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FC 24 Make Your Mark Randal Kolo Muani Player Review

By Steven
15-Jun-24 11:56

All we need now is the meme of Ralph Wiggum saying “I’m in danger” and you have a summary of just about every TOTS card that was released only a few short weeks ago.  The level the power curve has, and will continue to reach with the Euro and Copa America related content is insane.  The Make Your Mark promo is no different and has brought some insane cards into the mix… 4 PlayStyle Plus and all.

The biggest problem for me with these promos… Outside of my squad suddenly becoming more obsolete by the day, is the fact that the price gap between cards deemed OP and those that are “average” has become overly large and makes the trying of these cards both costly (when you sell and lose the tax) and at times impossible to obtain.  With that we tried to pick a middle ground card this weekend and put to the test the man with one of the biggest “what if” moments in football history, Kolo Muani.

The 4-3-2-1 offers the Frenchman a variety of possible positions with his 5 STAR WEAK FOOT lending itself to the central striker position… However, the two CF positions would also suit Muani just fine as he can either cut in from the left and utilize his FINESSE SHOT Plus or be more accurate on the right with his WHIPPED PASS crossing.  In any of the three scenarios the MARKSMAN Chemistry Style appeared the best fit and all was set for Kolo Muani to lead the line all weekend in the following squad:


Rating: 9/10

What an incredibly well rounded card Kolo Muani turned out to be and was a treat to review this weekend.  The defending you see in the ratings is not a typo… it was during the initial “once over” of this card that I noticed the ANTICIPATE PlayStyle (which I had never noticed is also on his FUT Birthday version) and in moving Kolo Muani onto the CF position that comes back in defending, it is crazy how much better he retrieves the ball than other forwards I often use in that position.  Additionally, it contributes nicely to the “jammy” goals that you can score with this card when the raccoon is constantly stealing back position from opponents' tackles.

Main Statistics – Shooting

Shooting Rating: 10/10

Weak Foot: ★★★★★

PlayStyles: Finesse Shot Plus, Power Shot, Arial

Playing the majority of minutes as my central striker it was always going to come down to goal contribution and Kolo Muani delivered that in spades.  13 goals and 2 assists in 5 matches achieves the very rarely seen 3.0 goal contributions per match and speaks to the overall quality of this card in front of goal.

The Frenchman really does have a complete locker of weapons whether soaring through the air for devastating headers, tattooing volleys to the back post, power shots, left footed rockets, right footed finesse… It really didn’t matter, Kolo Muani delivered quality and delivered constantly throughout this short review. 


Value/Coins: 5/5

One of the easier Value for Coins ratings that I have done and any type of upgrades are only going to further that value in the future.  There were a few subtle complaints and why the card didn’t receive a better rating overall, but in general you are going to be happy with how this card performs and the contributions delivered in game.

Good vs. Bad 

Good vs Bad Rating: 5/5

The fact that Kolo Muani can even deliver on the defensive side of the pitch shows just how “Good” the card was in the end.  However, there were minor areas that I wish were improved and kept the Frenchman from a perfect overall score.  Here is how each category broke down.

+ Maybe start with the Pace because there were actually no complaints here.  This card flies out of the gates as the 97 ACCELERATION is bolstered by the QUICK STEP Plus into an uncontainable flash.  However, it was the 98 SPRINT SPEED that caught my attention and I have quadrupled checked that this card does not have any RAPID PlayStyle at all because it doesn’t make sense that defenders could not catch this card in the clear… The best compliment would be that he runs like a RAPID card and that is a fantastic feature to feel “hidden”. 

+ The Dribbling was another feature that did surprise given the CONTROLLED LENGTHY AcceleRATE and bigger body type.  There were moments of clunky turning that kept the rating from perfection but it is worth noting just how good the FLAIR Plus, TECHNICAL and PRESS PROVEN treated this card.  It does of course help that any amount of space could be abused with his overall Pace… but the responsiveness on the ball was a treat.  

+ The Passing is a similar story to the rest as the 99 VISION & SHORT PASSING created an excellent intricacy with teammates, the PINGED PASS & WHIPPED PASS both contributing to the success.  The 76 LONG PASSING & 81 CROSSING do provide some concerns when playing Kolo Muani in wider areas and why I ultimately left the Frenchman as my central striker for large portions of this review.

+ The Physical side of the game might be the most interesting part of this review as the combination of 99 STRENGTH, 187cm | 6’2 frame and PRESS PROVEN PlayStyle really did make this card feel press proof when picking up the ball in congested spaces.  Yet at the same time the 99 JUMPING & ARIAL did not feel like much of a threat at all especially on corners, which makes zero sense but was the case in each match.  Finally the 91 STAMINA without any RELENTLESS might be the biggest disappointment of the entire review as Kolo Muani could really have used a sub in the 80+ minutes of every match.

Closing Words

If I had to come up with a creative title for this review it would simply be, “Too Many Weapons”.  Many of the cards I currently use or have reviewed have been and are fantastic in the game, but rely on one or two attributes to be successful… And when those don’t work it is curtains for my success.  Kolo Muani feels like he can do it all and creates a ton of confidence that leads to a lot of goals and success.  It is a card I will 100% be keeping an eye on as the Euros and this promo progress.  The value is great, the card is dangerous, and I quite enjoyed every second of this review… A must try.

Hoping you are well.  Cheers for reading

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