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FIFA 23 Team of the Season (TOTS) Kolo Muani Player Review

By Steven
14-May-23 14:24

What a season Kolo Muani has put together for Eintracht Frankfurt and certainly one of the deserving Bundesliga TOTS selections.  The French International, who was an Emi Martinez left leg away from eternal glory, has seriously burst onto the scene this year. 

If you tuned in to our TOTS Moments Leon Goretzka review then you will have already read the conversation about just how juiced this Bundesliga TOTS feels in comparison to the Premier League edition.  

Kolo Muani was another benefactor of these boosts and most notably receiving +10 Shooting and +17 Passing over his inform version.  The application of the ENGINE chemistry style further added to these improvements as the Frenchman took his place leading the line in my 4-2-2-2 formation.

Going into this review I had a pretty good idea of exactly how it would go.  I have seen enough of these taller build strikers to deliver a script and expectations for performance.  But to my surprise this card offered something different in the feeling on the pitch and is completely understandable why he remains so popular.

Kolo Muani was the power on the pitch all weekend long in the following squad:


Not quite in the upper echelon of FUT royalty by any stretch of the imagination, but when you consider the price tag it is actually incredible what this card can deliver.  From the second I played Kolo Muani through on goal it was clear that there is a little something extra behind this card than your average tall build striker.  The 10 goals and 4 assists in 7 matches proved that inclining to be true.

Main Statistics – Pace

Pace Rating: 10/10

Height: 187cm | 6’2

187cm | 6’2 with a CONTROLLED AcceleRATE and High & Average body type… Like I said, from the outset I thought it was clear exactly what this card would deliver overall.  The top end pace would be lightning quick and the acceleration sluggish and unresponsive.  The acceleration would impact that dribbling and in the end the card would be mediocre and unable to compete with the current power curve.

However, this entire prediction was thrown out the window after I passed the ball into the Frenchman’s feet for the first time and he absolutely slingshotted out of the first touch.  I had to make sure it wasn’t speed up lag or some other visual glitch, but sure enough, the next ball into the big man’s feet had the same result.  The 99 ACCELERATION responded exactly like it should and this entire review was turned on its head.

The 96 SPRINT SPEED is as rapid as you would expect and overall the pace of this card is the primary weapon.  If you can get Kolo Muani into the right spaces you can exploit his North/South movement and create a tone of headaches for your opponents.


Value/Coins Rating: 5/5

One of, if not the best value for coins cards currently in the game.  The production that you are getting out of a 67k card is something that I certainly wasn’t expecting, but gladly accepted.  2.0 goals per game contributions is what you want in your most lethal of cards and getting it from such a low value option was a huge boost in my squad.

Good vs. Bad 

Good vs Bad Rating: 4/5

If you remove the blistering pace then you are left with a steady card that delivers on a lot of the high end statistics that were boosted and generally performs well across the board.

+ The 4 STAR WEAK FOOT is exactly that.  Not always 100% reliable and some of the left footed finishes just lacked that bit of quality that otherwise would have made for an insane review.  On the right foot the 95 FINISHING was as ruthless as advertised and the cheeky inclusion of both the OUTSIDE FOOT and FINESSE SHOT Traits really rounds off this card fantastically.

+ The size and pace of this card really do cause havoc and the 85 STRENGTH was only amplified by how difficult it was to catch the Frankfurt man in the first place.  Difficult to get off the ball and makes up for some of the other issues when dribbling.

Like the World Cup Final, there were nearly moments with this card and I was left with a lot of ‘if onlys’ by the end of the review.

- ‘If only’ the passing was that touch bit better and performed closer to the statistics implied.  The 97 SHORT PASSING did not always feel as inflated and one touch returns could be under hit or inaccurate at times.  The 89 LONG PASSING suffered from similar inconsistencies although I was able to deliver a couple of nice crosses along the way.

- ‘If only’ the 98 AGILITY, 88 BALANCE & 99 DRIBBLING were able to impact the movement of this card to better effect.  This card would have been devastating if the turning was more responsive and quicker to execute.  As I mentioned the acceleration is on point and really only needed the space to take off.  Unfortunately against the best jockeying defenders I found it difficult to make the space in order to deploy the rocket boosters.

Closing Words

One of the most surprising reviews I have completed in some time and every time I look back at the card I can not believe he is under 70k.  Honestly this is the card that TOTS Leroy Sane wishes he was.  The Pace (especially the acceleration) offers a different weapon than you get in a lot of bigger strikers and caused damage throughout this review.   

If you have been invested in FUT since the start of this year then it is highly unlikely that TOTS Kolo Muani is displacing any of your current strikers.  However, there is a definite shout for an insane super sub here and one that would 100% exploit the tired legs of opponents' defenders.  

In the end if you are new to the game in the past months then this card is a serious option and could be a key to bolstering your squad for cheap.  I was caught off guard by how well this card performed and there is certainly a hidden gem in this cheap beast.  

Hoping you are well.  Cheers for reading.


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