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FUT 22 Chiesa Review

Chiesa Review


For our second review this past weekend we again dove back into the cheap beast category and pulled up a currently popular option in Federico Chiesa.  What a summer the Italian had and we were hoping the Juve mane could add the title of FIFA Playoff Qualifier to his growing trophy cabinet.  I will be honest that I am currently looking at some different formations that could be OP this FIFA with the 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 (different variations) seemingly frontrunners.  It is not that I don’t like 4-2-2-2 or that I think it is dead this FIFA as I have heard from some… for me it is still excellent and I have managed a decent Rivals record and, spoiler alert from the previous Chiesa comment, Playoff Qualification.  But for reviews such as Chiesa, I do believe a different formation could help get a better sense of their overall abilities.   This weekend I played the speedster as both a right striker and right CAM in the 4-2-2-2 with varied results.  But one thing is for certain, Chiesa was the technician all weekend long in the following squad:  

Starting Formation:

In-game Formation:



Rating: 7.5/10
Pace Rating: 9/10
Dribbling Rating: 9/10
Shooting Rating: 7.5/10
Passing Rating: 7/10
Physical Rating: 6.5/10
Defending Rating: N/A

Similarly to Martial in my past review, Chiesa has so many upsides and for a 10k card should not be able to contribute the way that he did.  7 goals and 7 assists in 15 matches was a different return than we have previously witnessed… but of course the time spent in the CAM position certainly tapered the goal scoring record.  However, I will say that it would have been impossible to move Chiesa to the CAM had he been more clinical while deployed at striker in the first place.


Main Statistic – Pace

Pace Rating: 9/10
Height: 175cm | 5’9

This card is both quick and fast, which can be a nightmare to defend.  With the current counter attacking through ball meta it is clear that a card like Chiesa is always going to have its place.  The 91 ACCELERATION & 91 SPRINT SPEED base statistics were enough to fly around the pitch and one of the keys to the success I experienced with this card.  I will say that I expected a bit more on the ball from this card in terms of speed, but overall the sheer pace of Chiesa was enough to constantly cause issues … especially for opponents who prefer to be controlling midfielders as opposed to their backline. The midfield tracking back was no match for the pull away pace of Chiesa and certainly caused discomfort for my opponents.  


Main Attribute - 4★/4★

Shooting Rating: 7.5/10
Dribbling Rating: 9/10

I realize that there are going to be some contesting this fact, but I will not cater to what I have heard, and instead, I have to speak on the facts I witnessed.  For a card boasting 94 FINISHING, 96 SHOT POWER & 84 LONG SHOTS I couldn’t have been more disappointed in Chiesa’s finishing.  Perhaps it was the 78 COMPOSURE and the lack of space that is available in FUT Champs Playoffs?  Maybe a bit of bad luck in the chances presented?  Regardless, it was not a clinical weekend for Chiesa whose pace and dribbling found the space, while his end product generally let down the situation.  In talking about the dribbling though I should note just how smooth this card feels on the ball… the acceleration out of dribbles was excellent while the 97 AGILITY & 86 BALANCE made for some pinpoint movement. 


Value/Coins & Good vs. Bad 

Value/Coins Rating: 5/5
Good vs Bad Rating: 4/5

10k is just silly for this card.  Yes, I may not have fallen in love with the card… and the lackluster finishing and poor passing was enough to put me over the deep end at times.  But for 10k you can’t expect the complete package… and the partial package in this case was about all you could ask for. 

Time and time again Chiesa did exactly what was asked of him… I truly can’t say enough about the dribbling with this card at this point.  In fact, it was the dribbling that completely glossed over any of the strength issues that could have really hurt this card.  Even with the 71 STRENGTH, it was clear that the smaller frame on this card would not make for strong contests against defenders in challenges… but it was seldom that defenders could truly lay a glove to Chiesa, especially out in the RAM position with more space.  The left stick responsiveness was clean and crisp while the chops and stops were quick and explosive from take off.  While I don’t want to end on a sour note I do need to reiterate just how poor the end product was with this card.  While the shooting can be debated, the passing was a different level of frustration.  Yes, FIFA 22 has some passing issues to sort out for sure… but the problems simply felt amplified with this card and the 78 SHORT PASSING felt nowhere near that number.  The chance creation is high with Chiesa’s running and dribbling… but the end result leaves a lot to be desired.  


Closing Words

I am not sure if disappointed is the word.  Maybe I am just disappointed that a player who has gained my real life admiration didn’t quite perform to potential during the review?  However, all is not lost on this card.  If you remember that the card is 10k it is a no brainer to get him in the squad, throw him in a wide area, and spend a few extra coins in more central locations. Honestly, if I wasn’t moving on to different reviews I would 100% consider linking this card to IF Barella (another truly fantastic card) for the future and doing exactly that.  While I am not going to sing the praises of Chiesa in the end, what I will say is that any future cards for this man are going to be wildly OP.  All it would take is an inform, featured inform, or any special card for that matter and he is going to be scary good.  With all that said, I hope you are all safe and well.  Cheers for reading.


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Game Highlights:


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