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FIFA 23 Flashback Jesus Navas Player Review

We’ve had plenty of choices to make during the TOTS Season Swaps promo, Player vs Pack, and most of the time the pack has been the obvious choice, aside from Level 10: TOTSM Payet or the 85+ x10, you should have picked Payet, he is a serious baller…

Anyway you can now reach level 25 and your choices are Flashback Jesus Navas or a Five 85+x Player Pack hopefully the next few paragraphs will help make that decision easier for you!

Starting XI

If you’re one of them people who HAS to have maximum chemistry on every player... look away now.

Flashback Navas came into my squad replacing Prime Carlos Alberto so he had a lot to live up to.

Chemistry Style

Sure you can consider other options, but anything other than Anchor is wrong, you almost max out his pace, and boost his already impressive Defending & Physical stats, the most important reason for this Anchor chem style choice though is the +8 in strength.

In-Game Notes

+ Early on the dribbling abilities were on show, he's brilliant going forward, and really comfortable in possession, he was really easy to maneuver with and without the ball.

+ It’ll come as no surprise that he is quick, he has that breakaway edge when going forward and tracks back really well too.

+ His passing was excellent, he’s got a 3-star weak foot which limits you to just using his right, but that right foot is top draw for distribution, his crossing especially stood out.

+ 5 Star Skills.
/ We have to discuss the positioning of this item, naturally, it likes to push forward and get involved in attacks, for some this will be positive, for others I'd suggest using the ‘stay back’ player instruction, he’s great at supporting attacks, but he can leave gaps in behind due to this.

- Strength, I think people will of seen this coming in the negatives, it’s worth noting it's not awful, but it's not great and it's more so when he is in possession, he can be fairly easily pushed off the ball, he does show good fight for the ball when attempting to dispossess though, the high aggression obviously helps with that.


Interestingly there aren’t a lot of Right Back options for La Liga sides if you’re looking for an out and out full back, as most of them are CB’s that can play RB.

FUT Fantasy De Marcos is incredibly underrated in my opinion, Navas has him beat in attack, but De Marcos wins out in regards to defense, so if you want an attacking fullback Navas is your man, but if you like a defensive fullback De Marcos can be your go-to.

is Flashback Navas worth picking?

La Liga TOTS is next, the smart thing to do is probably leave this option as unclaimed and see what RB options we get, as things stand he is the best choice for RB from that league (Minus TOTY Eder, but he’s better as a CB...), He’s not a player worth changing your whole team for though, so the pack option is incredibly tempting, but as stated I think it’s worth not claiming this set of rewards until the next TOTS release...


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