FIFA 23 Becker Rulebreakers Player Review

Voting day ended for Rulebreaker Team 2 with Thiago the clear cut favorite, and surprisingly, the “Lengthy Becker” finishing in second place.  Do we start the jokes now or show restraint? 

The surprise in this case comes from the fact that on the surface the Controlled option would be the one with more upside.  The Cop or Flop review from SpeadsheetFIFA expertly details why this is probably the better choice.

In a way I think this outlines the power and effect of meta tactics, meta players, and player types on the mentality of FUT Managers. Whether reality or placebo, everyone wants to gain an edge on their opponents and the focus on Lengthy cards continues to gain momentum.

With the card choice confirmed it was only going to be a debut at striker for the Union Berlin frontman. Becker started this Bundesliga season en fuego and has been an important part of the meteoric rise of the potential Cinderella story of the season.

Playing as the striker in my 4-2-2-2 formation it seemed adequate to apply the MARKSMAN chemistry style in hopes of securing goals throughout the Weekend League grind.


Starting Formation


In-Game Formation




Rating: 8.5/10

Pace Rating: 9.5/10

Dribbling Rating: 8/10

Shooting Rating: 9/10

Passing Rating: 8/10

Physical Rating: 10/10

Defending Rating: N/A


Exactly one goal per game, minus a few minutes here and there for quits, is a respectable return but comes with a hint of disappointment.

There was a lot to like about this card and at times he felt like a world beater, the next, like a competent striker capable of finding the odd goal in a match.

Since this review I have used Becker primarily as a super sub in my Div Rivals and Qualifications matches to great effect. The pace and power even more prominent when up against tired legs.


Main Statistics – Physical

Physical Rating: 10/10

Pace Rating: 9.5/10

Height: 180 cm | 5’11


It is no surprise that 99 STRENGTH on a bigger card was a menace for opponents to deal with. The hold up play was fantastic and should have led to more output… but we are not discussing that just yet.

The size, Lengthy AcceleRATE, and pure pace statistics on this card were the perfect mix and it felt like Becker was exuding the best of all the above.

The Lengthy AcceleRATE should have caused a slower take off as Becker gained speed… but more often than not the 95 ACCELERATION had Becker blasting into motion. The afterburners were then engaged and the 96 SPRINT SPEED kept Becker out of reach in most cases.

The problem for opponents that did track Becker down was an immovable force protecting the ball. If you are a big fan of shielding opponents, this card is your savior and you will do great things together.

As someone who likes to turn away from pressure it took some time to adjust and realize that the dribbling wouldn’t allow it, but the strength and size could easily fill the void.





Value/Coins Rating: 4.5/5


70k for this card is a steal… the controlled version is similar in this regard and truthfully I don’t think there is a wrong choice. 

There is currently no card that compares to the level of pace and power that Becker has, save Adama Traore, who couldn’t shoot the ball to save his life.

The .5 here is 100% more about the links than the quality. As a super sub, this is null and void and if you see Becker in this light then he is certainly 5/5 value. But as a starter there is some serious rocket science that takes place getting him on a decent chemistry level.

For those that “need” those three diamonds, and you know who you are… he causes a problem.



Good vs. Bad 

Good vs Bad Rating: 4/5

Becker has a lot of weapons as a striker and certainly offers a threat in the attacking third.

+ The MARKSMAN addition added some excellent boosts to 95 FINISHING, 94 SHOT POWER & 88 LONG SHOTS. The 4 STAR WEAK FOOT is the major upside on the CONTROLLED version and could be a deal break for many.

+ Becker is one of the few cards outside of Haaland where I felt confident that quality crosses would meet a quality header. The height, 96 JUMPING & 93 HEADING ACCURACY are a dangerous combination. The more I deploy Becker as a sub, the more I appreciate his aerial prowess in the box.

I won’t go through the pace and power again, but there are undoubtedly positives that shine through this card. But there were some dark moments worth mentioning as well.

- For a card that can hold up the ball with this efficiency… and gets in behind defenders as often as Becker… the assist total was disappointing. The 72 VISION limited some of the wider linkup play, while the 84 SHORT PASSING could be frustratingly inaccurate. These issues seemed amplified whenever I tried to work intricate plays through Becker as a focal point.

- While Becker flies like he is shot out of a cannon in straight lines… the 75 AGILITY & 76 BALANCE really limited his movement anywhere else on the pitch. The turning is sluggish and numerous should be chances were undone by unresponsive dribbling in and around the box.



Closing Words

I will echo SpreadsheetFIFA in saying that this review is a COP on the whole. In my opinion you can’t go wrong and play style is certainly going to determine choice.

While I am not oblivious to obvious benefits behind the CONTROLLED option… I am always going to gravitate towards the card with a 4 STAR WEAK FOOT. Similarly there will be FUT Managers who won’t touch a card with 3 STAR SKILLS.

In the end it comes down to preference, but a relatively cheap card with this much upside should not be ignored. The links are a challenge, but so is defending this beast in game, the tradeoff was worth it for me.

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