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TOTW 5 Predictions


It looks as though TOTW 5 will be weaker than previous sides this year but there are still several players to get excited about with a potential Zaha, a SIF Lewandowski and an upgrade for those who completed Silva’s SBC potentially around the corner.




Kasper Schmeichel – GK - OVR 84>>86
After multiple weeks of goal after goal, the Premier League’s results looked somewhat normal with three goals being the highest amount in both Saturday’s and Sunday’s set of fixtures. Obviously, that made it difficult for TOTW selections but Schmeichel looks strong for the keeper position after making a total of four saves to deny Arsenal in Leicester’s 1-0 away win.



Danilo D’Ambrosio – CB - OVR 77>>81
This was a difficult decision with both D’Ambrosio and Ranocchia standing a chance of making the cut after the former scored from the latter’s assist during Inter’s 2-0 win over Genoa. Both players picked up a 7 from Gazzetta making it a roll of the dice as to who gets in. For me, you must favor the goal though.

Thiago Silva – CB - OVR 85>>86
We have seen clear favoritism towards OTW cards this year from EA and thus those who decided to complete the Silva SBC could be in for a treat already. The Brazilian showed his class in Chelsea’s 0-0 draw with Manchester United and was named MOTM for his defensive performance breaking up the play constantly for Chelsea.

Guerreiro– LB - OVR 84>>86
There was always going to be a Dortmund defender feature in TOTW 5 with, Guerreiro, Hummels and Akanji all recording offensively. Kicker pretty much ruled Akanji out though and with Guerreiro claiming MOTM for his two assists I think we can only go one route with his one and if you ignore his pace he looks to be a brilliant card to use!



Karl Toko-Ekambi – LM - OVR 78>>81
Ekambi has been playing out wide on the left for Lyon this season and has been doing a superb job there too. The Cameroon international scored twice for the second consecutive game, this time in a 4-1 win over Monaco with L’equipe also awarding him an 8/10. An easy selection for this side.

Federico Valverde – CM - OVR 83>>85
For me, Ramos should have easily made this side but due to his undeserved inclusion in week 3 it’s likely too soon for him to be included again, especially after the Lozano snub last week. With Real Madrid recording a 3-1 win over Barcelona I highly doubt they will be completely ignored though and thus we could easily see a Valverde IF after he scored the second of their three goal and what an IF he would be.

David Silva – CM - OVR 86>>87
It’s a shame that we didn’t see Silva pick up an OTW card with the Spaniard being snubbed for Thiago Silva by the community. The Spaniard still has a lot in his locker after making the move from City and is showing his class over at Sociedad this season. His latest performance saw him pick up two assists during Sociedad’s convincing 4-1 over Huesca. A match which saw the in-form Oyarzabal score twice but with him in the current TOTW it looks as though Silva will take the IF.

Luis Alberto – CM - OVR 85>>86
With Limited goals all around Europe this week it was always likely that we would see a few players sneaking in which usually wouldn’t stand a chance. Alberto is one of those after his goal in Lazio’s 2-1 win saw Gazzetta award the Spanish midfielder with a 7.5 match rating, A score which was joint highest in the division this week.

Edin Visca – RM - OVR 83>>85
Although Visca probably should have seen himself score a hat trick with a missed penalty to his name I can still see him making the eventual cut after scoring twice and assisting another in Basaksehir’s 5-1 home win. Especially with him being an 83 rated option this year. 


Wilfried Zaha – ST - OVR 83>>85
With a sheer lack of options in multiple divisions this week it gives EA options to include players like Zaha, who was brilliant for Palace this weekend but would often be overshadowed by other performances. His goal and assist allowed them to take all three points via a 2-1 win over Fulham from which the Ivorian claimed MOTM.

Robert Lewandowski – ST - OVR 91>>93
We saw EA Snub Lozano for a three-week gap last week, but can they do the same with Lewan? With how few big names performed I don’t think that they can. That being said, Lewandowski is guaranteed to get Bundesliga POTM so do they want a 94 rated Lewandowski so early? It’s a difficult call. With a hat trick to his name, I simply can’t ignore him though and thus he makes my prediction.


