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Ramping back up with another review and this time we had limitless hours, but a return to EPL strikers in the form of Lucas Moura.  The Spurs man has been rewarded with a +1 upgrade this year after a couple of seasons with an 82 rating (truth be told his performance in the Champions League Semi-Final alone was worth the rating increase he received).  His stats are relatively similar from last year but what has changed is the game (obviously) and the current meta that makes Lucas so impressive. 

The early question to answer is… was he better than Marcus Rashford during my review?  The easy answer to this question is, no.  But there are a lot of differences in the two that may lend Lucas more to other FUT Managers than Rashford does.  During the Lucas review I played him as a CAM and ST in the 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-2-2 formations, here is what I found.  



Rating: 7.5/10
Pace Rating: 9.5/10
Dribbling Rating: 9/10
Shooting Rating: 8/10
Passing Rating: 6.5/10
Physical Rating: 6/10
Defending Rating: N/A

After averaging over two-goal contributions per game with Rashford I noticed a drop off in quality around the goal with Lucas by comparison.  Lucas does not carry the clinical edge and power that Rashford does in and around the box.  Don’t get me wrong though, Lucas is a phenomenal performer in FIFA 20 and does provide a potent threat.  If your opponent is crazy enough to play a high line they will feel the wrath of the Brazilian in full force, but with the drop back style plaguing Division Rivals yet again, Lucas can struggle with the physicality of tight spaces.



Rating: 4/5

.5 increase from Rashford for the Spurs man based on the support Brazilian players get in FUT squads.  Currently, the Brazilian EPL options are also relatively cheap and offer some nice links for hybrid squads if that is your cup of tea.  Finally, I think it is worth noting that Lucas has maintained a place in the FUTBIN top 10 popular players in FIFA 20… and has been joined in the top 20 by two of his Spurs teammates in Moussa Sissoko and Tanguy Ndombele.  Lots of options if you want to give this guy a spin.   


Current Game Strength

Rating: 4.5/5

Again I am drawing on my experience with Rashford to formulate my rating for Lucas.  He is dynamic in just about every way and stands above a lot of the current players available, except in height, which is a small portion of his downfall.  The dribbling on this card is insane and 4 STAR SKILLS are combined with 93 AGILITY & 92 BALANCE, making Lucas a wizard on the ball.  



Rating: 5/5

In my mind, you can’t complain about a goal per game and Lucas delivered consistently throughout my review.  Chipping in with 14 assists was also a huge bonus, but I do think that Lucas benefitted here from the potency of Rashford early in the week.  Ironically, passing is one of the areas I feel Lucas underachieves despite his returns.  Regardless, 1.5 goal contributions per game for a 50k player feel about right at this point in the game, and after a price range increase, Rashford is now at 85k .. making Lucas feel like a bargain.


Good vs. Bad & Unique Value

Good vs. Bad Rating: 4.5/5
Uniqueness Rating: 3.5/5

Lucas boasts the 4 STAR SKILL MOVE, 4 STAR WEAK FOOT combination that is highly sought after in the FUT Community.  The DEADEYE chemistry style also gives Lucas a lethal injection of 97 FINISHING & 97 POSITIONING, yet somehow he feels weaker around goal than Rashford did… even on their left side.  It goes without saying that Lucas has pace to burn, seriously, he is a rocket out on the pitch and you have to be careful he doesn’t outrun your own thought process.  The negatives with Lucas also take away from how unique he currently is in FUT.  He doesn’t stand out beyond the lightning quickness and responsive dribbling … but for some, this is still enough to rate the Spurs man.  But for me he was just lacking in key areas of this edition of FUT, lacking strength and real passing ability.  This card is still a top tier option but could be better.  


Closing Words

Two down, many more to go.  Lucas provided a good look at how pace kills in this installment of FIFA, and if you get this man in full flow he will leave defenders for dead across the pitch.  An awesome option… just not quite at Rashford’s level.  In closing, I appreciate the comments and feedback and your experiences with these reviewed players.  Suggestions on future reviews are also welcome anytime and I try my best to take into consideration what the community is looking for.  Hope everyone is finding their way in this new game, it has some serious potential. Cheers for reading. 



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