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FUT 19 SIF Suso
SIF Suso


In a TOTW7 that was packed with interesting left wing options, I decided (with some Twitter encouragement) to go to the opposite wing and look at a rather interesting SIF 86 rated Suso.  A simple overview of base stats suggest that this card could be a handful for defenders both as a winger and in the CAM position.  I went about trying to fit this card into my team and realized that I need to get some ICONS in my squad to make this easier, if only I had millions of coins in my back pockets.  In trying to get full chemistry I stumbled upon IF Fabian from TOTW6 and my squad was set.

In recent reviews there has been some confusion on the squad pictures below.  I can assure you that I would never start a team without 100 chemistry and all of my players are on 10 individually.  However, in my first match I forget to select my in-game changes and after going 3-0 up I realized I was still on 4-3-3.  I decided to let it ride this weekend and had some excellent results to my surprise.  IF Fabian was a mastermind in the midfield and I cannot recommend him enough; strong, good in the air, and all around solid… but I digress.  Back to Suso, I decided to go with the SNIPER chemistry style and jumped into a very sluggish Weekend League.  Suso was fantastic in the following squad:


Pace & Dribbling 

If you subjected yourself to the Weekend League grind then it is almost guaranteed that you experienced some connection issues.  One thing plaguing me was how slow the game felt throughout the weekend and it was hard to gauge Suso’s pace most of the time.  The smooth games I did encounter allowed Suso to showcase his surprising speed off of the ball.  87 ACCELERATION is key here and the final clip in my video shows Suso blistering past a defender and calmly chipping the ball into the net.  On the ball he was not pulling away from anyone, but he is definitely not slow.  99 AGILITY & 91 BALANCE (SNIPER) are keys to Suso’s on the ball dominance and his ability to turn at speed.  If I was to guess, I would say that Suso’s 97 BALL CONTROL played a large role in the FOUR penalties he won me this weekend alone.  I never seem to win pens and this was definitely a huge bonus.

Pace: 8/10
Dribbling: 9.5/10


Suso’s left foot is really something special.  The boost to 92 FINISHING mixed with 89 CURVE is a sight to see.  The ball curves out like a boomerang except this ball is not coming back as it hammers the far side mesh.  Coming off of the right Suso contributed with some goals, but it was as a CAM that he was afforded better angles to really abuse the goalkeepers in his path.  Thoroughly enjoyed the mechanics of the shooting with this card, unlike another certain left footer (sorry lads couldn’t resist).

Shooting: 9.5/10


It is no secret that corners in FIFA 19 are about as broken as the hopes and dreams of Tottenham in the Champions League. But with Suso standing over the ball they are even “brokener.”  Yes, I invented a word to fully describe the whip he gets on the ball into the box.  Additionally, he sets up quite a few chances with his dribbling and 88 CROSSING that brings him into the better than average category.

Passing: 8.5/10

Physical & Defending

I will keep this short and sweet.. or maybe sour, because Suso is definitely not a defensive option.  37 DEFENDING says it all and he goes out of his way to not to win the ball back.  86 STAMINA is a nice addition to all of the good things Suso does and keeps him going for a full 90.  Everything else in the physical category is a shambles and it is surprising that hard passes do not knock this guy over.

Defending Rating: N/A
Physical Rating: 5.5/10

Final Score

Overall Rating: 7.8

My favorite part about Suso was not his fantastic goals, or missile-like corners; instead my favorite part was the package deal of IF Fabian.  For 28k he is a steal and held his own throughout the weekend.  Not on the level of the upper tier midfielders, but a massive bargain in my opinion.  As Suso’s price drops below 60k you can have them both for under 90k and all you need is a small Spanish connection for full chemistry (Bellerin for me).  Suso is looking more like value for coins with each day that his price dips and if you are looking for a hybrid option, or a change to your Serie A squad, he could be your man.  Cheers for reading.


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