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FUT 20 Summer Heat Sissoko

Summer Heat Sissoko


Lockdown.  “f I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times… FIFA 20 just was not made for the bigger-bodied players, or at least not in the midfield.  With Sissoko standing at 6’2 (187cm) his fate was sealed long before this review began”.  If you predicted that this would be about how this review would go then you were like me … and you were 100% wrong.  Moussa Sissoko just might be the best defensive CM I have used in the 4-4-2 this year… and yes that does mean he eclipses TOTY de Jong who has been a warrior for me in almost every squad with over 1500 matches.  I can/could not get over just how influential Sissoko was on this weekend and if you follow me on Twitter: @IVIaeday you will know he helped orchestrate an “easy” continuation of the Elite finishes… or at least a less stressful one than normal.  I felt from the get-go that the SHADOW chemistry style was the only way to go, and while I was tempted to let Sissoko roam more freely in the attacking CM role, I just couldn’t bring myself to take him away from the defensive role after witnessing the domination he produced match after match.  In the end, Sissoko was the fulcrum all weekend in the following squad:  




Rating: 9.7/10  
Pace Rating: 9.8/10
Dribbling Rating: 9.5/10
Shooting Rating: 9/10
Passing Rating: 9.8/10
Physical Rating: 9.9/10
Defending Rating: 9.8/10

The dominance that I felt with Sissoko in the center of the pitch was evident match in and match out… the card is too quick, too powerful, too strong, too everything… and honestly feels like he is everywhere.  One major concern going into this review was that the high/high work rates would lead to a positioning issue… and while Sissoko ventured forward further than I would normally like, it didn’t matter in the end as Sissoko tracks back at an alarming pace.  It is certainly this same pace that makes this card such a weapon in the first place.  With 99 ACCELERATION & 99 SPRINT SPEED, I should have seen this coming, but I didn’t.  I expected a sluggish more “Pogba-esque” feeling with Sissoko, but what I got was an absolute stallion in the middle of the park.  The acceleration is so key and turns any interception (and there are lots) into full out attack and in my video, I used the very first clip to demonstrate exactly that... followed by the ridiculous top-end pace as Sissoko makes SH Semedo look like a sloth before setting up yet another key goal.  

Okay so the card is fast, surely it turns like a truck given his size?  Wrong.  Again this card just blew me away with the ability to twist, turn, and manoeuver out of trouble.  It is crucial for me that my defensive CM can get out of trouble in the tight spaces and was ultimately what condemned SH Fabinho to the bench for TOTY de Jong last weekend.  And while I expected the same issue would plague Sissoko, I was proven dead wrong.  With 76 AGILITY and 69 BALANCE, it makes zero sense, but I did not notice much drop off from TOTY de Jong, SH Wijnaldum, and other top CM’s I have used recently.  The card just seems to have it all.  



Linkability Rating: 4.5/5

The French options have hit astronomical levels at this point and you can find a link in just about every league, never mind the top 5.  There are endless EPL links at this point… and even the Spurs options have grown recently.  The hyperlink to Ndombele is one I witnessed a lot this weekend and beyond that, the likes of TOTSSF Min Son and PM Lucas continue to provide top tier options for Sissoko to link.


End Game Strength

End Game Strength Rating: 5/5

I see your end game and raise you 99 STRENGTH.  But it is not just the strength alone that makes this card so imposing… the 85 JUMPING helps an already tall card leap above would be challengers (seriously I think Sissoko lost one single header all weekend), the 94 AGGRESSION sees Sissoko bulldoze opponents off of the ball, and the 99 STAMINA means he can maintain his relentless physicality all match long.  


Value/Coins & Good vs. Bad 

Value/Coins Rating: 5/5
Good vs Bad Rating: 5/5

You have to shell some extra coins or fodder as Sissoko comes in at 315k… a little more expensive than the past two reviews.  But you immediately feel good about your decision when Sissoko wins the ball for the umpteenth time and his 96 SHORT PASSING & 89 LONG PASSING kick starts yet another counter-attack.  Winning the ball with Sissoko could be a review in itself… the pace gets him in position; the agility lets him track the drag back/ ball roll/ scoop turn your opponent attempts when they scream in terror at the sight of Sissoko’s closing speed; the strength and aggression destroy anyone who gets shoulder to shoulder with this man mountain; and if ALL else fails… 99 INTERCEPTIONS, 99 DEF AWARENESS, 99 STANDING TACKLE & 99 SLIDING TACKLE are all aces up this man’s sleeve… an absolute defensive weapon.

I sat all weekend trying to find some areas to really nitpick Sissoko’s quality… and came up empty handed… I think I had something at one point but Sissoko intercepted that as well and left me with the empty feeling my opponents felt all weekend long.  Maybe, just maybe, some will really take issue with the high/high work rates and the minimal positioning problems it creates?  But for me, Sissoko was the absolute perfect mix of available options in attack, while still an ever-present defensive juggernaut.


Closing Words

If you follow my reviews you will probably notice that numerous weekends I give a player a full review, really enjoy using the card, but by next weekend they have been replaced by the players I have previously used and feel are better overall.  For me, TOTY de Jong has been one of these options and has recently felt the threat of SH Fabinho, SH Vidal, FB Modric and TOTSSF De Bruyne … none of which really came close to removing the Barcelona man.  However, it would appear that the latest test has finally provided a result worth moving on for.  Sissoko, the position is yours to lose my friend… and I think it goes without saying…  I believe he would be just as fantastic for you… a “must complete”, in my mind.  Cheers for reading.      



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