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FUT 22 Ratings Refresh - Premier League

Ratings Refresh - Premier League


So here we are, the mid way point in the season, and so very close to EA’s annual ratings refresh. Some of you may be new to FIFA, and some of you may simply benefit from a quick refresh, so what exactly is this event, and what exactly does it entail?

For the purpose of these predictions, it is important to note that we have taken all ratings and guesses from Career Mode. These are the current ratings, and hence as close to a reliable set of predictions as we can create.

What Is Ratings Refresh

Ratings refresh used to be a time for EA to adjust players base card stats, according to how successful their season had been. Back in the day, this would involve both upgrades and downgrades, however in recent years, EA have scrapped the negative and focused solely on the positives, the upgrades.

A player with a strong first half of the season is likely to see their base card obtain an upgrade. Now this doesn’t automatically increase the stats of those found within packs, instead releases a new batch of cards which replace the older version inside of future packs. 

These upgrades can often increase the players stats to a level that matches or exceeds special cards received across the season, but fear not, as when this happens, EA are already prepared to mimic such adjustments to the relevant cards.

How Are Previous Special Cards Affected

When it comes to standard special card upgrades, EA follow a simple system that determines the rating of the new card, based off the rating of the Base card or previous special card where relevant. To make things easier, we have posted this below:

71 > 78   
72 > 79
73 > 79
74 > 80
75 > 81
76 > 81
77 > 81
78 > 82
79 > 82
80 > 83
81 > 84
82 > 84
83 > 85
84 > 86
85 > 86
86 > 87

Anything from 85 upwards will simply see a +1 boost to overall rating.

Now let’s look at this process alongside some basic examples:

Normal Base card VVD (85 > 88 +3)

So let’s assume that VVD receives a +3 upgrade as predicted. This would then remove his 85 rated normal card from packs, and replace it with a new normal 88 card instead.

As it stands, VVD has has 4 special cards that were available in packs. An Inform, a second Inform, a RTTF cards and a TOTY card. Now if we take his new base card, and apply the upgrades accordingly we will see how things change:

The normal 85 rated goes out-of-packs and instead a new normal 88 rated comes into-packs
The special cards will be upgraded like this:
IF 86 -> 89
SIF 87 -> 90
RTTF 87 -> 90
TOTY 95 -> 95

So the first three cards see a boost in line with the upgrade, taking the new rating of the base card, the same upgrades are then replicated across the special cards. The TOTY however remains unaffected.

New example: Trent Alexander-Arnold (78 > 79 +1)

TAA currently has a 78 rated base card, and if we refer to the table above, we see that this produces an 82 rated Inform. If he then receives the predicted +1 boost, he will get a new normal 79 rated card, and when we look at the list for IF upgrades above, this also produces an 82 rated Inform.

In a situation such as this, no change is required and normally the Inform remains the same rating.

Let’s Talk Numbers, the +2 and Above Changes

Torreira (78 > 82 +4)

First up we have the big one, the biggest jump we are likely to see across the whole of the Premier League. Since joining Arsenal, Torreira has been absolute quality, in an otherwise unpredictable midfield setup. Showing both attacking and defensive qualities, Torreira has racked up 2 goals and 2 assists across 25 appearances, and with an average match rating of just under 7.0, he leads the line with a possible +4 upgrade, and for those of you who completed his FUTMAS card, a boost to 84 is potentially on the cards.

Richarlison (77 > 80 +3)

Onto the second player, and our second largest boost in the league. Everton have had a shaky campaign so far, where after a strong start they appear to have lost all momentum, struggling to find points against almost anybody. Richarlison has provided a glimpse of light across these difficult times, managing to score 10 and assist once across his 24 appearances so far. As it stands Richarlison is on track for a huge +3 upgrade, the second largest across the Premier League, boosting this Brazilians base card from a 77 to a 80 rated card.

VVD (85 > 88 +3)

As a Liverpool fan, this upgrade is the absolute minimum I believe this man deserves. Anybody comparing Liverpool’s defensive stats before and after the implementation of this Dutch CB, will see just how much of an impact he has had on the squad. Liverpool currently sit atop the league, with just 15 goals conceded so far this season. VVD has played in every one of these matches, where he has also shown his ability to move the ball forward, pick out key passes and even find the back of the net on occasion. With just a single yellow card to his name as well, it shows how confident this man is defensively, and a +2 upgrade is the least he deserves.

