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The speculation prior to the release of EAs latest promo just shows the endless possibilities for content in future FIFA titles. In the end the Headliners promo offered some interesting options,+1 inform boosts on some already excellent players, and a very appealing card design.  It took some time to decide which direction I wanted to take and in the end I went for Leroy Sané.  In my mind I pictured a goal against Arsenal and his price skyrocketing, but instead he was on the bench and my prediction was way off (which consequently hurt my Fantasy Premier League team as well).

But I digress, back looking into HL Sané, the massive Positioning and Finishing boosts on this card made DEADEYE too appealing to pass up.  I can imagine most FUT Managers would consider a chemistry style with a Physical boost, but again the Shooting benefits were too important for me.  Disclaimer: this squad is not how I went into games as I had 100 chemistry and every player on 10 chem prior to each match.  Leroy Sané was the headliner in the following squad:




94 ACCELERATION & 98 SPRINT SPEED feel like you would expect and Sané gets around the pitch in a hurry.  Playing alongside Mbappé, the two frontmen were constantly blazing by defenders (when my opponent didn’t have 11 behind the ball).  When I was faced with the AI wall of death it was the quickness of Sané around the box that allowed me to open up chances and he was still a huge threat… just not Mbappé fast, but who is?

Pace Rating: 9.7/10


Shooting and Passing

99 POSITIONING: always in the right spaces and causing the defense issues.  Additionally he picks out some excellent runs. 99 FINISHING: on his left foot Sané is a true marksman and can pick out the top corner regardless of the patch.  99 SHOT POWER: the ball is getting to the net in a hurry and trying to rip the mesh from the posts.  All in all Sané is deadly when striking a ball and his 3 STAR WEAK FOOT is not a huge issue as he refuses to use it.  From the passing side of things, even with the DEADEYE boost I didn’t notice the same level of creation that I did with Mbappé.  Sané did tally ten assists, but I would suggest this was more a result of playing with Mbappé than brilliance on the ball.  In the end the stats suggest he is definitely above average, but not far in my mind.

Shooting Rating: 9.3/10
Passing Rating: 8/10


Dribbling, Physical, Defending

Sané is like the Goodison Cat on the ball and is extremely agile for a bigger style of player.  Although there were a few turns or tighter cut backs that felt a little sluggish at times.  90 AGILITY & 82 BALANCE are not at the level of the slickest players in FIFA 19, but the 4 STAR SKILLS are there to enhance the German that little bit more.  However, physically this card is just not there for me.  While his size is useful for headers despite his 67 JUMPING, his 74 STRENGTH is a ways off of what I would like.  83 STAMINA was an issue in full games as a ST and as a CAM he needed a sub around the 70th minute mark.  Defensively I did not have a big enough sample set but if the few games at CAM were any indication, this guy is a defensive liability.

Dribbling Rating: 8.7/10
Physical Rating: 7.5/10
Defending Rating: N/A


Final Score

Final Rating: 9/10

Sané sneaks into the 9 and over club but just by a hair.  I had an 8.8 entered for the longest time but the stats are overriding my gut on this one.  Sané was constantly popping up in good areas and scored some crucial goals during the weekend.  From a Headliners perspective this is an interesting one for sure.  The rotation that Pep employees at Man City makes for a difficult read on the future of this card.  If Sané was a week in and week out starter I would say buy, buy, buy as you could all but guarantee an upgrade.  As it stands now I am on the fence.  As of Monday evening Sané is 450k and any Lunar deals could see this card fall well below what it is worth.  I would keep an eye out for deals because in the end Sané offers an excellent left footed option for any squad.  Cheers for reading.



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