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Going into this review I was tempted by the addition of IF Hueng Min Son to FIFA 19 but a potential POTM card made me hold off; moving in another direction I turned my sites to the latest edition of the Road to the Final (RTTF) players.  Having already reviewed 84 rated IF Wissam Ben Yedder earlier this year, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to see what, if any, improvements had been made to his card.

While it is obvious RTTF Ben Yedder would be a perfect CAM his 75 STAMINA was too concerning and I decided to use him as a striker throughout the weekend.  Switching to a 4-2-2-2 formation in-game I had Ben Yedder at LEFT ST alongside Griezmann at the right.  I opted for the shooting and physical boosts of the FINISHER chemistry style and set Ben Yedder loose in the following squad:




I was tempted to use the HAWK chemistry style for the pace boost here, but in the end I trusted some of comments other FUTBIN users have made on Ben Yedder’s cards: “this guy has enough pace without the boost.”  I must admit that they were spot on and 92 ACCELERATION & 87 SPRINT SPEED are just enough.  Ben Yedder will get reeled in by pacey defenders for sure, but at the same time is quick enough to get in behind and take his chances.

Pace Rating: 8.8/10


Shooting & Dribbling

Look at those stats!  35 goals is a massive return and it has not stopped since my review.  I am having trouble with the thought that I will have to sell this card to move on with future reviews.  I cannot believe this cards ability around goal, it was insane.  5 STAR WEAK foot does not do this card justice… he doesn’t miss.  99 POSITIONING & 95 FINISHING after the FINISHER boost are a deadly combination when trying to break teams down.  While 97 SHOT POWER, 90 LONG SHOTS, & 86 CURVE mean any space outside of the box is infinitely dangerous.  The best part about the shooting on this card is that Ben Yedder creates a large portion of these chances himself.  4 STAR SKILLS and a very attractive set of dribbling skills continue to add to the positive attributes within this card.  In my previous review I mentioned that his dribbling caused problems when dribbling at pace, however I did not notice this issue this time around.  It was smooth sailing all weekend and Cpt. Yedder was the compass pointing my squad toward victory.

Shooting Rating: 9.8/10
Dribbling Rating: 9.5/10


Passing & Defending

Nothing of note here.  I never played Ben Yedder outside of the striker position and his passing accuracy was fine.  The assists in this case only further show the impact this card has on matches.

Passing Rating: 7.5/10
Defending Rating: N/A


Physical Rating

This is the make or break point for a card like Ben Yedder in my opinion.  The IF 84 rated version was just too weak for me and despite his 99 JUMPING he was like a limp noodle when it came to air battles.  The RRTF 86 rated version laughs in the face of his weaker former self and is everything he was not.  I scored headers, won knock downs, battled for possession, protected the ball, and bullied bigger opponents all weekend long.  Granted, Ben Yedder is not a colossus and up against a Van Dijk or a Rio Ferdinand he is definitely losing the ball, but he is light years ahead of his IF 84 and held his own all weekend.  I will end off by saying that the 75 STAMINA on this card is concerning for any position except at ST.  Even as a ST Ben Yedder was struggling in extra time matches to keep up, and I could see 75-80 minutes as a CAM being more than enough.

Physical Rating: 8.5/10


Final Score 

Final Rating: 9.4/10

There you have it, the best card I have used in FIFA 19 so far.  91 rated IF Salah is up there with his pace and magic wand for a left foot, but Ben Yedder can win games on his own.  At 350k (XBOX) this card is one of the best value for money players I have used in a long time.  The idea that this card can receive upgrades is both exciting and scary.  While the showdown between Sevilla and Lazio is pretty much a tossup, if Sevilla do edge the Italians I do not have any superlatives to do justice for what this card will become.  I strongly urge FUT Managers to give this card a go and witness the magic Wissam Ben Yedder can conjure.  Cheers for reading.



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