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Imagine you work at EA. You’ve come up with a Jorginho Flashback for TOTY and scheduled it for Tuesday at 6PM.
Job done, right?...

Then Fabrizio Romano tweets that Arsenal are interested. But that’s just noise to convince Brighton to sell Caicedo.

Then he “Here We Go”’s it. Sugar. 

I’m not a coder. I do know that for developers, the game is a nightmare to make changes to. But did it really take 3 hours to change a badge?

Anyway, they did and here he is!

Check out the card! - Jorginho 88

Flashback Jorginho SBC Requirements

Here are the following SBC Requirements you’ll need to complete for Jorginho:

#1 - Tactical Emulation
Chelsea Players - Min 1
IF Player - Min 1 
Squad Rating - 84
Reward - Mixed Players Pack

#2 - Premier League
Premier League Players - Min 1
Squad Rating - Min 85
Reward - Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Total Cost from scratch ~ 144K
Estimated Return From Packs ~ 13k

I do think we have to take TOTY into account when looking at this price. Anyone who is grinding for TOTY will absolutely have at least the 84-rated squad in their club. But I think this is fairly well-priced.

Flashback Jorginho SBC In Game Analysis

We’ll start with the bad to get it out of the way. He’s a bit slow. Only over longer distances, I have to add but he has one of those weird pace splits that heavily favors acceleration and in game, you can really feel it. Nipping in to win balls and catching up to a player over the first few yards, he’s absolutely fine. But when you have that sprint race in midfield when you’re being countered on, he feels like a tug boat that has that first burst but really doesn’t give you anything else. 

His shooting may genuinely be the worst of any midfielder I have used in the game (over 84 rated). His long-distance shooting is akin to when you’re returning the ball to the throw-in taker. He just floats shots into the keeper's arms. From close in it hardly improves. With 73 finishing, he couldn’t finish his dinner. Good penalties though…

Onto the more positive aspect of this card. He’s a genuinely delightful passer, as you would expect. Pinpoint accurate, through balls perfectly weighted, curving passes to avoid lurking defenders, he really does have everything here. Only KdB has really achieved this for me in terms of Premier League defenders. And his passing is needed because with M/H work rates, he really doesn’t like to get forward. He will spring the counter attack, but you haven’t got a hope in hell that he’ll be arriving on the edge of the box.

I felt like he was much more of a CDM than a CM. His defending was solid enough although 77 defensive awareness did mean he lost track of his man a few times. But his standing tackle being so good meant he could win the ball from positions some of the more attacking-minded mids just can’t. It’s a shame really because his 99 stamina is almost a little wasted. 

How Does He Compare?

Jorginho’s passing, both in FIFA and real life, really makes him difficult to compare to other midfielders. He will bring something very different to Arsenal and his card would bring something very different to your midfield. Almost no premier league midfielder has the combination of Passing and Defending that this Jorginho possesses. Especially not at this price point.

Path To Glory Palhinha has the same work rates, skill moves and weak foot, and is the closest in price to Jorginho. But that’s where the similarities end. The Portugeezer is an absolute man mountain, 6’3 with 96 strength and 95 aggression. With 90 defending, he is also much more of an out-and-out DM. However, even with his lengthiness, Palhinha is more of a cruise ship to Jorginho’s tug boat. When comparing the passing stat, it then doesn’t even seem fair to put these two in the same category.

Slightly more expensive than Jorginho is PTG Guimaraes. The best Bruno in the Premier League suffered one of the all time greatest price crashes in FIFA history when Brazil were knocked out of the World Cup. However what remained was a 3/3, H/M all-rounder with solid stats everywhere. With an even pace match and both being equally as ill-equipped shooting, it is once again the passing stat where Jorginho shines. 4 more vision, 5 more short passing, and 4 more long passing is a chemistry style boost’s worth of increase. Dribbling is edged by Bruno with the 6 extra balance playing a massive role. However, it is the much higher defensive awareness that probably elevates the (still) Brazilian to the win here. A +10 to 87 is night and day with Jorginho’s 77. 

Having been practically ignored for special cards last year, much like in the league, Arsenal have had a storming season. With Odegaard’s POTM still available and offering a cracking attacking mid, Saka’s TOTYHM offering a real all rounder on one wing and Gabriel Jesus’ Winter Wildcard on the other, you have a plethora of solid options to get the Club link on Jorginho. 

We have also been blessed with some belting Italians this year. Outside of the outrageous number of Icons available, Politano’s WW SBC felt like a card everyone completed just to find out what “Flair Pass” trait did. Di Natale and Marchisio’s hero card both offer superb links to Jorginho too. Even Sandro Tonali’s WW swaps card is a cracking midfield partner. 

All in all, Jorginho is almost exactly what he is in real life. A brilliant passer who doesn’t really score too many and does a job defensively.

Flashback Jorginho - Cop or Flop?

This card has 67% upvotes. An almost perfect ⅔’s split. This is probably fair. For some people this will seem like a luxury player that isn’t really worth the price tag. However for the rest, he looks a lot of fun and a solid player for a fairly respectable price.

For the highlighted comments, we’ll go with this beautiful back-and-forth. You win some, you lose some eh Jorgi.

I really like this card. His passing is buttery, he’s defensively adept and he just moves with elegance in game. He’s a little slow in a sprint race and his shooting is hilariously bad but as a DM, in the prem, I really can’t fault the price point. 

From Cobham to Colney to a Cop. What a day for our Italian stallion. 

SBC Rating: 7.5/10


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