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FUT 19 Prime ICON Eusébio

Prime ICON Eusébio


Cue music… “It’s the final countdown” … alright, now that the song is stuck in my head it is time for the final FIFA 19 review of the year.  Sitting on a million coins and some untradeables I was debating which ICON would be the last edition to my final squad.  While the likes of Ronaldinho were super tempting, I couldn’t get past the allure of 93 Prime Eusébio and the 5 STAR WEAK FOOT (wait... did I get that right this time?) and all the attacking threats he offers.  I realize that many FUT Managers will have this lad already, but for others like myself, you just want to make the right choice as you dump your final players into SBCs at the end of the year.  


Here is my take on the Portuguese goal machine:

Final Score

Final Rating: 9.9/10

It is one thing to see a player hammer the ball on his strong foot and fly into the top corner.  It is another to see it on his weaker foot… and then you add in the fact that every rebound seems to magnetically fall to Eusébio’s feet and you have a fully armed weapon in front of goal.  In a small review prior to trying Eusébio (I apologize to the poster I couldn’t find the post again to give you credit here), one FUT Manager said this card should read 200 Shot Power… and I see his point.  The ball just cannons into the back of this net; and if shooting was all he had he would be dangerous enough.  Smart movement + agility on the ball + all of the shooting prowess referenced above = a goal factory of a card.



Rating: 5/5

Not much to say here beyond the fact that he offers that coveted link to CR7 and at some point, I will bring the “Piemonte Calcio” man back into my squad for a few matches before I call it a year.


End Game Strength & Value/Coins

EGS Rating: 5/5
V/C Rating: 5/5

The fact that it took me all of FIFA 19 to get a card this good (I think he even slightly tips Prime Cruyff in the end) meant he would be in my end game squad regardless. Thankfully, he is as fantastic as he is expensive and would make 98% of all teams out there.  If you can find a way to scrounge, save, and craft your way to this card I would highly recommend him.  As a flat rate of 1.7 million coins he would be worth every single discarded attribute coin.  But then you add in the packs, and with the number of special items floating around now I continued to get SBC fodder to use in the next step down.  Additionally, the 81+ rated SBC is a good place to put the lower-rated cards and with a bit of luck, you continue to chip away at the end price.  I really should have calculated everything I used, but coin-wise it was minimal considering the complete price tag.



Rating: 3.5/5

The amount of times I see this guy throughout the course of a Weekend League is staggering.  Another reason why I completed this SBC was how bad this card destroys me at times.  Hard to call him unique when everyone has access to the SBC and it seems like many have gone ahead and competed him.  


Good vs. Bad & Closing Words

G/B Rating: 5/5

Eusébio is at the elite level in the majority of categories but of course, the glaring issue is his height and strength.  At 5’9 (175cm) Eusébio is anything but a physical presence on and off the ball and does get pushed off too easily at times. Additionally, I played Eusébio primarily as a ST in the 4-2-3-1 and I do not recall a header goal all weekend.  While my playstyle does not require a big striker, late in a match, down a goal, it is nice to have the option.  However, I did play Eusébio at CAM in different situations throughout the weekend and he is more than capable from a deeper role.  For those of you that require a ST with size, there are still plenty of options for Eusébio to make an impact in your squad.  My closing words on Eusébio are a simple “go for it” if you have been on the fence about completing this card.  Additionally, if you are on the fence between ICONs I can say that I find Eusébio has a step on Cruyff and so that is one option covered out of about 20 solid players in this price range (good luck deciding).  Of course, these words are not only my last on Eusébio, but on a year full of reviews, comments, and discussion on a wide selection of players.  I really hope they have been useful and I appreciate all the feedback throughout the year.  Enjoy the summer … the start of another year in Football …  and I will see you all for the FIFA 20 grind.  Cheers for reading. 


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