Digne (78 > 81 +3)

We have already touched on Everton’s season so far, which makes these upgrades even more surprising to see. Currently sitting in 9th place with 38 goals conceded, Everton seem to be lacking that class they initially showed this season. Digne however has shown moments of brilliance throughout this campaign, which is clearly shown in the stats alone. With a total of 23 appearances so far, Digne has scored 3, assisted 3, won 2 man of the match awards and secured an average match rating of 7.20. In our opinion, this is more than enough to warrant the predicted +2 upgrade he is on track to receive.

Alderweireld (85 > 87 +2)

Despite numerous obstacles and hurdles so far this season, Tottenham have proven that you don’t need a world record transfer budget to compete with the big boys. The recent loss of Kane and Son was problematic to say the least, however when they have their full side available, Tottenham can beat almost anybody on a good day. Alderweireld has been fundamental in this success, playing a key role at the heart of their defence. The 24 goals conceded simply don’t do this man justice, while his average rating of 6.94 across 23 games provides a more fitting picture. A plus 2 upgrade may feel a little generous though, however an upgrade was definitely deserved.

Alisson (85 > 87 +2)

We have already spoken about Liverpool’s defensive dominance this season, a success story that their new goalkeeper has played a monumental part in. Just like VVD, Alisson has taken part in every league game to date this season, and if we choose to ignore his lacklustre skills on the edge of the box, he has also been a monster in his role. With just the 15 goals conceded in the league, there is a reason that Liverpool have the best defensive record to date, and a strong reason as to why this man has warranted a +2 change to his base card.

Sterling (85 > 87 +2)

The title race is in full swing, and despite how big the gap seems, or how difficult the challenge, Manchester City have ensured that they keep the pressure on Liverpool, and now sit atop the table, with an extra game played. Players like Sterling have been critical in this success, as they have simply gone from strength to strength under the management of Pep. With a total of 23 appearances so far this year, Sterling has scored 10 and assisted a further 9, all while maintaining an average match rating of 7.66. If anything, a +2 upgrade almost feels like it's not quite enough here.

Felipe Anderson (82 > 84 +2)

There could be some great news on the cards for those of you who own a special version of Felipe Anderson’s card. Having taken part in every match for West Ham so far this season, Anderson has played his part in a total of 11 goals. After finding the back of the net 8 times himself, he has also provided 3 assists, while obtaining the man of the match award a monumental 5 times! When we then consider his average match rating sits at 7.26, it feels that a +2 upgrade is the only logical next step.

Robertson (81 > 83 +2)

We have already gone on and on about Liverpool’s defence this season, so why stop now? We move onto their left back now, the young man from Scotland who goes by the name of Andrew Robertson. Having played in 23 games so far this season, Robertson has provided in every area of the pitch. His attacking stats are fantastic, with 5 assists, while we have already spoken about just how incredible Liverpool’s defence has been. With an average match rating of just over 7.0, and the fact that he is arguably the best left back in the league, a +2 upgrade here ticks all the right boxes, especially for this Liverpool fan.

Bernardo Silva (84 > 86 +2)

Since Silva’s move to Manchester City, he has really had to work at earning his spot amongst the starting elite. With competition so fierce on the wings, Silva has shown his ability to transition, playing in a array of positions, and still managing to produce the goods when called upon. Silva has taken part in 25 Premier League games to date this year, and played a part in 11 goals with 6 assists and 5 for himself. With the title race in full swing, players like this are the make or break components, and after such a strong first half of the year, a +2 upgrade seems very fitting.

Shaw (78 > 80 +2)

Under the new reign of Solskjaer, we have seen a completely different, new and improved Manchester United side. Despite their current winning streak, they still appear to have one fundamental flaw, their defence. After a long spell sidelined by injury, it was time for Shaw to get back into the swing of things and show the world exactly what he is capable of. In an otherwise unstable backline, Shaw has been a shining light, starting 19 Premier League matches so far he has shown that United are better off with him, that without. A +2 upgrade is on the cards for this fullback, and who knows just what he could achieve alongside some world class defenders.

