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So today we have been blessed with another flashback item within Fifa Ultimate Team, this time coming out of the Bundesliga and his name is Sadio Mane. This card is a throwback celebration of his inclusion in the FUT20 Team of the Year.

So what is a card of this caliber going to cost you? Well at the time of reviewing Mane, his SBC is coming in at 570,000 coins with 4 squads required.

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So how did I set up Mane in-game? The HAWK chemistry style seems to be best suited for Mane giving a useful boost to his shooting stats and this choice seemed to be quite popular within the community. The HAWK chem style brings his shot power to a whopping 96 and his finishing to 95.

Mane made his way into the attacking ranks with Kylian Mbappe and Leo Messi and he certainly made his presence known as he would run riot on the wing making light work of his opponent's defense and leaving them eating his dust.

Starting XI

In-Game Performance

So what are some of the standout features of this card? A very key stat is the dribbling. Look at that agility. With no boosts at all, Mane has 97 agility. Let that sink in. I certainly felt it in-game as he was just incredible on the ball. Likewise, this card also has 95 reactions and 92 balance. In general, he was just fantastic on the ball.

I suppose we have to talk about that pace. Off the bat, he comes in at 94 pace but with the selected chemistry style, Mane’s pace goes up to an astounding 98 and boy did it show in-game. If you watch some of the highlights in the video review above you will see some of the countless occasions that Mane managed to burst out of nowhere and spring past his opposition. 

His shooting also left me surprised. Whilst 88 shooting is certainly nothing to turn your nose up to. I did have some doubts before using him that he wouldn't live up to some of the premium attacking options added to the game lately. But that just was not the case and despite not having the finesse shot trait, he pulled them off regardless and made it look easy. His attacking positioning also needs commenting on, because he was regularly running into good areas, even without me sending him on runs.

So let's talk about the PROs and CONs of this card. Mane can be used in a few different roles (to start); you can choose from LW, LM & CF. Making him very flexible when it comes to sliding into your squad. The card’s stats overall are just simply incredible for an attacker and generally what the Bundesliga needs. He’s fast, and agile and will guarantee you goals. The only downside I did find is the rare occasion he found himself in a tight spot against the defense, he could be muscled off the ball easily having only 70 strength in his arsenal to fight with. But I found this rarely ever happened as his dribbling would often help recover that flaw. His passing was an area where there is room for improvement but it's still up to a good standard, he whips in good enough crosses, but they were not anything special, his short passing game though was really nice.

Is the 93 Flashback Mane SBC Worth It?

But one thing we do need to look at is the price tag on this card. As mentioned previously at the time Mane’s Flashback SBC comes in at around 570,000 coins. Is this worth it? It’s important to look at what comparisons we currently have. Mane has a Road to the world cup item that has managed to hold at a price of 430,000 coins even after being out of packs for some time. That card was fantastic and to have the option of crafting this SBC with slightly over a 100,000 coin difference. I can say without a doubt the SBC comes in at a good value, especially as right now we have so many options to gain fodder. So yes, I would say that this card comes in at a fair price and is well worth the coins if he fits into your starting 11.

If you manage to use Flashback Mane I hope you had as much fun with him as I did, he was a fantastic card to use and a real threat in-game. Thanks for reading this review, have a wonderful evening.

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