FIFA 23 World Cup Mode in FUT: Latest News & Content, World Cup Swaps, Campaigns, Card Designs & More

The World Cup arrives this month in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and is set for a huge shakeup that we’ve never previously seen in FUT!

It has been confirmed that in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the World Cup will NOT be a standalone mode that we’ve seen in FIFA 14 and FIFA 18, and will instead be seamlessly integrated into the current FUT experience, with a whole host of new player items, limited time objectives, modes, Squad Building Challenges and plenty more!

Here is all the latest FUT 23 World Cup News!

FUTBIN World Cup Swaps Token Tracker Is Live!

50 Tokens is a lot to keep track of, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Easily Track which World Cup Swaps Tokens have been released and what you’ve already completed.


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World Cup Path To Glory Coming November 11th

The World Cup festivities are coming to FIFA Ultimate Team starting on November 11th, and the first event that we’ll see to kick things off is none other than Path To Glory!

What Is World Cup Path To Glory?

Path to Glory is an event that features dynamic items that will update over the course of the World Cup, depending on how the nations of the released cards perform. The further they progress through the tournament, the more boosts they get!

How Do Path To Glory Upgrades Work?

Starting from the initial Path To Glory card (that will already be an upgrade from the players’ base version), there are a total of 5 Upgrades that can be received.

#1 – Qualify from Group Stages – +1 IF Upgrade (e.g. 82 > 84, 84 > 86, 86 > 87 etc)

#2 – Win Round of 16 – +1 IF Upgrade (e.g. 83 > 85, 85 > 86, 86 > 87 etc)

#3 – Win Quarter Finals – 5* Weak Foot Upgrade

#4 – Win Semi Finals – 5* Skill Move Upgrade

#5 – Win the 2022 FIFA World Cup – +1 IF Upgrade & 3 New Traits



Check back soon to see which Players are set to arrive in the FIFA 23 World Cup Path To Glory Team!


No World Cup Mode

As announced by EA in their latest Deep Dive video, the FIFA 23 World Cup experience for Ultimate Team will not be a standalone mode, but will be heavily integrated into the current FUT ecosystem with “a genuinely unique World Cup Ultimate Team experience, with a full season of daily content, including special player items, objectives and more!

This is a huge change to the previous standalone modes we’ve experienced in previous World Cups, but we’re looking forward to a fully dedicated World Cup event spanning a whole FUT season!



Limited Time World Cup Player Items In FUT

EA has announced the FIFA 23 World Cup experience will be “intertwined with the current FUT squad you’re already building, with special World Cup limited-time items, and permanent World Cup campaign items to strive for.

Players selected in the 32 national teams that have qualified for the FIFA World Cup will receive special limited-time World Cup player items, starting from November 11 when you can claim your first World Cup Player Items when you log in, and ending on December 23.

These items will be available through various Reward & Store packs, as well as in Objectives & Squad Building Challenges.



These Special Red Limited Time World Cup Player items serve a number of purposes.

You can:

  • Use them to improve your existing FUT squad and take them into existing FUT Modes such as Division Rivals, Squad Battles and FUT Champions

  • Use them to complete World Cup Swaps Objectives and other content in Season 2

  • The more FIFA World Cup Player Items you collect, the better your End of Event Rewards can potentially be!

Once again, these items are available for a limited time, up until January 4th, when they will start being removed from your club. These items will be highlighted with the blue timer icon in the bottom right of the card.


World Cup End of Event Rewards

As outlined, you’ll be able to collect Limited Time World Cup Cards throughout the course of the event, and as explained by EA, these will allow you to earn “End of Event” Rewards.

You’ll be able to track the amount of World Cup Player items you earn during the World Cup menu within FUT, with a total of 10 levels to progress through to earn rewards.

Simply collect World Cup Player items to unlock a host of rewards including packs, player picks and coins, which will be redeemable from January 4th, when World Cup Player Items will start being removed from your club.

You will have 1 month to redeem World Cup End of Event Rewards, before being automatically redeemed.




Permanent World Cup Campaign Items

Don’t worry, not all World Cup Items will be available to use for a limited time, there will also be a host of permanent World Cup items that will available during various World Cup Campaigns, just like the normal Promo cards we’ve been used to seeing!




With a whole host of card designs announced in EA’s trailer, we’re excited to be seeing the likes of

  • World Cup themed Icons

  • World Cup Heroes

  • World Cup Path To Glory

  • Flashback World Cup Items

  • World Cup MOTMs

  • World Cup TOTGS & TOTKS

There are so many possible permanent card types that we’re expected to see added during the World Cup in FUT 23, all of which will be permanently available to use for the remainder of the FUT cycle once obtained.


FIFA World Cup Swaps

The Swaps Campaigns are back with a bang, with EA confirming the inclusion of World Cup Swaps to accompany this huge event!

From November 11th, FUT Players will be able to start earning World Cup FUT Swaps tokens, that you can redeem for permanent pack content & special player items.



EA have confirmed that the majority of World Cup FUT Swaps tokens will be available in Online & Offline Objectives that will completed using limited time World Cup items (see above).

Furthermore, you’ll be able to acquire permanently upgraded World Cup Star Player items from each of the 32 nations at the World Cup through the FUT World Cup Swaps campaigns, as well as tonnes of packs and player pick content!



FUT World Cup Campaigns

We’ve already had the announcement that World Cup Heroes will be coming to FUT 23, however we can expect a lot more themed content judging by the card designs announced.

FUT World Cup Heroes will be available from November 11th across two team releases, replacing the base hero items in packs, with users that pre-ordered before August 11th also receiving their FUT WC Hero on this date.

Keep an eye out for more information on the various FUT World Cup campaigns!




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