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Before I get started I need to offer a sincere apology to any Spurs fans after my joke a few reviews ago about their chances in the Champions League.  All it took was some luck and Barcelona to play their B team, but they made it, and I was wrong. Speaking of Barcelona, this week we take a look at Ousmane Dembélé after his performance in a 4 – 0 victory over Espanyol landed the Frenchmen in TOTW 13.  In trying to fit Dembélé into my squad I stumbled across a build that included CL Live Benzema who played as advertised.  Benzema is clinical in front of goal and a force to be reckoned with in the air, however he is severely lacking in the pace and agility to really compete in FUT Champs.  Even after the boost took over I was not impressed and moved on from him immediately after my review.
In getting started I decided to go back to the 4-2-2-2 formation with Dembélé playing as a right ST and as the right CAM throughout the 20 games.  I found him to be a better ST due to his complete inability to win the ball back as a CAM.  With the SNIPER chemistry style applied I knew that Dembélé would cause some problems throughout the weekend and this was ultimately the case.  Dembélé was the French Flair in the following squad:



93 ACCELERATION & 89 SPRINT SPEED are more than enough with this card.  You can find hilarious memes and comments about how FUT Managers view stats and this is the perfect case.  Some will see 89 SPINT SPEED and think “well that is okay for a winger/striker.”  But if it was 90 SPRINT SPEED, “wow this guy has amazing pace.”  I can tell you that regardless of what the stats read, this card is built for speed.   Dembélé’s lean body type mixed with his stats allow him to fly around the pitch and as a ST with “get in behind” instructions he was constantly backing up my opponents and constantly creating space.

Pace Rating: 9.6/10

Shooting, Dribbling & Passing

If you are considering buying this card than SHOOTING & DRIBBLING will be the reason, his pace doesn’t hurt the conversation either.  But there are plenty of cards that have pace to burn in this FIFA and they can be a dime a dozen.  What many of these cards do have is a 5 STAR WEAK FOOT that is clinical regardless of the side you choose to shoot.  With the SNIPER boost you have 95 FINISHING & 90 VOLLEYS that are just as effective on Dembélé’s favorite left foot as his right.  I was impressed with the chances he took throughout the weekend and I cannot remember him missing many opportunities. 87 POSITIONING ensures that Dembélé is picking up the right spaces and was key to chance creation as was Dembélé’s ability on the ball.  99 AGILITY, 90 BALANCE, 89 BALL CONTROL, & 99 DRIBBLING about sum up everything you need to know about this card.  He is a wizard on the ball even at top speed and his cuts and turns are phenomenal.  Which brings me to the ultimate question… SNIPER or DEADEYE?  I really enjoyed the dribbling on this card, but the passing was just not there at all.  Miss hit, incorrect weight, and wrong targets were the status quo when passing with this card all weekend. With the DEADEYE chemistry style some of these issues disappeared, but I honestly noticed a small decrease in his ability on the ball.  In the end I opted for SNIPER but I can see the arguments going the other way, in closing, my rating is based on this chemistry style so keep that in mind.   

Shooting Rating: 9.2/10
Dribbling Rating: 9.3/10
Passing Rating: 7/10


Defending & Physical

As previously stated, Dembélé’s defending is just woeful and the saying taking candy from a baby springs to mind; except I don’t actually think Dembélé could.  The baby would knock him off the candy and send the Barcelona man flying.  48 STRENGTH … I had to triple check this when buying him and again writing this as it is actually impressive that he is that low after two upgrades (CL counts in my mind).  56 AGGRESSION & 62 JUMPING are not great either, while 76 STAMINA means that Dembélé cannot play CAM for a full game in a 4-2-2-2 regardless of his defensive inabilities.  As a ST I did not notice a major drop in Dembélé’s performance after 90 minutes but he starts to really fade away in extra time.  

Defending Rating: N/A but when he does defend 5/10
Physical Rating: 6.5/10


Final Score

Final Rating: 8.5/10

If you only read the first half of this review then the 45k price tag for Dembélé is an absolute steal.  He will get you goals and for me 20 in 20 is a fantastic return.  I should point out that he scored more earlier on in the weekend and tapered off as the games became more difficult, but he was still 1 in 2 even then.  I think that Dembélé is an excellent budget player for a starting eleven and his league and nation are a fantastic starting point for hybrids.   However, I would not recommend Dembélé as a super sub.  The price similarity to 85 Lozano puts Dembélé as second choice for coming off of the bench and I don’t think you need two of the exact same style of player.  With my next review coming after the Holidays I just want to take this time to thank the FUT community for supporting my reviews and the comments you leave are always appreciated. I hope everyone enjoys themselves, finds happiness in spending time with family, and remembers to redeem their Weekend League access.  Cheers for reading.


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