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FC 24 End of an Era Bonucci Player Review - Cop or Flop?

By Dean
21-Jun-24 18:08

The 14th 'Premium SBC' of the game has dropped today with a 96-rated Bonucci! The centreback comes with 4 Playstyle's+ and at least on paper looks incredible! 


If only there was a high rated version of Chiellini in the game he would of been the perfect partner...since that wasn't an option I decided to put End of an Era Thiago Silva alongside him to see how the two compare.

You can check out the new Bonucci item here!

I was torn when deciding on a chemistry style due to the pace split shown in Bonucci's attributes it was a case of either close the pace split by using Catalyst and have a 'controlled lengthy' player or keep the wide pace split and have a 'mostly lengthy' player by going for anchor, in the end I tested both and to be honest I preferred Catalyst...but the difference was minimal.

The following SBC's need to be completed to unlock Leonardo Bonucci:

# of players from Italy: Min 1
Squad Rating: Min 86

87-Rated Squad
Squad Rating: Min 87

Just the two squads, not bad! - Leading to a price of around 115,000 coins!

How did he perform in game?

This review is going to sound quite similar to the Thiago Silva review to be honest because aside from the pace, everything else is super positive! 

+ Tackling, this was brilliant as soon as he got near someone I was confident of a tackle, his slide tackling in particular impressed! 

+ Positioning, right place, right time kind of defender, he naturally was positioned well to make blocks and interceptions! 

+ Passing, Bonucci was great for playing out from the back and that long ball playstyle allowed for him to ping passes wherever he pleased. 

+ Heading, in the air Bonucci was top class, whether it be defensive or offensive, Aerial+ and Power Header and a great combination.

So as mentioned above it's all very positive... and at this stage of the game with items been so highly upgraded to find differences between top end items you have to be harsh and the only minor issue with this card is that pace split which is noticable in game, explosive forwards can beat Bonucci with a boost. Bonucci is quick once he gets going but it can take him a yard or two to get to his top sprint speed.

End of an Era Bonucci - Cop or Flop?

Cop, easy. It's an elite level centre back option and given the price I don't think there is anything to complain about here, but even been an elite option there are things which would have made the item slightly better: a smaller pace split gap and anticipate+ for examples, but we are being incredibly picky here! 

End of an Era Thiago Silva is better than this Bonucci in-game, but it's still a great item and I'm sure it'll do a great job for most people's teams!

Verdict = Cop.

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