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So, the month of November has finally come to a close, well in terms of the Premier League fixtures at least, and while there have been some fantastic performances across the month, a list of realistic candidates can be named on a single hand.  
Now while we could spend time writing about the possible nominations, potential options of who may make the shortlist and investments surrounding these players, this time, in this month, I feel like we would be wasting everybody's precious time. Let's be honest, there is one man who has had a month far superior to that of anybody else's, and to see him not take home the award would be nothing short of a travesty.   

Mohamed Salah 

To say that Liverpool are a team in form would be an outright lie. From wasting a 3-0 lead in the champions league to simply conceding in almost every Premier League game they play, it is clear their defense is struggling. 
This being said, a handful of attacking players have really stood out this year. One man in particular has been so impressive, that he currently leads the top scorer list and is the clear frontrunner for this month's award. 
West Ham 1 - 4 Liverpool 
Goals: 2 
Assists: 0 
Match Rating: 8.8 
Liverpool 3 - 0 Southampton 
Goals: 2 
Assists: 0 
Match Rating: 8.4 
Liverpool 1 - 1 Chelsea 
Goals: 1 
Assists: 0 
Match Rating: 7.7 
Stoke 0 - 3 Liverpool 
Goals: 2 
Assists: 0 
Match Rating: 8.0 
 Over a total of 4 games this month, Salah had 3 starts and most recently came on as a super sub in the fourth and final game against Stoke. Liverpool picked up a total of 10 points from 12 and scored a total of 11 goals, Salah himself provided 7 of these. For a right winger, scoring a goal a game is extremely impressive, Salah has practically doubled that and looking past him for a possible Player Of The Month is simply absurd. 



Now while we may be looking at making investments around this event, we also need to remember that prices will already be inflated as others have already picked up the cards they see as viable. Due to this it is extremely important that we are using tools such as the FUTBIN price graph, to ensure we aren’t buying at massively inflated prices and that we can still squeeze fantastic profit margins out of things for ourselves. 
NIF Premier League Players: Fairly simple here, we have often seen the requirements for these challenges include an X rated premier league squad. The only question we need to answer is the potential rating of this squad, if it were to be included again. Picking up 84+ rated players when the prices are right could provide a risk-free investment method that also is applicable for other challenges along the way. 
Inform Premier League Players: Within the above requirements, we have also previously seen the requirement of a PL inform card to be used. Once again this is a fairly simple and straight forward investment route, aim to pick up such cards for as little as possible but ensure you take the rating into consideration as well. 
Egyptian Players: Player prices here are already super inflated and you don’t need to be any sort of expert to predict why! If we are looking at taking this investment route, I suggest returning to tried and tested methods such as sniping, mass bidding or buying during rewards. 
NIF Gold Liverpool Players: We saw this last year and the trend has carried across to FIFA 18 as well. Players from the winner's club have often been part of the requirements and with Liverpool having a limited supply of 82+ players, it becomes fairly easy to see where the best choices may lie. Again, if this is the route you take, be wary of prices and try not to overpay. 
NIF Salah: Salah was 4,000 coins a few days back, he now sits comfortably at 8,000 coins and higher. This is not simply due to a significant rise in demand, this is simply down to investors picking him up already. If this is an option we believe is viable, we need to be sniping him where possible, paying a lot less than his current market value. 
Special Salah: So far this year we have seen a total of 3 special Salah cards (OTW, Hero and Inform), personally I just don't feel like there is enough supply on the market to warrant such a requirement being used, however you may disagree and hence it gets a mention here. 
NIF Gold Basel Players: Salah played for Basel between 2012-2014 and past clubs is a requirement we have seen EA jump to time and time again. Not a lot needs to be said here, if we are choosing this route for investments, aim for the highest rating possible for the lowest possible price. 
Inform Basel Players / Inform RSL Players: Looking at this category and we face a similar problem to the availability of Special Salah cards, there simply isn't enough. There are currently two informs from Basel, Lang and Elyounoussi. Now while I don’t believe EA could use a requirement such as this, it doesn't mean that hype won't raise their prices as we get closer to the event and people begin preparing. 
NIF Gold Chelsea Players: Salah was at Chelsea between 2014-2016, and while he may have only played 13 games (he spent most of his time out on loan) it still provides a viable investment routes. Again, just like before, we want to be looking at the best rating possible for the most realistic price if this is our method of choice. 
Inform Chelsea Players: We have covered Premier League Informs above, and if we decide to look specifically at Chelsea players, we will find we are limited to just the four. Batshuayi provides the cheapest option, Morata the second, Azpilicueta is third in line and finally Hazard provides an unrealistic investment choice. Once again, I personally see this investment as unlikely to be needed, but if you do choose this route, hype is an investors best friend. 
NIF Gold Fiorentina Players: During Salah's time at Chelsea, his first loan spell was to Fiorentina. Again, if we are aiming to cover all bases or even if this is the investment option we choose, aim for the highest rated players for the lowest possible cost. 
Inform Fiorentina Players / Inform Serie A Players: If you decide that Inform Fiorentina players is your choice of investment, you are going to become extremely rich. Now this isn't because it will be included within the challenge, it's simply because these cards just don’t exist! Instead, we could be turning our attention to other special cards from within the league. Always aim for a decent rating if this is your preferred method of investment, but also consider how you could be linking them up if a hybrid is required, factors such as nationality and position could be important. 
NIF Gold Roma Players: Once more we really don’t need to go into depth with this option, highest rating possible for the lowest cost you can find! 
Inform Roma Players / Inform Serie A Players: Seeing as we have covered informs from the league above, we will simply focus on Roma informs here. There are three possible informs from Roma; Kolarov, El Shaarawy and Nanggolan. Once again, this just seems like an unviable requirement for the actual challenge as supply is simply too limited, and nobody is ever going to submit an IF Nainggolan into the SBC anyway. Investments here should be bought for hype again. 
NIF Gold November Opponent Players: Another feature we have seen EA include in the past, cards from the opponents Liverpool played in the month of November. This one is straight forward and investments here really don’t need an explanation.
NIF Gold Champions League Group Players: Last month we saw EA include a completely different challenge, featuring past POTM winners. This option allows us to look outside the box once again and consider a different route they could take. Liverpool's group consists of Sevilla, NK Maribor and Spartak Moscow. If you decide on this route, it should be risk free and simply cover and outsider possibility.

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