FIFA 23 World Cup Icon Vieira 90 Review - Cop or Flop?

This is technically an SBC right? Only you pay for it with your time *evil laughter*…

When World Cup Swaps was announced, I’m sure most of us were expecting the classic overvalued icons and player player picks that would have inevitably pushed most people to take the fodder packs. Instead, EA decided to give us the ability to get a World Cup Icon Vieira (and Cafu but that’s far less sexy).

Have EA ever given us the opportunity to get an end-game card this early?

Check out the card! - Vieira 90

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With his 88-rated Mid card sitting at over 1.3 million coins, it’s fair to say this card would be worth somewhere in the region of 2 million coins if it were on the market. I don’t want to repeat myself but it’s quite honestly insane that we’ve been given the opportunity to pick this card up in December for free. This cop or flop is going to cover the card, how it plays and then compare it with other options from Swaps to see if it’s the best option.


World Cup Icon Vieira (wo-oh) SBC Requirements

Here are the following SBC Requirements you’ll need to complete for the World Cup Icon Vieira SBC:

#1 - 40 World Cup Swaps Tokens

Total Cost from scratch ~ 0

Estimated Return - 400 coins


Whilst the above is a little tongue-in-cheek, the real cost of this SBC is both your time completing the objectives to claim the tokens and the loss of the ability to get other rewards from Swaps.

It’s not a walk in the park to obtain 40 tokens, it has to be said.



World Cup Icon Vieira SBC Analysis

Ok, I want to get the bad out of the way quickly to pave the way for a raucous review of this ridiculous regal regista.

If you want to take this card for his goal scoring prowess, firstly, you’re mental. But secondly, you will be sorely disappointed. Whilst not impossible to score with at all, his finishing and long distance shooting do leave a lot to be desired. In the clips at the top of this article, you’ll notice how many goals are scored on his 3-star weak foot which is mainly because he couldn’t finish his dinner on his strong foot.

Ok, there’s the bad done with.

Icons have hidden stats. I will go to my grave believing this to be the case.

Whether it be pace, passing, dribbling, or shooting, they just behave differently to regular cards with identical stats. Vieira is absolutely no different. He’s hilariously fast with his “go go gadget” legs seemingly elongating to glide quicker than anything that size has any right to move. He really feels like a lengthy player pre-patch.

Strength is an underrated stat this year. Every defender or midfielder I’ve disliked has tended to be fairly weak. This card does not suffer from weakness. He’s a 6’4” bulldozer. With 92 aggression and 89 strength and the acceleration of a Tesla he wins the ball with pure momentum most of the time. I know I referenced it with his pace, but he really does seem to have stretchy legs. If he’s 6’4”, his legs seem to make up about 5 feet of that!

81 passing is a pure lie. When you look at his in-game stats, he has 88 short passing, long passing and vision. He is only dragged down to 81 face card stat by terrible Free Kicks, Curve and Crossing, but the reality is you aren’t going to need those three stats. However, I feel like he outperforms those 88 in-game stats too. His driven passes are godly and even under intense pressure he almost never gives a wayward pass.

Whilst he isn’t a silky dribbler, his first-touch acceleration pushes the ball out of reach of most defenders and his strength means that dispossessing him from anywhere other than directly ahead is an impossible task too. His line-breaking runs from midfield mean he tends to always be in space and moving quickly enough to not be caught up.

Tl;dr The best DM in the game.


How Does He Compare?

Taking this Vieira for 40 tokens means you cannot get the World Cup Icon PP for 35 tokens, and after seeing a selection of these, this is an absolute MUST AVOID. You also miss out on WC Icon Cafu for 30 tokens. He looks like a genuine beast and if you aren’t sold on Vieira or are a Spurs fan, he’s definitely one to consider, I’m not sure we’ll see a better RB until TOTS.

You miss out on the World Cup Hero Player Pick for 25 tokens, if you’ve done both World Cup Hero SBC’s and maybe picked one or two up from packs, this is unlikely to yield anything crazy good.

However, assuming 50 tokens, you miss out on the 3 x 84 x 20 for 20 tokens. And this is where I have to confess something. I did the packs on my main account. My thinking was “I can pack cards and then, with the fodder, complete player SBCs that will improve more areas of my team”. Whilst this was true in some sense, having now used this Vieira on my second account, I chose poorly.

Unless you get insanely lucky and pack a massive World Cup Icon or a top top 7-figure promo card, you will not get anywhere near the value from the 84x20’s that you will get from this Vieira. Assuming you average 18 86+’s from your 60 players, they will need to have an average value of around 60-70k to get to the value I would place on Vieira of 2 million coins.

Whilst Vieira is double the tokens, I just can’t say I wouldn’t have been happier with Vieira on my main account. You can, with the remaining 10 tokens, get an 84+x20 to satisfy your pack lust (and this is what I would do). Alternatively, you can do a pick and mix of the World Cup Star players in the 2-10 token range however, unless you just NEED that Kieffer Moore, I don’t think this is a solid option.




World Cup Icon Vieira - Cop or Flop?

This is 82% upvoted on FUTBIN. And, whilst it wouldn't surprise me if some people genuinely believed this was a normal SBC costing 45k, I think it’s easy to see why. This is a truly end game card, for free, in terms of coin cost, perhaps not in terms of the time spend that you’ll have to endure.

For the FUTBIN Comment, let’s touch on the grind that has to be undertaken to secure this card.

With EA now limiting the games that can be played in the World Cup Swaps Friendlies mode, we sure hope that Kamelius & Cbenes7 got their grinds underway back in November.



Our thoughts and prayers go out to those that have yet to start the climb up Swaps Token mountain, you’re in for a treat!

To Paddy though and it really isn’t difficult to see where this is going.

I really hope none of you have blown your load early and gone for the fodder packs like myself. Sufferers of pre epackulation, I feel your pain.

This is one of the best cards in the game, and he’s yours if you’re willing to put the time in.

To misquote one of my favourite Spongebob episodes of all time;

“Is this a waste of my World Cup Swap tokens?”

“No, this is Patrick”.


SBC Rating: 9.5/10




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