FIFA 23 Path To Glory Berghuis 87 SBC - Cop or Flop?

Right then, that was a bit mad wasn’t it? After the biggest content drop I think we’ve ever had in FIFA, it’s finally time to review the first World Cup Player SBC! And it’s been more divisive than asking who voted for Brexit at a family Christmas. Steven Berghuis has been given a +5 upgrade and is a solid, if unspectacular, first foray into the World Cup SBC period.

Check out the card! - Berghuis 87

The Path To Glory promo has thrown up some delicious potential cards. Even with a slightly over complicated upgrade system, it’s almost impossible not to look at every card and figure out what they would look like if their country won the World Cup. Could you even imagine what an 88 rated, 5/5, Bryan Oviedo would look like if Costa Rica romp home? No, neither can I.

Path To Glory Berghuis SBC Requirements

Here are the following SBC Requirements you’ll need to complete for the PTG Berghuis SBC:


#1 - Steven Berghuis

IF Players - Min 1 

Squad Rating - Min 85

Reward - Steven Berghuis (Obviously)


Total Cost from scratch ~ 63K

I’m going to take a little moment just to confirm something mentioned in the comments of a previous review. Just because I say a player SBC is a Flop, that does not mean I don’t think that player is superb. POTM Messi for example is arguably one of the best CAMs in the game.

Conversely, just because a card is a Cop, that doesn’t mean they are going to demolish people in champs. There is space for nuance.

Moving on to this card. The pricing of this SBC is a weird one to gauge. First off, on release, it was about 40k more expensive. However, with the fodder market crashing as people opened millions of packs, it has settled to a more reasonable price.


Secondly, how do you set the bar for this SBC, is it the face stats of the player you get back, or is it the potential of what the card could be? I think I’m going to have to compare this to a best guess of where the nation will bow out.

The Netherlands have, what should be, a fairly simple group. Senegal without Mane loses a lot of their attacking potency and whilst Ecuador have the beginnings of a comparative “Golden Generation”, I think this tournament may be 4 years too early for them to spring any big surprises. What awaits The Netherlands in the round of 16 is whoever comes second to England in Group B (sits back and waits for angry comments from Americans/Welshmen, sorry Iran). To be honest, it doesn’t really matter who from England’s group they face, they will be favourites and should reach the quarters.



This is where I think their journey will end. Most likely to Argentina. What does this mean for the creative crux of Ajax? Well 2 IF upgrades essentially. Unfortunately, I can’t see them making it past the quarter-finals and so we won’t get a fix for the most glaring problem with this card, his 3 star weak foot. So an 89-rated CAM/RW with high 80’s in the 4 technical stats. It’s a mouthwatering prospect.

However, this card is not ideal for links. And whilst I do think we will get some brilliant Eredivisie players throughout the rest of the year, this is a blot on his report card. The price tag puts him around some incredibly meta players, a smattering of Heroes and Serge Gnabry’s PTG, a card which is both tradeable and has much easier links.

For me I think this is slightly overpriced. Not massively, and with the amount of fodder you can get from Swaps you can probably wipe out a lot of that cost, but just enough to make it not value for coins.


Berghuis Path To Glory SBC Analysis

The card itself is a really solid base from which you can really create whatever attacker you need. 85 pace is split with 88 acceleration and 83 sprint speed, and whilst lengthy players are much better off having higher sprint speed, as Berghuis can be nothing else but controlled, the acceleration is actually slightly better. His 86 shooting is very healthily distributed and his 87 passing is just consistently superb. Bar his 80 balance, the rest of his dribbling stats are 85+ and with 87 stamina, he can go all day and all night.

This is not one of those CAM’s that can be shunted into CM though. Woeful defensive stats and a paltry 68 strength make him very much in the mould of Paul Pogba rather than Fernandinho. However with High/Med work rates, Outside Foot Shot and Finesse Shot traits, he is an incredibly well-rounded attacker. Nippy enough to play in a tight midfield CAM slot, but rangey enough to run the lines for you as an out-and-out winger.

At 6 foot tall, he seems primed for a lengthy style, however, his tall figure is built more like Peter Crouch than Hafþór Björnsson and so you will have to settle with controlled. This though presents you the opportunity to use whatever chemistry style you deem appropriate.

