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Hey comrades, welcome to a very special FUT FM. It’s our 50th episode AND it comes at the heels of the FIFA 18 World Cup announcement. Exciting!

Let’s jump into the show:


FIFA 18 World Cup Update Explained

We’re thrilled that EA have announce the return of the beloved World Cup mode!

It’ll be out on May 28th as a free add on for FIFA 18, and every World Cup team will be in the game. That means you’ll finally be able to play with nations like Serbia and Croatia! Every tournament stadium is licensed as well.

Furthermore, the players from the World Cup squads will be available in a new FUT mode, along with brand new Icons. As a result, the chemistry system will be a little different.

Players from the same nation will have strong links, and players from the same confederation will have weak links.

The new FIFA 18 FUT World Cup mode will not have a transfer market, and it’ll share your coins from the core game. As a small bonus, every time you open a World Cup pack, you’ll get a free corresponding pack in the base game.

EA have also confirmed that the World Cup mode will have a new system to deal with duplicates, along with SBCS. They’ve also confirmed that you can take non qualified nations into the World Cup (this is presumably base game functionality).

Both of us are pretty excited for this mode in FIFA 18! Although we don’t expect gameplay to be updated in any way, it’ll be nice to go back to lower rated teams for a while.

With so many powerful cards in FUT, there’s not much room for creativity on the pitch and when it comes to squad building. Although there’s plenty to learn from how great players play with these super powered teams, it takes a different kind of approach to be successful with more modest squads.

So although there are no planned gameplay changes, we’ll definitely see a different meta.


Easiest TOTS Ever?

With the ability to get TOTS players from daily objectives, DKTs, and a perfectly fair SBC for the Premier League, this TOTS is shaping up to be the most giving one to date.

Although this year’s game introduced many new coin sinks, it’s still good to be able to get some of the best players in the game for relatively cheap. Even if the likes of TOTS 86 Ben Davies won’t be in your starting 11, it’s still good SBC fodder.

For example, our own Goran was able to get Prime Icon Del Piero very easily after grabbing a few TOTS cards.

We hope that this trend continues with FIFA promos in the future. We can’t expect to get awesome cards for cheap all the time, but it definitely helps to pepper them out throughout the year. Plus, it keeps the game exciting and fresh!

So comrades, thank you very much for checking out FUT FM on FUTBIN. We wouldn’t have been able to get to 50 episodes without your support! You’re the best, and here’s to 500 more.

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FUT FM Episode 50 Highlights

1:04  Past week’s upvotes/downvotes

5:30  Roma vs Liverpool talk

15:30  ESPN Pundits on Roma

19:23  World Cup Mode

24:50  EPL TOTS

28:37  50th Episode anniversary awards begin

30:02  Sexiest Italian

31:07  Sexiest beard

31:50  Best dog

32:51  Best Tweets

33:35  Most triggered

35:31  Most angry

37:12  Best story

39:07  Best voice

40:30  Best FIFA player

44:38  Best FIFA coach

45:22  Best fan of their team

50:07  Best Nutz

50:57  Worst pack luck

52:55  Best Russian spy

53:23  Biggest Totti

55:54  Best host

58:54  Most knowledgeable about football