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FUT 22 TOTS Suárez Review

TOTS Suárez Review


If you follow me on Twitter: @MaeNine_ then you would have known this review was on the horizon.  This past Friday we put the review choices to a vote with Luis Suárez and Yannick Carrasco just narrowly edging DeJong and Alba.  After about five matches I was already starting to question if the right choice had been made as I started the weekend 3 - 2, but after some small lineup tweaks and familiarity with the players set in … it was a mad dash to a possible Elite finish as once again it came down to the final three matches to determine our Weekend League fate (YouTube: MaeNine - for the end result). Regardless of whether or not we made it over the Elite line, it was abundantly clear after 6 matches and onwards that Suárez was always going to play a huge role in our success.  The Uruguayan has been rolling back the years in La Liga this year and I was hoping that he could also roll back the virtual years to the FIFA 17 League SBC (if you know, you know) and terrorize my opponents backline throughout the weekend.  While the review selections might have been selected for me, the decision on which chemistry style to apply with Suárez proved to be difficult enough.  True, the ENGINE chemistry style appears to be the clear cut winner for this review and rightfully so, one look at the statistics and it seems set in stone. However, the use of HAWK crossed my mind more than once as I continue to value 99 SHOT POWER over almost any striker trait.  In the end cooler heads prevailed and I did use the ENGINE chemistry style so everyone can put away the pitchforks in the comments.  Again, we went down the 4-2-2-2 avenue with Suárez leading line… as El Pistolero was the weapon of choice all weekend long in the following squad:   

Starting Formation:

In-game Formation:



Rating: 9.5/10
Pace Rating: 9/10
Dribbling Rating: 10/10
Shooting Rating: 9/10
Passing Rating: 9.5/10
Physical Rating: 9.5/10
Defending Rating: N/A

I almost feel like I should have made this a 15 match review and just looked at matches 5 - 20 for this card as it certainly paints a better picture of my experience.  Furthermore,  if you watch my 10 and Done YouTube series with my final 10 matches, the montage of Suárez goals that will be there coming Wednesday will get you out of your chair type of stuff. However, the first 5 matches are a reminder of why I do 20 match reviews … there are so many intricacies about a card that sometimes take time to unlock, which was certainly the case with Suárez.  Thankfully once I got up to speed with the card it was as if Pandora’s Box was unleashed on my opponent's backline throughout the weekend.  


Main Statistic - Dribbling

Dribbling Rating: 10/10
Physical Rating: 9.5/10
Pace Rating: 9/10
Height: 182 cm | 6’0
Skills: ****

This card is too big to move this smooth and it is borderline unfair.  Granted with the 93 AGILITY & 99 BALANCE, it is not obscene that Suárez is such a silky operator.  However, we have all used 182cm | 6’0 players in FIFA 21 that have all of the traits, yet none of the upside, and thankfully this was not the case with Suárez.  If I had to guess I would suggest that the ‘unique to Suárez’ body type and movement is key to how amazing he feels in the game.  The 4 STAR SKILLS are present if needed and in general I always felt that Suárez was a twist or turn away from being in alone on goal and caused endless problems in the final third as his 31 goals would suggest.  One of the biggest upsides is that once Suárez gets a step or shoulder on opponents he is one difficult character to dispossess.  The body type, size, and 94 STRENGTH + 96 AGGRESSION make this card a true force to be reckoned with and again contributes to the chance creation in front of goal. Maybe the only size related issue came in the form of a slightly misleading 92 SPRINT SPEED that felt more like 85 in game & the 99 ACCELERATION that I would put closer to 90 when on the ball specifically.  


Main Statistic - Finesse Shot?

Shooting Rating: 9/10
Weak Foot: ****

100% transparency, this card has some serious hit and miss moments across a 30 match review.  Some matches, he couldn’t miss.  Others, 5 goals wouldn’t have been out of the question if he could simply hit the target I was aiming for.  Tons of posts and crossbars also plaguing the final tally.  However, the one area that Suárez did excel was his right footed finesse shots from outside the box that always seemed destined for the top bins.  While the finesse trait is not stated, it certainly felt like it was there on his right foot throughout the review… The left, not so much.  However, when using his laces and putting his foot through the ball I did find Suárez certainly demonstrated the 4 STAR WEAK FOOT in his finishing. 


Value/Coins & Good vs. Bad 

Value/Coins Rating: 5/5
Good vs Bad Rating: 5/5

One million coins for a card with this level of pedigree is insane and truly shows where we are at in the game cycle.  The key with a card like Suárez is how well-rounded he feels … the lack of any glaring issues making for a reliable Weekend League Warrior.  Lately it feels like I am constantly harping on strikers for their passing and missed opportunities. Yet Suárez never took me to this place of anguish as his 98  SHORT PASSING & 91 LONG PASSING were generally accurate and key to keeping the tempo through the gauntlets of 5 at the back, CDM controlling,  Drop Back Danny competitors. The 10 assists were just enough to get Suárez to a 2 goal per game contribution throughout the weekend… a fantastic return.


Closing Words

As far as I can tell you have two options for this card.  1. Buy him off of the market, use him in key matches and watch the goals fly in, in the end you hopefully don’t lose the coins that I have when it comes time to sell. 2. Open 5 players picks and be happy you did when Luis Suárez pops out on the other end.  But in all seriousness I can’t help but recommend this card to the full degree.  The dribbling is responsive, pace is enough to cause problems on the ball, the shooting is consistently dangerous, while the passing is crisp and accurate.  Overall, a steal at a million coins and would be an excellent addition to almost any strikeforce you could have.  A must buy and try.  Hoping you are all safe and well. Cheers for reading.



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