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Only three things in this world are inevitable; death, taxes (unless you are Messi), and the FUT community voting for Hirving El Chucky Lozano.  There really wasn’t a contest in this vote and it was just a matter of when at what cost, and how high of a rating Lozano would receive.  While the 92 rated card didn’t make me fall out of my seat, the price tag (or lack thereof) certainly did.  Don’t get me wrong the 92 rating is a well-balanced masterpiece of an SBC, but there is always the hope that they will drop a madness, 95 rated version, and send us all into a frenzy.  But the price tag was more than appropriate and after completing the SBC all that was left was to build a squad around the Mexican speedster and dive into another episode of Weekend League struggles…


Here is how he performed:

Final Score

Final Rating: 9.4/10

This card truly is the perfect balance of speed, dribbling, passing, and shooting … excuse the pun but realistically the only deficiencies plaguing Lozano is his BALANCE (87).  Granted he could use some added strength to contend with some of the physical demands of a match, but overall he has it all.  I played El Chucky in a variety of positions including ST and every CAM position in a 4-2-3-1 … and then as the LEFT ST and both CAMs in a 4-2-2-2… in all cases, he just does the business and performs throughout the match.  99 STAMINA is a massive asset with these position changes and Lozano can meet the energy demands allowing you to focus on your other players who may need replacing.  99 STAMINA is just the beginning … 99 ACCELERATION, SPRINT SPEED, and AGILITY create an agile scud missile to deploy and destroy your opponents if they are not wary of this card's abilities on and off the ball.



Rating: 3.5/5

Much like EOAE Torres, this rating is a product of Lozano’s league and even more so than Torres, Lozano’s nation.  There are a few interesting Mexican options in the FUT universe, but for the most part, they are not in end game plans and leaves you relying on Eredivisie TOTS options and ICON cards.  Prime Luis Hernandez immediately springs to mind, but even in my own squad I simply hid Lozano behind two ICONS.


End Game Strength & Value/Coins

EGS Rating: 5/5
V/C Rating: 5/5

I see a lot of people applying FINISHER to this card for the added AGGRESSION and shooting boosts that they add … however, I went with the MARKSMAN chemistry style with similar shooting boosts (in fact I like them better), 5 less aggression, but then the added dribbling boosts (unfortunately not to his BALANCE).  I am sure there are other options FUT Managers are using for a variety of reasons, but I will just say that MARKSMAN works and really this card is amazing without any help.  I will just touch on the price briefly … it is amazing value.  These are the types of SBCs that fit this time of year even with such a strong and useable card.  120k on XBOX and a little less on PS4, there are not many cards in this category of quality that you are getting for this price.



Rating: 4/5

There is a small, but growing, list of players that can boast 99 Pace in this year’s ultimate team.  The Scream boosts have of course added a few players to this category as well.  However, when you look at the 90+ Shooting, Dribbling, and Passing with 80+ Physical it becomes a very small list … 9 to be exact.  Oh ya, I should probably mention that the cheapest option you are getting on that list is TOTS Raheem Sterling at around 730k and he has a 3 STAR WEAK FOOT.  Not only showing how unique this card is, but again how good the value is, and how strong of a card Lozano is in-game.


Good vs. Bad & Closing Words

G/B Rating: 5/5

STRENGTH & BALANCE … not only the name of Roy Keane’s next autobiography but the two talking points that everyone brings up when discussing this card.  From a strength point of view, you cannot argue that this card could use a bit of a boost.  The lean frame of Lozano is not helping matters at all and you can literally be sent flying off of the ball.  The balance debate though is not a factor with this card in terms of turning and movement on and off the ball, but again could be a counter to the strength issue if he had it … I am sure there are FUT Managers using ENGINE on Lozano for that reason alone.  But when all is said and done this card is fantastic and these small issues are just that, small, like Lozano unfortunately.  While I would have liked a few more assists from El Chucky throughout the Weekend, his ability to score goals is excellent and as the games became harder, he continued to supply the goals you need to be successful.  I think that by this point anyone with the desire to complete Lozano has done so just based on the price tag alone.  However, if you are sitting on the fence or even thinking you might sit this one out … I would strongly suggest you reconsider and get this weapon in your arsenal for the remaining weeks of FUT.  Cheers for reading. 


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