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TOTGS Sterling

By IVIae
10-Dec-20 06:33


Round 2 of the Manchester TOTGS Reviews and this time we are in baby blue focusing on the City speedster; Raheem Sterling.  Since the start of FIFA 21 Gold Sterling has been a huge favorite of mine.  While I have never actually owned him, he has made it into at least 90% of my drafts and has always had massive contributions to those campaigns.  There was a lot of speculation that Sterling would make it into the TOTGS squad and thankfully for once, the hype was real.  Again, this is a card that pairs so well with how I like to play and slotted in perfectly as the RM in my 4-4-2 formation.  With Pace and Dribbling to burn, and the Physical statistics of a 10 year old, I decided that focusing on the Shooting and Passing deficiencies would result in the best return… applying the DEADEYE chemistry style and never looking back.  Sterling was the blistering pace all weekend in the following squad:

Starting Formation:

In-game Formation:



Rating: 9.5/10
Pace Rating: 10/10
Dribbling Rating: 9.5/10
Shooting Rating: 9/10
Passing Rating: 9.5/10
Physical Rating: 7.5/10
Defending Rating: 8.5/10

Records were made to be broken… but Sterling took this to a different level, shattering my previous returns from a winger during a Weekend League by tallying 17 goals and 7 assists across the 20 matches.  Yes, you can definitely credit the Pace, Dribbling & Shooting for these impressive returns… but there was more to it than that.  All weekend long, Sterling was constantly in the dangerous areas of my opponent’s box… more so than any other winger I have used. It might be the MED/HIGH work rates?  Maybe the 99 POSITIONING?  Or perhaps the perfect combination of players?  Regardless of the reason, I was loving it and honestly reminded me of a 4-3-3 formation in attack.  Flooding the box was the key, but the end product is ultimately what unlocked the doors.  Sterling actually has the ball on strings in and around the box, capable of opening up even the tightest of defences.  His low center of gravity standing at 170cm (5’7), combined with his 95 AGILITY & 95 BALANCE feels good even in poor gameplay… unstoppable when everything is ticking over smoothly.  Sterling was an absolute handful for my opponents all weekend and contributed more than just goals and assists with the dangerous positions he picked up, along with a surprising tenacity in defense as well.

Main Statistic - Pace

Pace Rating: 10/10

Two things EA got right with this card in FIFA 21. One, the way Sterling runs in real life has perfectly translated into the game… Sterling looking like a mini T-Rex flying down the wing. Two, the way Sterling makes fast defenders look average in real life, has also been well established in game as well.  One of my most eye opening games came against an opponent using Ferland Mendy as an overlapping LB… and not only did Sterling cause him problems offensively with his pace… he was all over Mendy defensively as well.  In the end scoring two and assisting one prior to my opponents exit in the 50th minute. The 8.5/10 for defending is all in the 97 ACCELERATION & 91 SPRINT SPEED; Sterling truly does contribute at both ends of the pitch; surprisingly, the complete winger.


Main Attribute - 3 STAR WEAK FOOT

Shooting Rating: 9/10
Weak Foot: * * *

Wait.  3 STAR WEAK FOOT is the main attribute?  I have obviously lost it right?  This is one of those unless you have tried it moments, but I am telling you this card has a 4 STAR WEAK FOOT… or at least shoots like he does.  Ever since the first day I tried this card in Draft I have been on about his 3 STAR WEAK FOOT to anyone who will listen… there is something wrong with it, but in a good way if you are the one using the card.  Obviously his 97 FINISHING & 95 SHOT POWER is contributing heavily to this phenomenon, but it just feels like there is more to it.  I would love to hear from those of you who have used Sterling’s Gold and TOTGS versions… Am I way off on this one?  Or do you feel it too?


Value/Coins & Good vs. Bad 

Value/Coins Rating: 5/5
Good vs Bad Rating: 5/5

180k for this card is a ridiculous steal.  I assume it is largely because of the poor physical stats and the 3 STAR WEAK FOOT (that isn’t) that Sterling’s price is so modest.  But if we erase my weak foot conspiracy and just look at the card for what it is on the surface, the price here still does not make sense.  Just look at Gold Salah… the two cards are eerily similar and having used both extensively I would opt for Sterling in a must win match myself, even given my Liverpool bias.  Even if you want to nit-pick and suggest Salah has slightly higher Base Stats and a few extra Traits… is that really worth 65k?  Not even close for me.  

With the DEADEYE chemistry style the Passing with this card is actually really good.  94 VISION and 99 SHORT PASSING are both on point, while the 80 CROSSING is enough to get the job done (as you will see in the video).  I was incredibly impressed with the all-around passing game and certainly suited the needs of a wide playmaker.  By this point I have raised this card to the level of Demi-God, but I should reel it back in to talk about the physicality.  Obviously 66 STRENGTH results in a paper thin card, hardly able to stand against the heavy winds whipping through the stadium.  Additionally, Sterling was never winning any headers regardless, but 58 JUMPING (like does he have a 2 cm vertical??) and 47 HEADING ACCURACY make you not even want to try.  But most importantly, the 80 STAMINA is actually very disappointing.  As a wide man in the 4-4-2 I need the Come Back on Defence in difficult matches and this simply drained Sterling by about the 70th minute.  The fact that he didn’t finish many matches does highlight how fantastic he was in the minutes he played given his goals and assists… but I would have rather had a player of that quality for the entire match.


Closing Words

No brainer here.  I am a huge fan of this card and I have no issue recommending it to anyone wanting to bolster their wing play at a very reasonable cost.  However, I should note that I have also used Sterling as a ST, both in Draft and in a few minutes this weekend and he is more than capable.  The STRENGTH issue is certainly more prominent in the middle of the pitch, but the quality in Dribbling and Shooting is only further amplified.  Finally, while I have not had any experience with Sterling as a CAM, I am certain there are FUT Managers out there utilizing the speedster in these pockets with excellent success.  This is one of those cards that is just flying under the radar in FIFA 21, and I am kind of happy given the success I have had using him, I would hate to be dealing with his talents against me match in and match out.  In the end, I think the review speaks for itself… but if it doesn’t, Sterling gets a huge MUST TRY from me.  Cheers for reading.


Game Stats:



Game Highlights:


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