Marco Silvestri – GK - OVR 77>>81
The substitute keeper was a difficult one to predict with no outstanding performances coming between the sticks this week. Due to that, I can see it going to a keeper in an upset which is exactly what we have with Silvestri. The Italian made numerous saves for Verona as they managed to take a point via a 1-1 draw with Juventus.

Arbilla – LB - OVR 75>>81
With so many low scoring matches coming from La Liga this weekend it was difficult to include anyone from the division in this prediction. El Classico will inevitably see one but I doubt that we will see just one. I have thus decided to take a punt on Arbilla, who although didn’t contribute offensively did pick up high match ratings all round during a shock 1-0 win over Sevilla

Maximillian Arnold – CM - OVR 79>>82
The Bundesliga selections seemed straight-forward this weekend with the few that performed well getting good ratings to go alongside the performance. Arnold one of those, scoring once and assisting another in Wolfsburg’s 2-1 win over Arminia, with Kicker awarding him a 1.5 match rating.

Pedro Goncalves – RW - OVR 76>>81
Once again after last week it only gives more reason to predict with caution on this division but with the lack of options available it is practically impossible to ignore a gold midfielder with two goals. So despite EA’s reluctance with the division I simply must predict Goncalves after his two goals in Sporting’s 2-1 win over Santa Clara.

Joao Pedro – CF - OVR 79>>82
Pedro has been a huge player for Cagliari for a couple of seasons now and continues to impress the Italian outlet. His latest performance saw him claim MOTM from Gazzetta with a 7.5 for his goal and assist in their 4-2 home win over Crotone. He could be classed as either a CAM or a CF but I think he makes the cut either way.

Sergio Santos – ST - OVR 68>>76
Although it is unlikely that we will see more than five non gold items I believe having the extra player on the bench will result in a higher overall score than guessing a gold striker. Santos gets the nod from me for his hat trick in Philadelphia’s 5-0 win. If he fails to make EA’s 23-man side we could even be in for a brilliant silver star with that Brasilver nostalgic feel.

Anderson Talisca – ST - OVR 82>>84
Guangzhou recorded an impressive 5-0 win in their championship play-off fixture from which there are three strong candidates for TOTW. With the striker situation being awful for this week’s side I am leaning towards Talisca’s brace though. The Brazilian almost had his third but was denied by the woodwork. Alternatively, Paulinho’s 1g2a on Fernandinho’s 2g1a could see them in TOTW 5.



Bart Van Hintum – LB - OVR 68>>76
It feels crazy that Van Hintum might not actually make the final cut, as if we look at it objectively, he is in the top 5 performances this week, without a doubt. The Dutch LB was involved in all three of Groningen’s goals with one of his own going alongside two assists in their 3-1 win. VI awarded him with a massive 8.5 which on VI is huge. Honestly, this would be the biggest scandal if EA fails to include him on this side.

Jose Corpas Serna – RM - OVR 71>>78
I feel as though instead of going with loads of strikers in the reserves of which 5 is more than possible this week that instead EA will opt for the hat trick from Serna in order to give more positional spread. Serna scored all three of his side's goals in their 3-0 win against Fuenlabrada to take them out of the relegation spots.

Boulaye Dia – ST - OVR 73>>79
With the number of silver hattricks this weekend it was difficult to include Dia in this prediction as two of his came from the penalty spot but with The Reims striker playing his trade in Ligue 1 I feel that the league factor is just too strong to ignore him. Dia also claimed the joint highest score of the week in France with an 8/10.

Lassina Traore – ST - OVR 68>>76
By far the best performance of the week come from Traore, in what ended up being a record-breaking win for Ajax with a 13-0 victory over Venlo. Making the result the biggest win in Eredivisie history. There could easily be four or five players in this side, but I doubt that we will even see two. Traore however is simply a must after the forward scored five times and provided the assist on another three. Eight goal contributions in one game are practically unheard of!

Patrick Bamford – ST - OVR 71>>78
Leeds and Aston Villa have both looked promising during the start of the season, so it was always going to be an interesting one when both faced each other. It was newly promoted Leeds who came out on top though with a 3-0 win ensuring that Villa did not go top in the Premier League. Bamford scored all three of those goals which cement his spot in the side.


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