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FIFA 23 Gameplay Trailer Breakdown

FIFA 23 Gameplay Trailer Breakdown


The moment that all FIFA fanatics look forward to every year, EA has released their official FIFA 23 gameplay footage and supplied an in-depth analysis on the new changes, additions, and specific movements that we can expect in this new year of FIFA.



A release of next-gen HyperMotion2 gameplay technology has been injected into the game bringing in twice the data captured from FIFA 22 to create a more game realistic feel to every movement in the game. The methods used to capture data were from two full-match capture shoots and five training drills – including a first motion capture of a Women’s match. We can expect to feel more realistic movements with the new HyperMotion2 which has a cumulative of 9.2 million frames newly captured and animated from real life motion capture.


Technical Dribbling:

There are now new techniques within the dribbling system that learns from each touch and delivers cutting-edge visuals in a game-realistic motion. With ultra-responsive Technical Dribbling we will feel the smoothest dribbling techniques within FIFA 23 than we have ever felt before – whether this is taking on a player 1v1 or holding the ball away from an opponent.


ML - Jockey:

‘Machine learning technology’ is a system implemented into FIFA 23 which learns from real-world defensive duties which has collected data from real life football, with the use of motion capture. Jockeying is a great way to block passing lanes or track attackers trying to dribble, because it enables you to perform Smooth and quick lateral movement.



Three new accelerating features have been added into gameplay to add layers of personality into the players.

Explosive Acceleration –
Quick off the mark, found in smaller, pacey players.

Controlled Acceleration –
More continuous acceleration, found in the majority of players.

Lengthy Acceleration –
Longer strides that build up pace over longer distances, found in tall and strong players.


Ball Striking:

HyperMotion2 has enabled more match-like realistic striking of the ball to take place coming from the transition between controlling, setting up and shooting the ball. The motion of this transition, is more fluid than ever before and allows for more variations within striking.


Power Shots:

A high risk and high reward shooting ability. With composed ball striking, a player can now set up for a shot from their first touch, timed finishing from the ‘power shot’ allows for the high risk to reward skill-based mechanic to take place.


Goalkeeper vs Headers:

New variations have been added to how goalkeepers rise at crosses and corners to catch or punch the incoming ball – the movements have been made cleaner and more fluid between the goalkeeper and opposition in the box rising for a header.


Football Variety:

HyperMotion2 has allowed for new animations and variations on the way you play FIFA 23 from shooting, defending, passing and CPU tactical awareness. The 9.2 million new frames captures totaling to 6000 game realistic fluid animations, allows for FIFA fanatics to create their own way of playing FIFA transitioning from defense to attack. The CPU AI has been given tactical enhancements allowing them to respond faster tactically using factors such as the score, match time and players available on the bench to be taken into consideration while looking at updating tactics mid-game.

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