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FUT 22 FUT Future Stars Jonathan David Review

FUT Future Stars Jonathan David Review


Back for Round 2 with FUT Future Stars this week and with Round 1 already a knockout with Curtis Jones… it provided the opportunity to look at one of the cheapest cards I have reviewed in a while… FFS Jonathan David.  If you follow me on Twitter: @IVIaeNine then you probably guessed this review was coming but might be surprised by the results. While Central Canada experienced a cold snap this past week that saw temperatures drop to as low -50 °F | -45.56 °C  (lower with the wind chill) there was nothing chilly about Jonathan David’s performance over this past weekend.  This card has to go down as one of the most intriguing reviews and price points that I have witnessed, period.  Hopefully, over the course of this review, I can shine some light on my experience… and what an experience it was.  I immediately went with the FINISHER chemistry style to bolster the Dribbling and Finishing before setting Jonathan David loose in the 4-4-2 & 4-2-2-2 formations.  David might have the friendly Canadian 28 AGGRESSION on the outside… but in-game he tore opponents apart for fun all weekend in the following squad:    

Starting Formation:

In-game Formation:



Rating: 9/10
Pace Rating: 9/10
Dribbling Rating: 9/10
Shooting Rating: 9.5/10
Passing Rating: 9/10
Physical Rating: 9/10
Defending Rating: N/A



Value/Coins Rating: 5/5

If you have followed my reviews this year then you will know that this is not the normal order of things.  Normally, I provide an overview of my rating at this point, while addressing the Value/Coins further into the review after discussing some of the players' statistics and attributes.  But this couldn’t wait.  100k! … 100k! That is not a typo, I simply can not believe it.  This has to be the best value for the card in the game hands down.  I was floored when it was 200k, and now I am in utter disbelief.  Just simply compare this card to Base Butragueno (950k) and it is eerie how similar they are.  Yes, I am a believer that ICONs have hidden statistics.. but I have used Base Butra and I am not sold that I would take him over David, it is that close, but what isn’t close is their price tags.  Maybe the league and nation caused many to not be interested in fitting David into squads?  But even then the price is laughable and I must be missing something.   


Main Attribute – Shooting

Shooting Rating: 9.5/10
Weak Foot: * * * * *

With 99 FINISHING, 95 SHOT POWER & 5 STAR WEAK FOOT it was no surprise that Jonathan David was able to fill the net consistently throughout the weekend.  27 goals in 20 matches is a quality return and in general, I found David to be clinical in the box when presented with chances.  The precision on both feet was fantastic and there was no difference in the way that he struck a ball with either foot.  The one and only negative keeping David from a full 10/10 would be his 77 LONG SHOTS and in general, he struggled from beyond 18 yards.  While even some of my more adept long shot takers in my squad still struggle from distance in FIFA 21… David was particularly poor in this department.


Main Attribute – High/High Work Rate

Work Rate: High/High
Stamina: 94
Positioning: 90

Jonathan David was forever the man in motion this weekend and the quality of the runs he provides was noticeable.  While I apply the Get in Behind instructions to my strikers in both the 4-4-2 and 4-2-2-2 formations… that doesn’t mean that they always do it.  However, with David, he picked up on a lot of the cues and engaged perfectly when I was creating attacks.  If you watch the video it is just a montage of David picking up the perfect areas to exploit my opponent, and then having the quality to reward the chances created.  Everything about this card just seems balanced right to produce goals and for me, it all begins with his work rates and positioning… while his stamina lets him produce these movements all game long.  


Good vs. Bad 

Good vs Bad Rating: 5/5

13 assists in 20 matches brought David to a goal contribution average of 2.0 and while playing alongside EOAE Rooney helped, David still had to play the passes to make it happen.  Honestly, I thought this might be an area of concern, but in the end, it was a non-issue with 86 SHORT PASSING doing the business throughout the weekend.  Honestly, even the 83 STRENGTH with this card was enough to get the job done as there are seriously only minimal weaknesses to point out in David’s game.  In the end, it will be the 3 STAR SKILLS that seals David’s fate in the minds of a lot of FUT Managers … but otherwise this card is well-rounded in the crucial areas for a striker in FIFA 21.


Closing Words

IFor 100k what do you have to lose?  Honestly, when a review is this cheap in price it is difficult to justify the work that goes into it when most FUT Managers could just bring a card like David into their squads for minimal cost… and sell for minimal tax loss if it doesn’t work out.  However, given the current price of this card, I feel like this review serves more of an opportunity to put the Canadian on the radar and let you know that this diamond in the rough exists and is a serious producer.  Maybe the links are holding some back, but I can think of a lot of worse super subs than one with a 5 STAR WEAK FOOT and 90+ Pace, Shooting & Dribbling.  If you have tried the Crazy Canuck let me know your experiences in the comments.  Hoping you are safe and well.  Cheers for reading. 


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