It doesn’t feel that long ago that we were reviewing World Cup Phenom Bellingham and reminiscing on past FIFA versions of the Dortmund wonder kid.

WC Bellingham proved to be an engine with fantastic defensive cover and playmaking abilities, mostly lacking at the attacking end of the pitch with finishing especially. 

As recently as last week the English talent rejoined the squad for the links during the FUT Centurion Reus review and proved that he hasn’t lost a step compared to the rest of the pack.  Now with the TOTY version, the expectation would be that he would rise to a level above and join the highest class of midfielders in the game.

The 4-3-2-1 offered a box-to-box role that definitely fits Belligham’s strong suit.  The extra bodies in the box when using this formation offered plenty of opportunities to see if the TOTY had improved where the World Cup Phenom struggled. The application of the SHADOW chemistry style seems the best and takes one of the top 5 in-game statistics totals to even bigger heights.

Jude Bellingham was the talisman all review long in the following squad (he starts on full chemistry in a 433 formation):


The biggest disappointment with WCP Bellingham was the fact that he was not Future Stars Bellingham from FIFA 22… or TOTS Bellingham, take your pick.  Those cards could literally do everything and were a staple in my squad for months until the end.

I have not used any midfielders in FIFA 23 that have had that staggering of an impact in both attack and defensive, save for maybe Wildcard De Bruyne (who isn’t 100% defensively present).  But I must say that after this review, Bellingham may just be that guy again.

The point per game, 4 goals and 5 assists tally from midfield speaks for itself, and the defensive coverage was incredible and is aided by the High | High Workrates… then you add the already quality defensive stats, plus the SHADOW, and this card feels like it has it all. 

Main Statistics – Shooting

Shooting Rating: 9/10

Weak Foot: ★★★★

With all the different statistics that Jude brings to the table, it was the shooting that would make or break this review for me, simply because there are a lot of cards that can do a job defensively… but like I said before, not many can turn around and then deliver at the other end of the pitch.

Ultimately this is where WCP Bellingham could not deliver… but has been largely fixed by the ridiculous +6 Shooting boost overall and 35 in-game statistics that have been added to the TOTY card.

The key areas here are the 90 FINISHING, 92 SHOT POWER & 87 LONG SHOTS that are devastating from distance and add a goal threat against teams too focused on shutting down attackers.  Utilizing the plethora of other statistics you can get this card in fantastic areas, in which he generally delivers.

The one wish would be that either or both of the key Shooting Traits had been added because without them Bellingham was limited to more power-based finishes overall.  The left foot was not quite consistent enough and really encompassed what you would expect from a 4 STAR WEAK FOOT card.


Value/Coins Rating: 5/5

If you look at statistics alone then the card is worth it.  Add in the in-game performance and the benefits far outweigh the massive coin total.

Yes, standing alongside Vieira it is a little tricky to say he is the best value.  But all in all the card delivers on some ridiculous stat lines and was an all-action operator throughout the review

Good vs. Bad 

Good vs Bad Rating: 5/5

Lots to like with this card, the versatility in positions and ways that you can use Bellingham would be a key selling point overall.

+ Love the dribbling with this card, which mimics a high-end attacker more than a midfielder.  The 93 AGILITY, 90 BALANCE & 97 DRIBBLING are so smooth on the ball and can create space in those congested areas of the pitch.

+ 99 VISION, 99 SHORT PASSING & 96 LONG PASSING… the quality of passing is unreal with this card and the confidence that passes will find their target allows for more defense-splitting attempts.

+ As previously mentioned the defending with Bellingham is fun to deploy and undoubtedly a menace to play against.  The 93 SPRINT SPEED has this card flying around the pitch, while the 186cm | 6’1 frame and 86 STRENGTH lead to the majority of physical confrontations going Bellingham’s way.  The 99 INTERCEPTIONS, 99 STANDING TACKLE & 99 SLIDING TACKLE only increase the defensive presence, while 99 STAMINA ensures that it lasts the entire game.

So few negatives with this card, but two stand out as slight concerns.

- I would assume the body type and CONTROLLED AcceleRATE are the culprits, but the 99 ACCELERATION did not always feel like it was firing 100%.  There were moments when it was not noticeable, and others where it felt like trying to get a boulder started over a cliff.  Once he was in motion Bellingham was flying… but from a dead stop, there were a few minor issues.

- I mentioned the shooting already, but again the left foot was not all there and did take away from an even more impressive return total.

Closing Words

This card is everything a TOTY card should be.  Noticeably superior to the common card and with a special bit of quality you do not see very often.  The impressive in-game statistics only shine brighter in an actual match and Bellingham performs on a consistently high level.

The one point I would make is how hard Bellingham can be to link at times.  The Dortmund options are okay but not players I would normally gravitate towards.  The English options are okay and really only WCH Lucio offers an easy way into the Bundesliga.  Minor issue, but one that I faced both times Bellingham has been reviewed.

In the end, this card is 100% worth the hassle and delivered some fantastic gameplay that led the squad through the most difficult of the Weekend League grind with the same poise and power that has seen the man himself become one of the hottest commodities in world football.  

Hoping you are well.  Cheers for reading.

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