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FUT 21 SIF Mislav Oršic

SIF Mislav Oršic


Mislav Oršic … who? Honestly, I watch a ton of football, have my Twitter loaded with news feeds, highlights, and punditry.  Yet, prior to this year this man was not on my radar at all and is one of the things I love about FIFA.  The gameplay can be sporadic, the dynamic events infuriating, the last-minute goals enraging… but in the end, I just love consuming football and this is one more avenue to do so.  Now, after two incredible informs Oršic is cemented on my radar and I wanted to see how he would fair as a super-sub in my Weekend League squad.  My normal go-to option is Allan Saint-Maximin and wanted to see if Oršic would be a 70k improvement over 20 matches in the following squad:  



Rating: 8.6/10
Pace Rating: 9.5/10
Dribbling Rating: 9.5/10
Shooting Rating: 9/10
Passing Rating: 8/10
Physical Rating: 7/10
Defending Rating: N/A

I just can’t get over the statistics that this card is loaded with, and is surely a key reason why Oršic is the second most expensive 82 rated card.  Eventually, he could regain this crown as Konaté is upgraded due to Leipzig’s success in the Champions League.  Back on topic, 93 ACCELERATION, 95 SPRINT SPEED, 98 AGILITY, 95 BALANCE, 92 SHOT POWER, 91 LONG SHOTS … are you kidding me?  It is like the EA Staff were upgrading this card using the Web App and it glitched before they hit enter.  Nearing the end of the weekend I tried some different chemistry styles, but DEADEYE was my go-to, as 98 POSITIONING & 99 FINISHING plus the added passing made this card a scary option.



Rating: 1/5

There is nothing going for this card that leads to decent links and therefore he is condemned to a 1/5 in this category. However, I would say that 98% of FUT Managers are looking at this card as a super sub-option and therefore not a huge deal.  However, it would be amazing to throw this option into a normal squad and see what 90 minutes would bring.  I am not forgetting about the possibility of Modric, Rakitic, or even Perišic … they are just not players I want to use in order to force Oršic into my squad.


Current Game Strength

Rating: 5/5

What a legend this card is off of the bench and truly brings pace and a goal-scoring threat when you need that extra push. Unfortunately, the gameplay was at an all-time low this weekend and really hurt the overall performance of this card.  But when the gameplay was there, and since the weekend in Division Rivals, this card scorches opponents once you set him loose from the bench.


Value/Coins & Good vs. Bad

Value/Coins Rating: 5/5
Good vs Bad Rating: 4/5

Every part of me wants to say, “any 82 rated card should not be anywhere near 80k, you can’t even get the lad in your starting 11, steer clear!”  But, I can’t.  Just look at a comparable price option in Raheem Sterling and it is clear the value in this card.  However, I am not sure he can be referred to as a “cheap beast” just yet and his price does need to fall a bit.  

3 STAR SKILLS … Low physicality … Passing.   That is the list … the only weaknesses in an 82 rated card.  I still cannot fully understand how this has happened, but I am glad it did.  The biggest factor here was the passing and one to many times Oršic found himself in the box on the wing, only to have the pass miss the mark for a should be goal.  I originally chalked this up to the connectivity of Weekend League, but further “research” has led me to think it is a player deficiency.  Will the patch solve this issue?  No idea, but if it does this card just became even more intriguing.


Closing Words

Oršic puts the super in super-sub there is no doubt.  He can come in and completely change the outlook of a match with his dynamic nature.  The question I posed at the beginning of this review was, could he replace Saint-Maximin?  The answer is an overwhelming yes.  Before the comments start filling up, I am not in no way comparing the two in terms of quality or price … but I think all FUT Managers have that option off of the bench that we like to throw in.  Many times these options are quite cheap but still create a difference late in the match.  I am simply stating that if you have been contemplating Oršic as an upgrade to your bench, go ahead and buy now.  In saying all of that … I have sold the Croatian and gone back to Saint-Maximin as my pace option late in matches.  The only reason … I can’t afford to have 80k on the bench when I still feel I need upgrades to starters on the pitch.  Cheers for reading.  



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