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There was some obvious scripting and momentum last weekend as PSG ran out 9 – 0 winners over Guingamp.  Every first time finesse they hit curled straight into the far corner and no amount of goalkeeper movement was going to keep them from scoring in bunches.  Guingamp went straight to Twitter to complain about how server lag was terrible and none of their players would respond; they even wanted to forfeit the match but didn’t want to lose the coins from the DNF Modifier so they simply put down their controller and took the beating.  Credit Card FC just proves that pay to win is such a huge issue in games and Kylian Mbappé was part of the problem as he padded his stats; “all Weekend League no Squad Battles,” and was rewarded with his second inform of the season, but this time as a striker!
During rewards I was quick to buy Mbappé and was quite proud of my price.  1.34 million coins when he would eventually rise to 1.6 felt like I was on top of the world.  This all came crashing down around me with the repeatable TOTW SBC but thankfully he has kept the majority of his value.  From the moment he was released I pictured Mbappé as the left striker in my 4-2-2-2 formation and couldn’t wait to get at it.  I utilized the DEADEYE chemistry style to add to Mbappé’s insane statistic lineup and put him straight to work.  Mbappé was the executioner in the following squad: 



I bet I catch the majority of readers off guard when I say… this guy is fast.   98 ACCELERATION & 98 SPRINT SPEED are just ridiculous and the majority of defenders just couldn’t cope.  Even with the speed that defenders track attackers down from behind in FIFA 19 it didn’t matter.  When Mbappé gets in behind you are going to get a shot away and that alone is worth its weight in gold.  Around the box the first step on this card is just as potent and time and time again I was able to get shots away in dangerous positions.  “Speedster” just doesn’t do this one justice; The French Flash maybe?

Pace Rating: 10/10

Shooting & Passing

The DEADEYE chemistry style does some fantastic things to these two categories as Mbappé looks as lethal on paper as he feels in-game.  The results of 99 POSITIONING & 99 FINISHING mixed with a 4 STAR WEAK FOOT can be observed in the 25 game totals I achieved with this card.  The only finisher I have used even close to this level is RTTF Ben Yedder and even then he is a distant second.  Mbappé can also provide assists around the box and while 6 is not a massive number, when you add assists and goals you have a 2 goal contribution per game, which is huge value.  Similar to previous reviews I felt a lot of the passing strength here comes from pace and the ability to be open enough to play passes; additionally many times my opponent would over commit to Mbappé leaving  scoring opportunities for others.  Regardless, I would say he is definitely better than average.

Shooting Rating: 9.7/10
Passing Rating: 9.0/10 


Dribbling, Physical, & Defending

94 AGILITY, 84 BALANCE, 92 BALL CONTROL, & 91 DRIBBLING … I feel like I could just end this category here.  This card is as smooth on the ball as any I have used and every cut, turn, pull back, and change of pace is at such a high speed it makes Mbappé impossible to cope with.  For a part of the review I used Mbappé with FALSE 9 instructions and would pick up the ball at half and just dribble at opponents endlessly.  While you take away the danger of this card getting in behind, it does create chaos and panic as you rip through the core of your opponent’s squad and enter into the final third.  This seems like a good time to mention that more popular chemistry options involve Mbappé’s physical stats (MARKSMAN & FINISHER).  However, it was during my FALSE 9 experiment that I realized this card is incredibly strong on the ball in addition to his other strengths.  It is like Mbappé has adamantium bones and is simply unfazed by tackles and grappling as he shrugs off defenders.  A perfect example is available in the video for this review and Mbappé’s first goal for the squad… Mbappé shrugs off the defender like a small child and slams the ball into the far corner.  He truly is an all-around juggernaut and 85 STAMINA is more than enough to keep Mbappé a threat through 120 minutes in forward positions.

Dribbling Rating: 9.9/10
Physical Rating: 9.2/10
Defending Rating: N/A


Final Score

Final Rating: 9.7/10

It just keeps getting better these past few weeks.  It is no surprise that SIF Mbappé is the best player I have used in FIFA 19 given his NIFs abilities and the price tag he comes with.  In reality his price would have been even greater if not for the repeatable TOTW SBCs and it does offer a small discount on an amazing addition to any squad.  The links this card provides are just as endless as the statistics he possess and I can picture a connection with FFS Aouar and FFS Saint-Maximin (yes I put myself through this challenge) in the near future.  In the end I will say that this card brought something more than just goals and wins this weekend, it brought me enjoyment playing the game, which to me often feels like the most important feature of a card when all is said in done.  I realize that the price tag may feel overwhelming for some, but if I was to suggest a card worth saving up for, this would be one of the ones near the top of my list.  Cheers for reading.       


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