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FUT 22 Firmino VS Lacazette

Firmino VS Lacazette


Welcome to another review, and this week we went for a two for one special on EPL strikers.  It is quite easy to draw comparisons between Roberto Firmino and Alexandre Lacazette in FIFA 20, and a simple FUTBIN search shows just how similar the two center forwards truly are.  The price matches, the statistics are close, 4 STAR WEAK FOOT, 4 STAR SKILLS, and both extremely popular options.  Ideally, you could play both side by side or one in front of the other as I did for this review… but what if there is only room for one?  This review will look at the comparisons and try to determine where your hard-earned coins are best spent.  The French-Brazilian connection was a handful for opponents in the following squad:



  Lacazette Firmino
Overall 8.5/10 8.5/10
Pace 8/10 7/10
Dribbling 9/10 9/10
Shooting 9/10 8/10
Passing 7/10 9/10
Physical 7.5/10 9/10
Defending N/A 7/10


After 15 games (I played 16 with Lacazette) it was a dead heat between these two in terms of overall quality.  They are both potent attackers and I would rate them alongside Rashford in-game, but they are obviously different in how they achieve these ratings.  It is impossible to split them playing in a 4-2-2-2 or a 4-2-3-1 (Lacazette ST & Firmino CAM) and it was clear this would be difficult.  Production-wise a 1.87 g/a per game return for Lacazette, and a 1.8 g/a per game return for Firmino were again quite close.   Both fantastic, both reliable and so we had to dig deeper to make a final decision.



Both Rated: 4/5

Both of these players offer easy, affordable, and quality options to link them into your squad.  The EPL offers a variety of options, Liverpool & Arsenal are both equipped with quality players to link with, and finally, they both represent two of the most popular nations in the game.  The similarities between these two cards are truly staggering as you try to pick and choose between them.  However, this category might be what sways many FUT Managers based on the squad they are trying to improve with one of these two options.

Current Game Strength & Value for Coins

Lacazette Rating:     5/5  | 4.5/5
Firmino Rating:         5/5  | 5/5

This section will be long enough; so my value for coins will be short in sweet.  Lacazette is definitely worth every coin at around 115k on PS4, however, his standout position is ST and I would take Rashford for the cheaper price in the end. Firmino scores a 5/5 due to his slightly lower price tag at 104k and the ability to play him at just about every attacking and midfield position.  Regardless of value, it is immediately obvious that both of these cards are fantastic in-game.  The presence of speed for Lacazette allowed me to apply the SNIPER chemistry style to boost his Shooting and Dribbling.  The results were fantastic and Lazazette can absolutely dance on the ball.  Add in the sneaky-quick pace that is already stock on this card and you have a real threat to ghost past defenders, and when you do the now 99 FINISHING on the card proves accurate.  With both feet, Lacazette is clinical and takes a good portion of the chances created for him.  One downside is the 79 STAMINA, which really does pigeon hold Lacazette as an out and out attacker.  On the other hand was Bobby Firmino, the need for a small pace injection led me to the HAWK chemistry style throughout the review.  The lack of a Shooting focused chemistry style was evident though and Firmino was not as clinical in front of goal for me.  The dribbling and pace were both standouts, as was the phenomenal passing you can pull off with this card.  Physicality is also not an issue and really opens up endless options for using Firmino in your squad.


Closing Words

Like all difficult choices in life, it is worth weighing the pros and cons of the decision and then going with what is best for you.  But in the end, I did say I would draw a conclusion on the matter and here is my opinion for what it is worth.  If you are looking for a ST or attacking forward and in need of goals then you have to make room for the Arsenal Frenchman and watch him work his magic in your squad.  Lacazette just punishes opponents when around goal and is one of the most reliable finishers I have used in the game thus far.  But, if you are looking for a CAM, a drop between the lines ST, or any midfield position requiring defensive contributions with attacking returns it has to be Bobby.  Firmino combines the strength and stamina of a quality midfielder, with the potency of a clinical striker.  His goal returns will not match Lacazette, but the contribution to assists and overall team play cannot be overstated.  Ultimately if you are lucky enough to have the coins, you cannot go wrong with linking these two and setting them loose on your unlucky opponents.  Cheers for reading.   



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