you can see in the footage how he breaks away with fantastic acceleration. 

+ Passing, again another area where this item is elite, wonderfully weighted through balls are easy with this guy, and his crossing is also very good! (I sound like a broken record here but again the playstyles come into it!).

+ Run making, now this may be the best thing about the card, his base positioning for the most part is good, but it's his active run-making that stood out for me, he'd look absolutely rapid bursting through the defensive lines to get on the end of through balls. 

His physical attributes also held up quite well against high rated defenders.

End of an Era Reus - Cop or Flop?

Playstyles make this card elite. The TOTS Moments Reus is nice but it's not on this item's level, not even close! and the main difference isn't in the stats, because Quick Step+, Incisive Pass+ and Chip Shot+ are nowhere near as effective as Finesse+, Trivela+ and Technical+.

Absolutely loved using this item, If you run with a Bundesliga team you have a new SBC to complete.

Verdict =  Cop

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