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FUT 21 Prime ICON Eto'o Review

Prime ICON Eto'o Review


As I write this review I am sitting here contemplating the shambles that my club is currently in… just look at what I bought this card for on Friday to facilitate this review… Now, go look at the cost on FUTBIN of 92 Eto’o right now… pain.  I think that Dynamo Parklund is going to have to join the Super League for that stimulus package or be bankrupt by TOTS this weekend.  In all seriousness, in a week where football feels more under attack than ever, it is nice to finally sit and look back at a card that was a welcome addition to the squad this weekend.  While I had never used a version of the Cameroonian superstar in the past, he performed as if he had been a long serving member of the club… there was an immediate connection and the goals came fast and furious as Eto’o filled the net across the 15 match review.  Why 15 when we always do 20??  Truthfully, it actually came to a point where I had to stop the bleeding with my coins and thank goodness I did… as the 200k I lost would have been amplified to 300k+ if not.  Even with the shortened review, it was clear the qualities and deficiencies that Eto’o brings to the table… and so let’s take a look at how it all played out. Right out of the gate the application of the ENGINE chemistry style seemed to really tick all of the boxes to get the most out of the card… while it was obvious that Eto’o would be leading the line in my 4-3-1-2 formation throughout the weekend.  Eto’o was the clinical tactician all weekend long in the following squad:           

Starting Formation:

In-game Formation:



Rating: 9.5/10
Pace Rating: 9/10
Dribbling Rating: 9.5/10
Shooting Rating: 9.5/10
Passing Rating: 9/10
Physical Rating: 9/10
Defending Rating: N/A

No surprises in terms of the overall rating with this card and it was a pleasure to have Eto’o grace the starting 11 if only for a brief time.  Maybe, just maybe, the surprise comes in the disappointment that this card didn’t enter into the illustrious 10/10 category… and honestly, if I was still doing my old style of rating I would have placed Eto’o somewhere in between a 9 and 9.5… he just didn’t bring it all the time.  In saying that, there were still ample bright spots and the 22 goals and 4 assists in only 15 matches does speak to the overall quality within this pixelated warrior. 


Main Attribute – Shooting

Shooting Rating: 9.5/10
Physical Rating: 9/10
Weak Foot: ****
Traits: Finesse Shot, Outside Foot Shot

Clinical.  One word to describe the vast amount of qualities Eto’o was able to produce in the finishing department this weekend.  Truth be told, this card is a 5 STAR WEAK FOOT away from the perfect 10/10… but in the end, missed one too many left footed finishes to tip the scales.  The area where Eto’o did not miss was in the finesse department where time and time again the ball bent perfectly just out of the opposition keeper's reach and rippled the twine.  I should clarify, that was the right footed experience, while again Eto’o just lacked the same quality on his left foot and began to limit my options in front of goal throughout the review.  In the end, I would say Eto’o just about covers the 96 FINISHING & 91 SHOT POWER in front of goal… while he certainly gets every single statistic out of his 91 LONG SHOTS.  Additionally, I have included the 9/10 Physical for two reasons: 1. Eto’o does possess 80 STRENGTH which does translate into a powerhouse in and around the box and 2. Because this card is unbelievable in the air… the 91 JUMPING makes Eto’o a beast in the box, especially off of corners… while also adding an additional outlet in the air when stuck in your own half.  Overall, the card scores goals… but certainly missed a few chances he would like to have back.      


Main Attribute – Height

Height: 179cm | 5’10
Dribbling Rating: 9.5/10
Skills: ****

This card has a perfect body type for a striker in FIFA 21.  Tall enough to utilize the aforementioned jumping abilities and strength… While small enough to fit into the quick and agile meta.  The 94 AGILITY & 93 BALANCE work together brilliantly on this card and some of the left stick dribblings with Eto’o is incredible.  However, one issue that did arise numerous times throughout the review was a noticeable lack of acceleration out of the dribble despite Eto’o being boosted by the ENGINE chemistry style to 99 ACCELERATION & SPRINT SPEED.  While I originally planned to save this for the Good vs. Bad Rating, it seems appropriate to bring up now that I was not happy with this card’s pace overall.  In the end it affects the dribbling due to the fact that you feel as though Eto is losing the ball while dribbling… but more often than not it came down to his pace, which was an extremely interesting discovery that turned into an annoying recurrence throughout the review.


Value/Coins & Good vs. Bad 

Value/Coins Rating: 4/5
Good vs Bad Rating: 5/5

1.6 million.  To me is simply too much for this card.  On one hand, there is no doubt that the quality you are getting with Eto’o is undeniable and 100% he will score you goals and produce in key matches.  However, there are just so many options at the moment that were equally hit as hard by the market crash, in a much more affordable price range, that can ultimately do the same job if not better.  FUT Birthday Atal immediately springs to mind at a ludicrously low 530k at the moment… and that is just for starters.  Overall, the card is special and if you are an Eto’o fan I would say you need to get him in your squad asap… but for everyone else, your coins could go a lot further in other areas.

I have already touched on the Pace issue that I noticed throughout the review… but one area I have not mentioned was the Passing.  The 4 assists are an eye opener, as was the wide array of stray passes that Eto’o played throughout the review. Now I won’t say that was all the card and nothing related to connection, but in the end, the passing just never felt crisp when using Eto’o throughout the review.  Overall, I think that speaks volumes to the overall quality in this card when the two complaints are the odd misplaced pass and the fact that he doesn’t reach the full 99/99 pace potential.  The card is a beast 95% of the time.


Closing Words

If you have been following my YouTube channel: MaeNine then you would know that my Elite finishes have been difficult to come by recently… However, I do think that having Eto’o in my squad for the entire 30 matches would have come good in the wins department.  There were certainly two matches that he went missing (another part of my almost 9/10 overall rating) but on the whole, he was a key part of my early Weekend League success.  This is one of those cards that you could set and forget for the remainder of the FIFA cycle and be happy at the end, with an impressive final goal total to show for it. However, I will be completely transparent in saying that I wasn’t at all sad to see him go in the end.  The card is good, maybe even great, but not spectacular … which brings me back to a previous comment that this is one for the nostalgic football fan… not the general FUT masses.  Hoping you are safe and well. Cheers for reading.   



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Game Highlights:


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