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First off I just wanted to extend a quick apology to those that voted on Twitter and wanted to see a Joao Felix review.  In the end, life happens and time is short, and due to the grind and time required it is a look at Romain Alessandrini that leads the way this week.

However, I feel like I at least owe a few sentence breakdown of my experience with Felix regardless.  The Chelsea forward is a fantastic frontman in this game.  His size and physicality made him a great target man, while his pace, dribbling and shooting provided a lethal end product.  I scored a lot of goals this weekend with Felix and have next to no complaints.  The 5 STAR/4 STAR is everything you can imagine and performed perfectly in game.  This card is worth every coin and a strong recommendation is the least I can suggest.

But back to business… There are Legends of FUT and then there is the likes of Romain Alessandrini at the pinnacle of the mountaintop.  At the outset of this review it was a daunting task just to get the Frenchman into my squad… the 22 squad battles matches is the stuff of nightmares but I just kept telling myself that if history has anything to do with it, this card is going to be incredibly worth it (maybe the biggest pressure ever put on a card). 

The 4-2-2-2 continues to roll on and I decided to play Alessandrini as both the Striker and RAM during my final 7 matches of WL.  The application of the HUNTER chemistry style seemed the ideal choice for goal contributions and all was set for the final drive towards Weekend League success. 

Romain Alessandrini was the goal scoring catalyst for the final Weekend League push in the following squad:


With everything on the line at the close of my Weekend League, Alessandrini was extremely hit or miss (literally) in key moments of matches.

When you are dealing with a “free” card it is difficult to be overly critical, but I think the nostalgia of past Alessandrini cards was weighing too heavily in the expectations for this review.

Main Statistics – Shooting

Shooting Rating: 9/10

Weak Foot: ★★★★

Traits: Outside Foot Shot

Bit of an interesting category here.  In 7 matches Alessandrini scored 6 goals and it really should have been 10+.  The card simply misses too many easy chances on the favorite left foot.

The 91 FINISHING & 96 SHOT POWER combined for some devastating finishes, but at times didn’t combine for the accuracy expected.

Ironically it was the 4 STAR WEAK FOOT where I felt more chances found the desired location and contributed to a few excellent finishes in the video.


Value/Time Rating: 4/5

Taking the extra bit of fodder gained aside, this objective just doesn’t feel worth the trouble.  Alessandrini is a capable card for sure and could play a role in any squad, but I would suggest that as a starter he will be found out more often than not.

If it was only this card for 22 matches it would have been an easy decision to pass on Alessandrini.  The card alone is not worth that time, but when you start adding together the packs and cards received for grinding it, there is some value forsure.

Good vs. Bad 

Good vs Bad Rating: 4/5

There are some standout features with Alessandrini that resembled some of the magic that made this card so famous in the first place.

+ With a 173cm | 5’8 card the dribbling was almost guaranteed to feel good and it delivered throughout the review.  The 5 STAR SKILLS are a huge addition along with the FLAIR Trait to some already impressive statistics.  The 94 AGILITY & 91 BALANCE accompany the 87 DRIBBLING well and overall the card can dance on the ball.

+ The 4 STAR WEAK FOOT is again the focus when discussing Alessandrini’s decent passing accuracy.  The 3 assists not doing justice to a lot of the link up play that went through the Frenchman.  However, the lack of any really high statistics also limited some of the interplay that I would have liked from this card.   

In the end there were too many missing ingredients that factored into this review and the comparison to Alessandrini cards of old.

- Add the HUNTER chemistry style, consider the changes to the EXPLOSIVE AcceleRATE and you would imagine a quick and rapid card.  The result was somewhere in the middle.  The 97 ACCELERATION feels decently responsive, but almost immediately slows down as if the 99 SPRINT SPEED didn’t exist. It certainly a frustrating portion of the review and really was the biggest factor in the overall rating and possibilities with this card.

- The 74 STRENGTH was generally invisible when Alessabdrini had any physical battles for the ball and resulted in possession loss on the majority of occasions.

Closing Words

You include the packs, you include the cards, and then you throw one of the FUT greats into the list of rewards and still… I don’t think I recommend this one.

If Alessandrini could double as a super sub then I might be more inclined to recommend the card and suggest you embrace the grind to get him.  However, the pace is once again such a huge factor as everything Alessandrini did was more methodical than powerful and definitely sits outside of the meta for this game. 
In the end it is a pass from me.  The focus of your time and energy could be better rewarded elsewhere and some frustrations alleviated by sitting this one out.  Such a shame to see a FUT Legend fading away, but this card simply did not deliver.

Hoping you are well.  Cheers for reading.

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