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By Dan
07-Jun-24 14:53

Festival of Football is here and there’s so much content coming our way! The European Championships and Copa America are starting this month and with that we’re expecting to kick off the tournaments with FOUR different card types! Two versions for each promo - Path to Glory and Greats of The Game

What is Path To Glory?

We’ve seen the Path to Glory promo in Ultimate Team before and will work in the same way as previous versions. They’re live items which upgrade based on their nation’s performance in the corresponding tournament, Copa America or European Championships. 

Path to Glory cards are currently available via the Season Pass and we expect plenty more to be coming later tonight. We’d love for these cards to have at least one representative from each nation just in case a country with lower odds of winning progresses much further than expected. Check out our Predictions for the Euro 2024 Path to Glory cards here!

How Do Path To Glory Upgrades Work?

These cards are live items and upgrades will come based on how their nation progresses throughout the international tournaments. Cards have the opportunity to earn a +4 OVR and an added PlayStyle+ if all upgrades are achieved. 

  • Player’s Nation Wins 1 game in the EURO/Copa America (+1 OVR)
  • Player’s Nation Wins 3 games in the EURO/Copa America (+1 PlayStyle+)
  • Player’s Nation Wins the Quarter Final in the EURO/Copa America (+1 OVR)
  • Player’s Nation Wins the Semi Final in the EURO/Copa America (+1 OVR or 5*5*)
  • Player’s Nation Wins the Final in the EURO/Copa America (+1 OVR)

Both Euro and Copa America cards will follow the same upgrade paths despite the difference in card type.

What is Greats of The Game?

Alongside Path to Glory we’re also expecting Greats of The Game to be coming this Friday. Just like Path to Glory we’ve already seen cards feature in the Season Pass. with Dudek, Gerrard and Puskas all attainable for no cost. 

How Do Greats of The Game Upgrades Work?

These are also live items and will be upgraded based on real life performance, but follow a slightly different upgrade path. Heroes and Icons will have the chance for a +1 and 4 PlayStyle+, we presume those already with 4 PS+ will be given a 99 base stat instead. 

  • Player’s Nation scores 2 goals in the EURO/Copa America (+1 OVR)
  • Player’s Nation scores 4 goals in the EURO/Copa America (+1 PlayStyle+ or 99 Face Stat)

You can keep up to date with all upgrades and fixtures in our Path to Glory and Greats of The Game trackers!

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