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FUT 19 Ratings Refresh - La Liga

Ratings Refresh - La Liga


So here we are, the mid way point in the season, and so very close to EA’s annual ratings refresh. Some of you may be new to FIFA, and some of you may simply benefit from a quick refresh, so what exactly is this event, and what exactly does it entail?

For the purpose of these predictions, it is important to note that we have taken all ratings and guesses from Career Mode. These are the current ratings, and hence as close to a reliable set of predictions as we can create.

What Is Ratings Refresh

Ratings refresh used to be a time for EA to adjust players base card stats, according to how successful their season had been. Back in the day, this would involve both upgrades and downgrades, however in recent years, EA have scrapped the negative and focused solely on the positives, the upgrades.

A player with a strong first half of the season is likely to see their base card obtain an upgrade. Now this doesn’t automatically increase the stats of those found within packs, instead releases a new batch of cards which replace the older version inside of future packs. 

These upgrades can often increase a players stats to a level that matches or exceeds special cards received across the season, but fear not, as when this happens, EA are already prepared to mimic such adjustments to the relevant cards.


Now let’s look at this process alongside some basic examples:

Sarabia 81 → 83 (+2)

So let’s assume that Sarabia receives a +2 upgrade as anticipated. This would then remove his 81 rated non-Inform card from packs, and replace it with an 83 card instead.

As it stands, Sarabia has has 2 special cards that were available in packs. An Inform and a headliner card. Now if we take his new base card, and apply the upgrades accordingly we will see how things change:

IF 84 → 85
HL 86 → 86

In this situation, his Inform card receives a boost, due to his new base card now being a 83 rated card. However, if EA repeat this pattern again, his headliner card would remain an 86 rated card, as the jump from 84/85 both result in 86.

Arias 78 → 79 (+1)

Arias currently has a 78 rated base card, and if we refer to the table above, we see that this produces an 82 rated Inform. If he then receives the anticipated +1 boost, he gets a new 79 rated card base card, and when we look at the table, this also produces an 82 rated Inform.

In a situation such as this, no change is required and normally the Inform remains the same rating.


Let’s Talk Numbers, the +2 and Above Changes

Maripan 73 → 77 (+4)

First up we have a huge boost for a silver defender who goes by the name of Maripan. This man has shown real potential this season, constantly providing the goods whenever called upon. Across the 17 matches played, he has secured an average rating of 7.09, an assist and 1 man of the match award. Usually a +4 is a big ask, but when you consider his base card is just a 73 rated silver, the jump feels right.

Canales 79 → 82 (+3)

Our next stop is Real Betis, where we find an attacking midfielder who has ticked all the right boxes this season. Canales has taken part in almost every league match, constantly showing his worth within the midfield while advancing his skills. On top of this he has managed to score 6, assist a further 2 and find himself with an average match rating of 7.11.

Navas 78 → 81 (+3)

This man has done it all, played across the world, and once again he has shown that he is still a force to be reckoned with. Navas has been solid this season, however with no goals and just 4 assists, I can’t help but feel that a +3 boost may be just a little generous. He has averaged a 7.0 match rating, but would have liked to have seen just a few goals to back this up.

Ceballos 78 → 81 (+3)

This is rare, a real surprise, a Real Madrid player somehow working their way into this list of possible upgrades. If we are honest, Madrid have been far below par this season, dropping points left, right and centre, while appearing to really miss their main man, Ronaldo. Ceballos however has shown moments of promise, and while he may have only started 9 games, he has often been effective off the bench. Once again though, is a +3 just a little too much?

Andre Silva 77 → 80 (+3)

After the incredible start to the season, it’s no surprise that we are finding numerous Sevilla players featuring within these predictions. Next up is their striker, Silva, a man who has once again proven he can be clinical under any circumstances. With 9 goals from 22 games this season, Silva has proven his worth in front of goal, and with an average match rating of 7.07, a +3 upgrade seems fitting.

Masip 74 → 77 (+3)

Our final +3 in La Liga sees us heading across to newly promoted Valladolid, where we find their goalkeeper Masip. Time after time Masip has shown his strengths, saving numerous points for his club across the year, yet has been starved of any sort of upgrade, until now. The predicted +3 boost to his 74 rated silver card seems just about right, and who knows where he will end up in a few years.

Dembele 82 → 84 (+2)

With the lack of competition from Madrid this season, Barcelona have been free to do whatever they wish atop the table. After initially seeming to be out of favour, Dembele has slowly worked his way into the starting lineup where his performances have improved from game to game. With 8 goals, 3 assists and an average match rating of 7.71 across 20 games, a +2 upgrade seems like a perfect fit.

Sarabia 81 → 83 (+2)

Back to Sevilla again now, where we focus on a man who may not have stolen all the headlines, but has been nothing short of a superstar throughout the campaign. Sarabia has played 22 games in the league so far, scoring 8 and assisting another 8 along the way. His quality shines through in almost every game, with his attacking mindset often proving deadly for the opposition.

The Remaining +2 Changes

Kjaer 79 → 81
Vaclik 78 → 80
Roger 77 → 79
Bounou 77 → 79
Iglesias 76 → 78
Moreno 76 → 78
Roca 75 → 77
Firpo 75 → 77
Jony 75 → 77


Here is the list of anticipated upgrades:




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