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Most Popular Global Gaming Consoles And Video Games

This article focuses on data about the most popular gaming consoles and sports video games around the world. The information is based on Google searches within the last 12 months which are seen as a good indicator of popularity, illustrated by the analysis below.


Most Popular Consoles Worldwide 


The sample of gaming consoles includes those with the highest usage in the global gaming market. There are a number of consoles that have very little impact but the following account for the vast majority of sales around the world:

  • PS5

  • Nintendo Switch

  • Xbox

  • PS4

These consoles have been launched over the last few years but are still widely used in many countries. The technology provides an adequate platform for the latest video games. However, some are more suited to video gaming. So, the analysis shows a significant range of usage with regards to popularity in countries in which the consoles are available.


PS5 Popularity

The most revealing result of the data showed that the PS5 is by far the most popular gaming console around the world, taking Google searches into account. In fact, the console is the most popular in more countries than the other countries in the analysis in total. That translates to a market share of over 56%. Hence, in economic theory, this dominance is seen as a monopoly.

The PS5 accounts for the most Google searches about gaming consoles in 103 countries out of a sample of 184 countries. So, those numbers indicate the PS5 dominates the gaming consoles market. Hence, it is most often the first port of call when a player wants to buy a console for the first time or replace an existing console.


Other Gaming Consoles

The Nintendo Switch finishes a distant second with the highest popularity in 36 countries. This equates to almost 19.6% of the Google search over a 12 month period. Hence, we can assume that the interest in this console comes in at about one-fifth of the interest in the PS5. Even so, the Google searches suggest the console’s position in second place looks safe.

The Xbox and PS4 rank highest in popularity in 30 and 11 countries respectively. They have virtually no chance of challenging the PS5 for most popularity.


Most Popular Sports Video Games Around the World

The following ten products are the most popular based on Google searches around the world over a 12 month period:

  • FIFA 22

  • PES 22

  • PES 21

  • NBA 2K22

  • eFootball 22

  • Rocket League

  • Cricket 22

  • FIFA 23

  • WWE 2k22


The list indicates the popularity of football or soccer games around the world, based on the Google search activity. In fact, four of the video games on the list are football games, including the most recent version of FIFA. The other video games revolve around car racing, cricket and basketball, which accounts for the two most recent NBA video games.



FIFA 22 Popularity

The starkest fact is the dominance of FIFA 22 which accounts for almost 78.8% of countries in the sample where it was the most popular video game after Google searches. The analysis took place in 179 countries and FIFA 22 came out on top in 141 of those countries. Again, that dominance is akin to a monopoly. Also, soccer is so widely popular, that it’s hard to envisage any change.

Other Sport Video Games

PES 21 appears a distant second to FIFA 22. In fact, PES 22 is the most popular video game, based on Google searches, in 12 countries which equates to over 6.7% of the total. So that means FIFA 22 is the most popular sports video game in almost 7 times more countries than PES 22.

Again, the data shows how far ahead soccer games stand in comparison to other sports, such as cricket, car racing and basketball. Soccer video games are by far the most popular in the world and that popularity reflects the popularity of soccer.   

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