Ryan (78 >80 +2)

Onto a few goalkeepers now, and while some upgrades are understandable, the +2 Ryan is on track to receive is slightly puzzling, to me at least. Brighton currently sit 13th in the Premier League, with a total of 27 goals scored and 36 conceded. Now Ryan has shown moments of brilliance across the 20 games he has played, however this doesn’t feel like it has been overly consistent, and with an average match rating of just 6.54, such a large boost feels hard to stomach. Maybe it’s just me here though, maybe this is completely deserved.

Dubravka (77 > 79 +2)

The goalkeepers making this list are perhaps ones that my surprise the average Premier League fan. Newcastle currently sit 14th in the league, with 24 points and a total of 33 goals conceded. This record is actually rather strong for a team in the bottom half of the table, and Dubravka has played a huge part in keeping this figure as low as possible. Having taken part in every minute of every match so far this season, he has found some top class performances, which in turn have led him to a potential +2 upgrade this Winter.

Foster (77 > 79 +2)

From one goalkeeper to another now, as we move across to Watford who have outperformed most expectations so far this season. Watford currently sit comfortably in the top half of the table, just two points behind 7th place Wolves. During this campaign they have scored 33 and conceded just 34, putting them within touching distance of a positive goal scoring record. Just like before Foster has played every minute of every game, providing his worth time after time, and putting himself in line for a +2 upgrade as well.

Capoue (77 > 79 +2)

From one Watford player to another now, as we continue to talk about just how promising this campaign has been so far. Capoue isn’t the kind of player who boasts through incredible stats, or sits comfortably in the limelight, however he is a fundamental component in a well structured system. Capoue has taken part in 21 games so far this season, scoring once, assisting twice and managing to secure a monumental 7 yellow cards along the way. His two man of the match performances shine through, alongside his average match rating of 7.18. Not all heroes wear capes, and Capoue certainly fits this mold for Watford.

Iwobi (76 > 78 +2)

Arsenal, the name alone is almost guaranteed to make for interesting conversation, full of mixed opinions and debates. The reality is though, that despite times of worry and slip ups, they currently sit in fourth, in line for a Champions League spot and only behind Tottenham on goal difference alone. A new manager has created a new Arsenal, and players like Iwobi have taken their chances with both hands, but a +2 upgrade based on his season so far, personally I am a little puzzled. Iwobi has managed just 2 goals and 4 assists, from 14 starts and 8 substitute appearances this year, and when we then combine this with his 6.55 average rating, a +2 boost seems very generous to say the least.

Mitrovic (76 > 78 +2)

Fulham haven’t had the easiest of starts to their Premier League campaign, they currently sit in 19th, deep in the relegation zone, but with 13 matches remaining they have every chance of saving their season and staying in the top flight for yet another season. Mitrovic has and will play a big part in this push, with 10 goals and 4 man of the match awards under his belt already, his quality in front of goal could be the key to them staying up. With an average match rating of 7.15, and the fact that he has played in every match to date so far, a +2 upgrade seems very fitting under these circumstances.

Kongolo (76 >78 +2)

Onto another controversial upgrade next, as our attention turns to bottom of the table Huddersfield, a side who sit 13 points away from safety, staring relegation directly in the face. Kongolo has been a part of this defensive setup, a setup that has seen Huddersfield concede 46 goals so far this year. Obviously the entire responsibility cannot fall upon one man, but a +2 upgrade after this season so far, seems a little generous if you ask me.

Chilwell (76 > 78 +2)

So here we are, our final player to make these predictions, well as far as the +2 upgrades or higher are concerned. Leicester were always going to struggle to replicate the success they had after winning the league, especially as key players slowly left and moved on to “bigger” clubs. Chilwell however has been great this season, improving with each performance and really developing into a quality player. He may not have scored, however his 3 assists and 3 man of the match awards show his value, alongside his 6.98 average match rating across the 24 games played. This is an upgrade I can both understand and get behind.


Here is the list of anticipated upgrades:


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