If you are playing Berghuis as a Striker, the Hunter seems like the obvious option. With stellar passing and cracking dribbling already, emphasising his shooting and giving him the maximum pace boost make total sense. If you don’t need the pace, a finisher gives him outrageous dribbling with maxed out finishing and might be more your style.

As a CAM or a Winger I think Engine is clearly the best choice. Giving the 80 balance a much needed +8, pushes his dribbling into TOTS level territory and 97 crossing should mean he can pick out the man behind the man you’re aiming for with pinpoint accuracy. 88 long shots, 86 shot power and the outside foot shot trait also mean that if you get into a shooting position, Steve will not let you down.


How Does He Compare?

Well, he’s the most expensive Eredivisie player in the game. So he’s difficult to compare in that sense. His closest competitor is Hero Kuyt at 55k. Whilst the extra league link is helpful, Kuyt really can’t decide whether he’s an attacker or a midfielder and so just ends up being crap at both.

However the best comparison is probably with Cody Gakpo. At this stage in the game, Gakpo is arguably easier to link to with the Objective Luuk De Jong and insanely cheap (and still available) 87 RTTK Savio both offering PSV links. His POTM is only 42k, requiring 83 and 84 rated squads meaning you also get packs back. Whilst a face stat comparison would suggest that Gakpo edges it, the in game stats tell quite a different story.

Gakpo admittedly bodies Berghuis physically. 20 extra jumping and 15 more strength on a player 2 inches taller makes Gakpo a little scary. However, despite having 88 dribbling to Berghuis’ 87, Gakpo loses out in every stat apart from reactions, both at 85, and the in game dribbling stat at 90 vs 85. 6 less balance, 4 less agility and 4 less composure for me put Berghuis ahead. However at a net price of almost half, it’s tough on this version of Berghuis’s card, to say that Gakpo is not a better option.

Outside of the Eredivisie, you find Kevin De Bruyne’s gold card at 59k with superior shooting, passing and dribbling. Rafa Leao’s first IF with 4/4 and the ability to be lengthy. Even Higuain’s EOAE SBC is only 51k for a belting Lengthy striker.

However, all of these comparisons are with the 87-rated card. If he gets the expected +2 to an 89, the value in this SBC starts to shine through. He starts handsomely winning comparison to players around this value and becomes the stalwart must have Eredivisie player.

Links wise, there are some limitations but also some really interesting options. Whilst players like OTW Bergwijn and Squad Foundations Wijndal are probably a little behind the power curve at this point, Brian Brobbey’s storyline card can still mix it with the big boys. Outside of Ajax, the aforementioned Cody Gakpo offers an obvious link and with Luuk De Jong’s objective card up top you could have a naughty trio (Love Island 2021 never forget) that can still get you decent finishes in Champs and Rivals.

The Dutch are awash with Icons and meta players that offer great links to Berghuis. Skipping over the obvious Icon candidates we could talk about here, VVD is an absolute monster CB for under 200k, Kuyt’s new World Cup hero is a vast improvement and offers the Premier League links for a nice hybrid. Elsewhere Frenkie De Jong’s expensive path to glory card could be a beautiful companion as you watch them grow together like a doting mother with twins. Ake’s World Cup Star card for just 8 Swaps Tokens is an outrageous premier league CB. You really are awash with options.




Path To Glory Berghuis SBC - Cop or Flop?

As I write this piece, the SBC is sat at 50% upvotes and 50% downvotes. Like the famous Futurama Youtube clip, you best keep it in perfect balance.

For the comment, I want to highlight a question I’ve seen a lot of people asking.



No is the short answer. The long answer is that only the all red/ruby card players with the little clock in the bottom right corner go away. The rest are here to stay. And now it’s time to say. To Cop or Flop, yay.

I can understand why this is 50/50. It’s a fun card that has the potential to be a belter. But with the likelihood being that it keeps the 3 star weak foot and having a non optimal league for links, it might not be something you want to drop fodder on.

There is a danger that any SBC under 100k becomes a little enticing. Like a prime Ash Ketchum, I wanna catch em all. However, I definitely feel like spending coins on this SBC would be a waste. We’re still very early in this promo, and unless you have fodder coming out your ears, don’t blow your load too early.

To the tune of Country House by Blur

“Strength of a mouse, Steven Berghuis is a flop yeah”

I always preferred Oasis…

SBC Rating: 6/10




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